Dorothea McArthur

Defining Moments cover
Defining Moments by Dorothea S. McArthur

A Personal Greeting from Dorothea:

Thank you for visiting my page at Word Museum.  I am an artist. Sometimes I do drawing, sometimes sculpture. After I became a psychologist, my creativity migrated into writing five books because I needed to understand psychological issues as completely as possible.

As a therapist I am in graduate school for the rest of my life because my clients are always teaching me something new. Then, I have to decide what to do with their new information. So I research my heart and books in a way that allows me to decide through the process of writing it out. My creativity has a mind of its own and visits me from outside. I try always to respond. Frequently it helps me out and I can then do my work as a therapist better than I expected, which leads to more new experiences. Around and around I go with learning, doing better work, and learning some more.

Some days are peaceful, some days are more searching, but mostly, my thoughts work themselves through to reach a conclusion that is helpful to myself and to others.

My overall goal is to leave this planet having made a contribution through writing that allows me to reach many more people than I could reach within the lifetime of a solo clinical practice. I enjoy working with other artists, helping them to earn a living and use their creativity to its fullest. At this stage in my life I am more interested in what I have to give than what I might receive.

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