Remembering Amelia

Amelia was our first Word Museum curator. The Internet has certainly changed and grown since 1997. Little Amelia was a small baby graphic courtesy of SherryBerry Graphics (site no longer functioning). Although it had been around for a while, the Internet was still young and immature. Amelia was a unique little concept, an animated graphic that my visitors to Word Museum loved. Amelia even received her own fan mail. Here are a few examples of the letters she received:

Dear Amelia,

You are such a cute little thing. Thank you for the tour of Word Museum. I’ll be back to see what you’re up to next.


Rhonda Weems


Hi Amelia,

Love the new jammies you’re wearing. Let me know when the next writers chat is.

Jen Conner


As you can see, Amelia struck a chord with our visitors. Although the new site won’t have a tour from Amelia, we wanted to take a moment to remember her. Her original “tour” is posted below along with her cute images and expressions. I was 25-years-old when I started building Word Museum. I sort of grew up with the site, and you can see shades of my childhood from things like the Cabbage Patch doll-type birth certificate for Amelia to her whimsical nature. Okay, I’ll be honest, Amelia still lives on inside of my imagination. You never know. She might even pop up on the new site at some point.

Amelia is Born

Cyber-Land USA
Certificate of Birth
certify to all that

Amelia Nicole Brainchild

was born in Word Museum County Cyberland, on October 12, 1997

Child of Word Museum and Lori Soard

Originally, there was a tour on the Word Museum site. The tour started with this certificate and Amelia’s story in her words:

Hi! My name is Amelia. I was bornded when my mommy, Lori Soard, was looking for a tour guide for her new site. She adopted me from SherryBerry graphics and dressed me in all kinds of pretty clothes.

This is my teddy bear. His name is Poe. I carry him everywhere. My favorite thing to do is run around Word Museum. You never know where I might show up next.

My kitty is named Scribe. Sometimes she curls up on one of the web pages. If you find her, you can win a prize. To learn more about scribe just click on her.

Scribe’s Story

When you clicked the kitty, you were taken to a page that told the story of Scribe.

This is my kitty, Scribe. 

It got kinda lonely here before everyone started to visit. So, Mommy adopted her to keep me company. She came from Jen’s Cyber Pet Adoption Center.

Scribe loves to find hiding places to curl up and sleep.

But watch out! She also likes to jump out and attack your feet.

This is Scribe’s food bowl:

 We also used Scribe for regular contests at Word Museum. When Scribe showed up on a page, visitors would let us know and be entered into a drawing. Prizes included autographed books and many other goodies from our authors.

The Tour

Once the story of Amelia was established, the little baby went on to take visitors on a tour of the museum, hopping from author interviews, to chat rooms, to contest pages. Each time, Amelia changed her clothing. Here are some of her different looks:

Amelia Retires

By August of 2000, I had begun to grow up and so had Word Museum. The site was redesigned with  fresh face. Although Amelia retired from the website, she never retired from our hearts. Her spirit lives on in the fun and quirky happenings at this site over the years and in the future.

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