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Chat Log: Tara Mandarino

September 10th, 2004 Chat with Tara Mandarino 22:16:15 [Jacqueline] Hi and welcome. We’re chatting with author Tara Manderino tonight. To enter your name, please type it in the upper left hand name box and then type “enter”. We’ll be using protocol so please type “?” to ask a question and “!” to make a comment […]

Chat Log: Lyn Lawrence

September 3rd, 2004 Chat with Lyn Lawrence 22:19:21 [Lainie] Welcome to our Word Museum chat. Our special guest tonight is Lyn Lawrence.   22:19:23 [Lainie] Lyn Lawrence lives in Vivian, Louisiana with her husband of forty-one years. They are   22:19:36 [Lainie] the parents of six children. She loves to sing, play piano, and sew. […]

Chat Log: Patricia A. Rasey

August 20th, 2004 Chat with Patricia A. Rasey 22:23:34 [Patricia] Okay–I left six people in the other chat room–I hope they make it over. 22:23:36 [Patricia] Hi, guys! 22:23:38 [Barbara] Ah, the star has arrived <G> 22:23:48 KarenT enters this room 22:23:49 [JLAbbott] Welcome, Pat!!! 22:23:51 [Glenda] Hey Patricia!! 22:23:58 [Patricia] LOL Thanks, Barabara 22:24:03 […]