Flashback: Excuses

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Written by: Deanna Tiddle
Date: 2/12/2002

I’m going to write today. At least I should write today. I truly want to.

But the kitchen needs mopping and the rest of the house needs dusting and vacuuming. And I really need to clean off the top of the desk which hasn’t seen the light of day in months (or is it years?) I mustn’t put if off any longer. And piles of laundry beckon to me. Behind the refrigerator needs to be cleaned, and on top of, and inside. The open box of baking soda has outlived its usefulness by a half year.

Blades of grass have been making faces at me when I venture outdoors, so it’s time to cut them down. Those pretty plants I bought are root-bound in their “temporary” plastic containers and are sadly begging to be planted in the great outdoors.

Groceries need to be shopped for. My family will grow thin if they don’t eat everyday.

Then there’s all that correspondence that needs to be corresponded to–both e-mail and regular. And the bills that cry for attention. Oh my!

You see my intentions were good. I really wanted to write.

Sanity, get a grip. Do I really want do all that cleaning? Will the family recognize their home, if I do? Ditto with mowing and planting.

As for groceries, thin is good.

And can my correspondees really stand the shock of my actually returning their messages? Will they even remember me?

Now the bills waiting to be paid, do I want my creditors to take me for granted?

Guess I really will write after all. Word processor, here I come!

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