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Becoming a Writer – Overcoming Naysayers

If you have a family and friends who love and support your quest to become a writer, that is a rare gift and you should treasure us. However, if you’re like many of us, you probably got some looks and whispered comments about “she’s finally gone off the deep end” or “here she goes again.” […]

“Do What You Love,” They Said

You’ve probably heard the age-old advice. Do what you love and the money will come to you. This is a saying that has been around for a long time. Adults often advice kids going into college to do what they love. While it is true that life is short and that you don’t want a […]

Persistence Pays: Getting Published as a New Writer

This is a reprint of an article that appeared on my Lori Soard website years ago. However, the advice in it is still pertinent to those just getting started in writing. I think you’ll find it helpful. I’ve updated it in places. For example, the beautiful and talented Nancy Akers offered some thoughts for this […]