Coffee with Authors: Sharon Ihle

In this episode, we talk with Sharon Ihle, author of western romance novels. Learn about Sharon’s favorite moment in America’s history and what makes her tick. We also talked about two of her series and what books we can expect to see from her soon.

The show is a quick 20-minute or so listen, so download it and list to it while you do your daily exercise or in the car. It also makes great background listening while cooking dinner or to tune into after a long day of work.

Coffee with Authors – Show # 4 – Sharon Ihle

Coffee with Authors: Tara Fox Hall

In this episode, author Tara Fox Hall chats with us.

The concept is an informal chat. Learn about Tara’s love of animals, right down to a “pet” spider and a snake named Hannibal. We’ll also chat about her book Lash in depth and a bit about her other books and writing life.

It seems that there are always some minor technical difficulties. Start listening at about 1:30 and you’ll miss out on most of them. Tara does a great job sharing those tidbits you won’t find anywhere else. I even threw an unexpected question at her and she answered it like a pro. You’ll really enjoy this one and you’ll want to check out Tara’s books!

CWA – Show #3 – Tara Fox Hall

Coffee with Authors: Marilyn Meredith

Listen in to Coffee with Authors radio show. In this episode, author Marilyn Meredith (also writing as F.M. Meredith) is featured.

The concept of the show is a nice little chat with authors in my kitchen. So, you’re all invited. Grab a cup of coffee or tea, some pastries and pull up a chair to listen to these two amazing authors.

Unfortunately, we both had technical issues this day. I think something was going on with the system. We couldn’t hear one another and the show was live. I was pretty rattled by the time we got going, so then I was tongue-tied. I’m sure you’ll all get a laugh out of that. Marilyn was smooth under pressure and gracious as always so you’ll love to hear about her life and her books. However, I can make your listening experience a little better. Start at 1:01 on the show to skip past the technical problems.

CWA – Show #2 – Marilyn Meredith