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Author Spotlight on Lori Soard

I’ve known Lori Soard for forever, so when she mentioned she had a new book out, I thought it would be a great opportunity to interview her. She owns this site and has spent untold hours interviewing other authors and featuring them so I jumped at the opportunity to interview her. As long as I’ve […]

Exclusive Interview with Jen Selinsky

This probably won’t surprise those who know me, but I first met Jen Selinsky at my local library. We struck up a conversation about ebooks and I discovered she was a writer as well. I’ve enjoyed reading many of Jen’s poems and the book shown to the left. I am thrilled to introduce this talented […]

Guest Marilyn Meredith Shares Where Deputy Tempe Crabtree Came From

Three women inspired the character of Tempe. When I first moved to the foothills of the Southern Sierra, I wrote personality pieces for the local newspaper. At the time the area had a female deputy sheriff and she seemed like the perfect candidate for an interview. She agreed and told me all about the difficulties […]