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Greetings!  Thanks for your interest in joining Word Museum’s list of authors. 

This family-owned website offers great value for the money.  We offer you extensive promotion and a chance to connect with thousands of readers.  We originally opened Nov. 1st, 1997. The site is now back under original management and ownership.  Not only are we listed with all major search engines, but we list our authors pages individually within all major search engines.   We have a newsletter that goes out to over 30,000 readers, writers, and authors.   In addition, we are linked to several high-traffic sites, and have nearly 12,000 back-links to our site.  We utilize social networking, mailing lists, forum groups and a team of behind-the-scenes promoters to announce our authors and events as well.  In the past, we were getting about a million visitors a month to the site, but since it is just starting back up, we do not yet have accurate stats. We expect to reach that same mark fairly quickly as the site is already getting thousands of visitors a week. The value is in the outreach that occurs to bring readers to the site and that will continue to grow over time. We also plan to advertise through Google, Facebook and in several newsletters and mailings.

We spotlight our authors in the right sidebar of the site’s navigation system.  This puts you in the limelight and allows readers who may not be familiar with your work to learn a little more about you. As a Word Museum author, you gain access to interviews, the ability to post review blurbs and can participate in our monthly contests and events as well as our online chats that bring readers and writers together. Best of all? Because the owners are from a family filled with artists (writers, photographers, painters), we understand that creative types are often on a budget. Even if you have plenty of promotional dollars, being able to stretch them further is a positive thing. A listing is a very affordable $49/year subscription.

Here is a sample of one of our author listings. Visitors can search or browse for you by name, genre, or connect with you through one of the many ways you’ll be highlighted throughout the year. We will get your listing added within 48-hours, or we’ll give you a 50% discount, so you can start taking advantage of the benefits immediately. We recommend a single book at a time, but you can swap it out up to four times a year by sending us a quick e-mail. Get your listing today and start enjoying the benefits of being Word Museum author!