Chat Log: Tara Mandarino

September 10th, 2004 Chat with Tara Mandarino

22:16:15 [Jacqueline] Hi and welcome. We’re chatting with author Tara Manderino tonight.

To enter your name, please type it in the upper left hand name box and then type

“enter”. We’ll be using protocol so please type “?” to ask a question and “!” to make a

comment and “ga” to signify “go ahead” when you’re finished

22:16:29 [Su] Glenda, simply tell Sher to click her heels together three times and repeat

“There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home

22:16:46 [Su] (sorry Jacqueline) k

22:16:56 Sher enters this room

22:16:57 [Jacqueline] Always a daydreamer, author Tara Manderino loves to create stories

and situations for the people running around in her head. She first began writing in

third grade when she realized she couldn’t afford her reading habit.

22:17:17 [Jacqueline] She currently works at the Library District Center where she assists in

promoting the wide variety of programs offered through public libraries. When not

behind the computer, you can find Tara acting as chauffeur to her sons, or

cultivating bleacher-butt as she cheers them on at various sporting

22:17:30 [Jacqueline] events.

22:17:43 [Glenda] It worked! Sher is here

22:18:01 [Tara] Oh good. WB Sher

22:18:05 [Jacqueline] This is Tara’s second epubbed romance. While she can always find

room for another paper printed book on her shelves, she finds the new medium much

more enjoyable since she can carry several books at a time on her Handspring

Visor-and it fits in her purse!

22:18:42 [Tara] Thanks, Jacqueline!

22:18:45 [Jacqueline] Everyone, please give Tara a warm welcome. And Tara, I love your


22:18:53 [Lainie] Welcome Tara!

22:19:02 [Tara]  Thanks!

22:19:03 [Glenda] welcome!!

22:19:20 [Su] lol first time I chatted with Tara, I used the name Scarlet; I didn’t think her

name was for real… lol

22:19:23 Tam enters this room

22:19:33 [Su] yay, Tara

22:19:41 [Glenda] hi tam

22:19:45 [Tara] *G* Too much, Su

22:19:50 Kimberly enters this room

22:19:55 [Jacqueline] Hi and welcome. We’re chatting with author Tara Manderino tonight.

To enter your name, please type it in the upper left hand name box and then type

“enter”. We’ll be using protocol so please type “?” to ask a question and “!” to make a

comment and “ga” to signify “go ahead” when you’re finished

22:19:55 [Tara] Hi Tam – glad you made it

22:20:01 [Kimberly] Hey Tara!

22:20:10 [Glenda] ji kimberly

22:20:18 [Kimberly] Hello!

22:20:22 [Tam] Hi Tara. Sorry, had to clean up a flood in the bathroom first.

22:20:23 [Tara] Hi Kimberly!

22:20:31 [Tara] That does not sound like fun.

22:20:39 [Kimberly] Oh, no.

22:20:43 [Glenda] ?

22:20:56 [Tara] Anyone have something they would really like to discuss – questions?

22:20:59 [Tara] GA

22:21:01 [Jacqueline] ga, Glenda

22:21:36 [Glenda] Has there been a decline in ebook buying? I ask because they used to

make ebook readers and now one has to have a PDA

22:21:42 [Kimberly] No, I want to win your book.

22:21:56 Sher enters this room

22:21:57 [Tara] LOL Kimberly

22:22:11 [Jacqueline] Sher, did it work?

22:22:12 [Glenda] Get ot the point Kimberly!

22:22:17 [Tara] Ebook sales with the Indie publishers seem to be about the same.

22:22:28 Marjorie enters this room

22:22:29 [Tara] There have been some that have closed, not all because of lack of sales.

22:22:46 [Jacqueline] Hi and welcome. We’re chatting with author Tara Manderino tonight.

To enter your name, please type it in the upper left hand name box and then type

“enter”. We’ll be using protocol so please type “?” to ask a question and “!” to make a

comment and “ga” to signify “go ahead” when you’re finished

22:22:52 [Marjorie] Hello Tara

22:23:02 [Tara] I think the biggest problems have been with the fact that the public and

authors have been ready for the ebook movement before the industry itself was

22:23:04 [Kimberly] Hey Marjorie.

22:23:05 [Tara] Hi Marjorie

22:23:31 [Tara] Now with the emergence of the newer “tablets” I think they’ll pick up more.

22:24:33 [Tara] People do read on their computers lots more than they had previously. And

FWIW, I do love reading on my handspring. ga

22:24:53 [Jacqueline] Tara, I don’t want to interupt, but can you please change your font

to red so your more visable?

22:24:56 [Glenda] thanks

22:25:07 [Tara] Um– if I knew how!

22:25:35 [Jacqueline] There’s a color bar by the send button

22:26:00 [Tara] yes. Do I just click that (the color)?

22:26:07 [Tara] Yay, it worked.

22:27:04 [Jacqueline] Tara, can you tell us a little about Soul Guardian?

22:27:22 [Tara] Have to say — one of the things I truly love about ebooks is that you can

find things you won’t normally find on the shelf.

22:27:30 [Tara] Sure, Jaqueline.

22:27:39 [Jacqueline] <Definately>

22:27:43 [Glenda] true

22:27:57 [Tara] SG – is a paranormal romance about a vampire and a psychic.

22:28:13 [Tara] More than anything, I would say it’s a tale of redemption.

22:28:13 [Jacqueline] Yes!

22:28:32 [Sher] ?

22:28:53 [Tara] While I LOVE the hero — Lucien — which is whyI wrote it in the beginning —

I would have to say I thoroughly enjoyed the viilan payback,

22:29:07 [Tara] GA

22:29:18 [Jacqueline] ga, Sher

22:29:46 [Sher] I’m only just getting here, so you may have already been asked this…It’s

been widely announced that “big house” publishers don’t consider that you’re

published and will overlook your e-pub credits when considering work. How do you

combat that?

22:30:08 [Tara] Not sure how anyone else does it, but…

22:30:40 [Tara] When I submit something I usually don’t mention it for the title I’m

submitting. *G* Though I do mention that I’m e-pubbed and give the title of the other


22:30:55 [Tara] Good enough reason to strive for two, I guess. LOL ga

22:31:13 [Tara] I think the editors take it more seriously than the houses do.

22:31:21 [Tara] ga

22:31:44 [Glenda] ?

22:31:48 [Tara] !

22:31:51 [Tara] ga

22:32:13 [Jacqueline] ga, Glenda

22:32:39 [Glenda] If you could co-write with any author (living or dead) whom would it be

and why?

22:32:48 [Tara] I wanted to say that I think we have a lot of the Indy e-publishers and

groups like EPIC to thank for the level of professionalism that is becoming more

prevalent in the e-book field.

22:33:23 [Tara] That’s TOUGH! I know who it wouldn’t be–Melville heads that list!

22:33:35 [Tara] Glenda – it’s not like I notice typos — believe me. LOL

22:33:40 [Glenda] lol

22:33:56 [Tara] I think I would have to say Jane Austen.

22:34:03 [Marjorie] ?

22:34:06 [Tara] or maybe Charlotte Bronte

22:34:36 [Tara] Acckk — I’d even say Poe, but he would scare me to death before I got the

end of a ms.

22:34:39 [Tara] ga

22:34:52 [Glenda] thanks

22:35:13 [Jacqueline] I’d pick Poe too, just for the scare factor. LOL

22:35:21 [Jacqueline] ga, Marjorie

22:35:22 [Tara] LOL

22:35:24 [Su] lol Tara

22:35:28 [Kimberly] I’d go for Stephen King.

22:35:35 [Marjorie] Do you find that reading within the sub-genre you are currently writing

is helpful or hurtful to your current project?

22:35:54 [Tara] I quit after Salem’s Lot. Had to make sure all my windows were locked!

22:36:04 [Marjorie] lol

22:36:17 [Tara] Marjorie – I usually don’t like to read in the sub-genre WHILE I’m writing it.

22:36:37 [Tara] Another incentive for finishing a project. But I get too depressed if I do so.

22:36:48 [Tara] You know — everyone writes better, yada yada yada

22:37:08 [Tara] When I’m done, it doesn’t bother me nearly as much.

22:37:10 [Tara] ga

22:37:29 [Marjorie] thanks Tara… I guess I’m normal then LOL

22:37:54 [Tara] LOL Right now, I’m writing a Regency so am reading lots of contemporaries

22:38:54 [Jacqueline] Are you targeting a publisher for this Regency, Tara?

22:39:12 [Tara] Really bugs me that I was scared to death with Salem’s Lot and I go and

write a vampire story. Go figure

22:39:25 [Marjorie] lol

22:39:57 [Tara] That’s almost funny, Jacqueline. I’m actually trying to go for Avon and

thelibraries — buthonestly I have trouble keeping the word count down.

22:40:05 [Glenda] ?

22:40:14 [Tara] I HAVE to do something about these tangled plots.

22:40:24 [Tara] ga glenda

22:40:43 [Glenda] Are you fascinated with any certain time period/s? Have you written a

book set in that time?

22:41:16 [Tara] I am fascinated with the Regency era and Whisper My Name is set in that

time. So is my current ms.

22:41:48 [Tara] The restrictions set by the time period make some plot elements and story

lines work differently.

22:42:25 [Tara] In the regency — there was no such thing as instant communication. If you

wanted to call someone, you had to call ON someone. That meant time has to

22:42:46 [Tara] elapse from the time the decision was made, to the time it took to get to

where you were going.

22:43:22 [Tara] I like the restriction of manners then too. Some present a challenge to get


22:43:46 [Glenda] very interesting!

22:44:10 [Tara] What time period do you favor, Glenda?

22:44:38 [Glenda] I’m not a writer, but I’d love to have lived in the 1920’s.

22:45:11 [Glenda] I’m a retired dance teacher. I’d like the dancing during that period and the

clothing was awesome!

22:45:20 [Tara] 20’s — I don’t write in that time period — but lots of good things could

certainly be done with that!

22:45:34 [Tara] Bootlegging immediately comes to mind. LOL

22:45:44 [Sher] LOL

22:45:52 [Glenda] bathtub gin. Yum

22:45:53 [Jacqueline] Yep

22:46:03 [Marjorie] LOL

22:46:06 [Tara] But that was before television too, so think of all the things that would have

been done for entertainment.

22:46:19 [Jacqueline] That would be an interesting storyline

22:46:24 [Tam] ?

22:46:34 [Tara] ga Tam

22:46:37 [Jacqueline] ga, Tam

22:47:27 [Tam] Tara, so what inspired you to write the vampire story?

22:48:00 [Tara] OK. Actually, as I said, it’s more a story of redemption. Keep that in mind.

22:48:22 [Tara] I had to sit in church for lots of children choir practices..

22:48:56 [Tara] It’s really nice, and peaceful and you can think of all kinds of great things in

the silence. There’s nothing but candles, lingering incense sometimes, and the little


22:49:06 [Tara] either singing or getting yelled at! *G*

22:49:27 [Glenda] so your thought turned to vampires? lol

22:49:29 [Tara] As I was sitting there, I thought how peaceful. What wouldit be like if you

were absolutely forbidden to enter.

22:49:47 [Tara] *nodding* to Glenda

22:50:14 [Tara] So who would that be — ta da — the vampire was one. So of course I had

to work with that!

22:50:20 [Tam] LOL

22:50:30 [Tara] See never know where you’ll come up iwth an idea. *G*

22:50:36 [Tara] ga

22:51:25 [Marjorie] !

22:51:27 [Jacqueline] Very true, Tara.

22:51:40 [Tara] Marjorie

22:51:44 [Sher] ?

22:52:04 [Marjorie] I have to run for the night.

22:52:06 [Jacqueline] ga, Marjorie

22:52:15 [Marjorie] gnite all *muah*

22:52:26 [Jacqueline] Do you want to wait a minute for the prize?

22:52:28 [Tara]  Night Marjorie — glad you were able to make it.

22:52:30 [Kimberly] good night Marjorie

22:52:32 [Marjorie] sure brb

22:52:35 [Glenda] stay for the drawing!!

22:52:40 [Tam] Night Marjorie! {{HUGS}}

22:52:46 [Jacqueline] We’ll take Sher’s ? then do the drawing

22:52:57 [Sher] Do you read other vampire books? If so, by what authors?

22:53:09 [Marjorie] back

22:53:54 [Tara] I do, Sher. Amanda Ashley is the one that comes to mind. But there are

others. I was delighted to find Christina Feehan, even though hers aren’t the

traditional vampires.

22:54:45 [Glenda] gee, I’ll bet Rice scares the pants off ya.

22:55:12 [Sher] Oh, love her…and Linda Lael Miller’s were good.

22:55:23 [Tara] I find hers interesting, but I can’t read it for as long as she can write!

22:55:40 [Tara] Oh yes — Love Linda Lael Miller’s too!

22:55:43 [Glenda] lol

22:56:22 [Jacqueline] Tara is kind enough to give away an electronic copy of Soul Guardian

22:56:51 [Kimberly] <<crossing fingers!!>>

22:56:52 [Jacqueline] Can I have a drum roll, please?

22:57:02 [Tara] *drum roll*

22:57:04 [Su] drrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…..

22:57:06 [Lainie] ra ta ta tat

22:57:12 [Glenda] clang!

22:57:15 [Marjorie] hey, where is that drum going?

22:57:19 [Sher] tadum tadum tadum

22:57:27 [Tara] Side note — and I have the drumsticks in my hand! son’s a drummer!

22:57:37 [Tam] lol

22:57:42 [Marjorie] lol

22:57:47 [Su] lol

22:57:55 [Jacqueline] And the winner is Su!

22:58:05 [Tara] ROTFL

22:58:08 [Kimberly] Yay, Su!

22:58:08 [Glenda] I always have a crush on the drummer at rock concerts!

22:58:09 [Sher] Yeah Su!!!!

22:58:10 [Tam] Yay Su!

22:58:16 [Marjorie] *clapping*

22:58:20 [Su] woo-hooo!  but… if I may…

22:58:24 [Su] defer…

22:58:25 [Glenda] Congrats to Su!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

22:58:29 [Tara] Jaqueline – since Su is the winner — let’s give away ANOTHER copy!

22:58:37 [Lainie] Yay Su!

22:58:37 [Su] (no offense, Tara — I love the story

22:58:41 [Jacqueline] You may…

22:58:52 [Jacqueline] I’ll draw again

22:59:02 [Tara] Okay- poor su has read that story so many times Lucien probably visited


22:59:04 [Kimberly] lol, recrossing fingers

22:59:11 [Marjorie]

22:59:14 [Sher] LOLOL

22:59:19 [Su] lol I meant to duck when you were throwing the bouquet

22:59:28 [Tara] LOL

22:59:29 [Glenda] Kimberly reeeeeeaaaaaaly wants it!

22:59:35 [Su] lol not poor me — I want to share it with someone else!

22:59:45 [Jacqueline] Alrighty, I drew again

22:59:51 [Kimberly]

22:59:53 [Su]

22:59:58 [Jacqueline] and it’s Marjorie!

23:00:01 [Su] drrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr……… *ducking*

23:00:02 [Tara] *drum roll again*

23:00:07 [Su] yay!!!

23:00:09 [Sher] Yeah Marjorie!! clapping

23:00:11 [Kimberly] Yay, Marjorie!!

23:00:15 [Glenda] clash!

23:00:21 [Marjorie] WOO HOOOOO

23:00:24 [Lainie] rum pum pum pum

23:00:29 [Tam] ggg, ya’ll are too much

23:00:30 [Glenda] Congrats to Marjorie!!!!!!

23:00:30 [Jacqueline] Congratulations, Marjorie!

23:00:40 [Lainie] Yay Marjorie!!!

23:00:41 [Marjorie] I’m beaming over here!

23:00:42 [Tara] Marjorie – send me your email address, pleas.

23:00:43 [Lainie] Congrats!

23:00:44 [Tam] Yay Marjorie! Aren’t ya glad ya stuck around?

23:00:55 [Jacqueline] Sheesh, it’s a good thing you stayed.

23:00:57 [Tara] yuk – can you read that in white?

23:01:03 [Marjorie] Yup Yup I am verra glad

23:01:11 [Jacqueline] Tara, where can we find your books?

23:01:12 [Su] Tara — spellcheck ??? lol

23:01:16 [Tara] Yeah, good think. I was starting to get a complex.

23:01:21 [Marjorie] ugh… that’s not a pretty face

23:01:26 [Tara] thing. thing, thing.

23:01:27 [Su] or did you change your last name?

23:01:36 [Tara] Goes with the white address

23:01:47 [Kimberly] That’s what I was going to as

23:01:49 [Kimberly] ask

23:01:55 [Tara]

23:02:02 [Kimberly] where do we need to go to purchase Soul Guardian

23:02:06 memyself enters this room

23:02:09 [Su] thaaaaaaaat’s what I thought, Tara lol

23:02:11 [Glenda] Thanks for the great chat! Stay safe all.

23:02:25 [Tara] Now you all know why I had to send out the change of address twice —

once the wrong way and once correctly!

23:02:29 [Glenda] nighty night

23:02:30 [Jacqueline] Thanks for coming, Glenda!

23:02:38 [Su] bye Glenda from MS with Emma the grand-dog

23:02:41 [Glenda] see ya next week

23:02:46 [Tara] Kimberly — it’s at

23:03:06 [Tara] Thanks for attending Glenda!

23:03:10 [Su] bye all — great chat Tara

23:03:12 [Su]

23:03:12 [Jacqueline] Do you have a website?

23:03:24 [Tara] No.

23:03:27 [Jacqueline] Nite, Su, thanks for coming!

23:03:28 [Su] Tara, I’ll be E-ing you

23:03:30 [Tam] Night Glenda

23:03:39 [Tara] I used to but never managed to get one back again after homestead started


23:03:44 [Su] thanks for picking my name first, Jacqueline!

23:03:44 [Lainie] Thanks Tara! it’s so great you came and chatted with us tonight

23:03:45 [Tara] Please do so, Su

23:03:48 [Lainie] goodnight everybody!

23:03:54 [Marjorie] K, Tara, I sent you my outlook addy

23:03:58 [Jacqueline] Have you checked out Geocities?

23:04:01 [Tara] Thanks for having me, Lainie andJaqueline

23:04:01 [memyself] candywrapper people here?

23:04:06 [Tara] That’s fine

23:04:11 [Jacqueline] Nite, Lainie!

23:04:15 [Marjorie] !

23:04:22 Su exits from this room

23:04:24 [Sher] Have a great week all…stay safe and write something wonderful.

23:04:29 [Sher] goodnight.

23:04:35 [Jacqueline] You’ll have to come back, Tara

23:04:36 [Tara] I did — I even signed up at one time but couldn’t figure it out! Not sure, but

think they charge on the new ones now too.

23:04:38 [Kimberly] Good night everyone!

23:04:41 [Tara] Night Sher

23:04:45 [Kimberly] Tara, I look forward to reading your book.

23:04:51 [Jacqueline] Nite, Sher, it was nice talking to ya!

23:05:04 [Tara] Any time, Jacqueline.

23:05:13 [Tara] Thanks, Kimberly!

23:05:15 [Jacqueline] Nite, Kimberly!

23:05:22 [Marjorie] Gnite for real this time… the hubby is tapping his foot now LOL

23:05:44 Marjorie exits from this room

23:05:50 [Tara] LOL– Night Marjorie — i’ll be looking for your address

23:05:54 [Tam] Night Sher, K’y

23:05:55 [Jacqueline] Congrats and goodnight Marjorie

23:06:02 [memyself] i guess not

23:06:04 [Tam] Night Marjorie

23:06:40 [Tara] memyself> I’m here discussing — well wrapping up the discussion on a

paranormal romance.

23:08:11 [Tara] Thanks so much for having me. I really enjoyed it. I’ll be thinking most of the

night on which writer I’d like to write with. *G*

23:08:17 [Jacqueline] Tara, I’ll be taking dates for next year’s chats in October. Email me

and we’ll set another one up

23:08:32 [Tara] Thanks!

23:08:36 [Tam] Thanks for the invitation Tara. It was fun!

23:08:37 [Tara] Night all.

23:08:48 [Tara] Glad you made it, Tam

23:09:07 [Tara] Off to pack lunches and do stinky football laundry.

23:09:10 [Tam] It was nice to meet all of you, but have a wip to work on now…*rolls eyes*

23:09:21 [Jacqueline] Thanks for coming, Tam.

23:09:29 [Jacqueline] good luck on the wip.

23:09:35 [Tam] lol@stinky football laundry.

23:09:42 [Jacqueline] Nite Tara!

Chat Log: Lyn Lawrence

September 3rd, 2004 Chat with Lyn Lawrence

22:19:21 [Lainie] Welcome to our Word Museum chat. Our special guest tonight is Lyn Lawrence.


22:19:23 [Lainie] Lyn Lawrence lives in Vivian, Louisiana with her husband of forty-one years. They are


22:19:36 [Lainie] the parents of six children. She loves to sing, play piano, and sew. Swimming is her


22:19:44 [Lainie] favorite exercise. Naturally she loves reading and writing and traveling is also one of her favorite things.


22:20:06 [Lainie] Lyn is offering door prizes of heart jewelry of various types


22:20:27 [Lainie] Lyn’s new books is WEB OF DREAMS


22:20:45 [Lainie] published by Publisher: Amber Quill Press (August 2003)


22:21:15 [Lainie] Here’s a blurb of Lyn’s book to peak your interest. Dana’s web of dreams intertwines with cutting edge cell research by her husband, Max, a scientist gone mad. Mad enough to believe he can control the world and his wife with a mind-altering drug.


22:21:26 [Lainie] Ben Carter interfaces with Dana’s web of dreams, never imagining he will be drawn into a web of deceit, danger and love he never imagined possible.


22:21:54 [Lainie] To read the excerpt visit Amber Quill at:


22:22:13 [Lainie] Lyn also wrote: STONE JUSTICE


22:22:29 [Lainie] Stone Justice is the true story of the first and only woman in Louisiana history to be convicted and executed in the electric chair. The screenplay is the adaptation of the novel by the same name written by Debi McMartin and Lyn Morgan.


22:22:37 [Lainie] How exciting! A screenplay.

22:22:59 [Lainie] To read an excerpt of Stone Justice, please visit this site:


22:23:00 [Glenda] awesome!


22:23:24 [Evelyn] Yep…we actually wrote the screenplay first.


22:23:41 [Lainie] We usually do protocol but since this is an intimate group at the moment, we’ll forego that until the crowd shows up


22:23:53 [Lainie] then I’ll crack my whip and let you know we’ll go into protocol


22:24:06 [Lainie] Lyn, please tell us about yourself, your writing, your books, and your screenplay. ga


22:24:34 [Evelyn] I’m glad to be here tonight. Right now I’m writing another script


22:25:05 [Lainie] Wow! You’re a dynamo. How wonderful!


22:25:15 [Evelyn] It’s also based on a true story and involves a court case.


22:25:41 [Evelyn] Thanks…But I don’t feel like a dynamo.


22:26:21 [Glenda] well, your writing sounds VERY interesting!


22:26:24 [Evelyn] I just sold out of Web of Dreams and For the Weekend


22:26:47 [Moe] Excellent, congratulations.


22:26:54 [Evelyn] FTW came out in May


22:27:02 [Lainie] Congrats!


22:27:20 [Glenda] I’m a Robin Cook fan. Web of Dreams sounds like it would fit me to a t.


22:27:33 [Evelyn] I hope maybe more people are hearing about my books.


22:28:05 [Evelyn] Web of Dreams is a Robin Cook type of book. Did you read his last one…


22:28:12 [Glenda] How long have you been writing?


22:28:31 [Moe] brb


22:28:36 [Glenda] Haven’t read Cook’s last one yet.


22:28:48 [Evelyn] Well I could say all my life, but novels since 1993


22:29:14 [Lainie] ten years is quite a long time


22:29:22 [Evelyn] On Cook’s last one, I was disappointed with the ending.


22:29:38 Beth enters this room


22:29:43 EJ enters this room


22:29:45 [Glenda] oh no!


22:30:01 [Evelyn] Hi Beth and EJ…


22:30:08 [Beth] Hello!


22:30:10 [Glenda] Where is Vivian LA? I’m New Orleans born. Live in Tupelo,MS now.


22:30:11 [Moe] Hi Beth


22:30:14 [Moe] EJ


22:30:16 [Glenda] hi beth!


22:30:29 [Moe] ! We’re talking to Lyn Lawrence.


22:30:44 [Evelyn] Vivian is in the very corner of the northwest side of LA


22:30:46 [Lainie] Hi Beth and EJ


22:30:58 [Lainie] close to Texas then?


22:31:01 [Moe] You might be able to scroll back and see what has been said the last few minutes, to catch



22:31:10 [Evelyn] I’m 5 miles from Texas, 10 from Arkansas


22:31:47 [Lainie] We’re chatting with Lyn Lawrence, author of Web of Dreams and Stone Justice


22:31:52 [Lainie] I’d say that was close


22:32:07 [Evelyn] Now Tupelo, I think, is Elvis’ birthplace.


22:32:26 [Glenda] Yes, it is.


22:33:07 [Evelyn] !I like Elvis.


22:33:44 [Evelyn] For The Weekend is what I call my Elvis book.


22:33:52 [Beth] ?


22:34:04 [Moe] Jump in Beth


22:34:19 [Glenda] I was always into The Beatles. I appreciate Elvis more now.


22:34:20 [Moe] Since it is a small group we are leaving the discussion open


22:34:36 [Beth] thanks–Lyn, at what point in your drafts do you know a book is going to work?


22:34:55 [Lainie] I love both Elvis and the Beatles – my all time favorites


22:35:02 [Moe] I was hoping you were going to ask that.


22:35:18 [Evelyn] Oh my goodness…could I say I’m almost never sure the book will work.


22:35:29 [Beth] that is reassuring


22:35:33 [Beth] I’m at that point


22:35:38 BettyD enters this room


22:35:46 [Beth] what do you do, just persevere? refocus?


22:35:51 [Evelyn] I do outlines but things happen that I don’t expect


22:35:52 [Moe] How many drafts do you think you did before WOD went to press?


22:35:56 [Moe] Hi Betty!!


22:36:01 [Glenda] hi Betty!


22:36:05 [BettyD] hey Moe


22:36:06 [Evelyn] Is that what happened to you Beth?


22:36:10 [BettyD] how’s it been?


22:36:22 [Beth] definitely


22:36:38 [Evelyn] Drafts of WOD…before it went to press…6 or 7


22:36:46 [Moe] Good. We are having a open discussion with author Lyn Lawrence.


22:36:52 [Lainie] Hi Betty!


22:37:04 [Evelyn] And Beth, I’m stuck on a thriller right now.


22:37:16 [Lainie] Lyn is the author of Web of Dreams and Stone Justice


22:37:49 [Glenda] Anything in your work background that sort of gave you the idea for Web of Dreams

and/or Stone Justice?


22:38:33 [Evelyn] Not really my work background, but I have always been for the underdog.


22:39:01 [Evelyn] In Stone Justice, Toni Jo never gets a chance. But that was true


22:39:15 [Evelyn] I couldn’t change that…


22:39:32 [Evelyn] In WOD, Dana grabs her chance and takes it.


22:40:07 [Evelyn] I like justice, stone justice, real justice or poetic. <G>


22:40:30 [Glenda] lol


22:41:51 [Glenda] Do you have any favorite authors?


22:42:09 [Evelyn] Wow, I see something Beth said way back about refocusing.


22:42:11 [Moe] Has everyone had their questions answered so far? Did we miss anybody?


22:42:15 [KarenT] Lyn, earlier you said you’re almost never sure a book will work out…do you do a lot of rewrites, then? Or is it pretty set the first time through


22:42:49 [Evelyn] I edit constantly.


22:43:05 [Evelyn] Maybe that’s bad, but it’s the way I write.


22:43:27 [Beth] oh, good, me too!


22:43:31 [BettyD] the two books seem so dramatically different – was it difficult to “switch gears”?


22:43:37 [Beth] otherwise it’s a hopeless tangle


22:43:37 [Evelyn] The new script is 17 pages done and I’ve just been over it


22:43:49 [Evelyn] for the third time.


22:44:16 [Evelyn] Sometimes I go through my plot before I go to sleep.


22:44:33 [Evelyn] Sometimes I have to get back up and write.


22:45:27 [Lainie] only 17 pages? is that normal length for a script?


22:45:49 [Evelyn] That’s almost to the first plot point…<G>


22:45:59 [Evelyn] I need 120 pages


22:46:14 [Evelyn] So I’m not really to the first plot point


22:46:31 [Evelyn] But I know the script will work because it’s true.


22:46:59 [Beth] true, as in not sparing yourself, writing from the gut?


22:47:37 [Evelyn] No, this is a true story, in fact breaking news story.


22:47:55 [Beth] Oh, LOL


22:47:56 [Beth] sorry


22:48:24 [Evelyn] Well, I really don’t know the very end yet…


22:48:26 [Lainie] what kind of permission, if any, do you need to write a true story that’s not happening to you?


22:48:45 [Evelyn] But I think it’s going to be good for lots of people.


22:49:10 [Evelyn] In this case, we were asked (Deborah M and I) to write it.


22:49:31 [Evelyn] So we have exclusive rights to it.


22:49:54 [Evelyn] I see Betty asked about switching gears so let me say


22:50:16 [Evelyn] Writing true stories is easier in a way and harder, too.


22:50:31 [Evelyn] Writing fiction is like fun.


22:50:52 EJ enters this room


22:50:58 [Evelyn] True stories have to touch you and sometimes they are hard to write.


22:51:07 carolyn enters this room


22:51:18 [Evelyn] But they grab you and you have to write them.


22:51:32 [EJ] I apologize for being late…I’ve been arguing with my isp, so if I disappear, I’m sorry!


22:51:41 [Moe] Hi Carolyn. We are chatting with Author Lyn Lawrence


22:51:55 [Beth] hi, Carolyn!


22:51:58 [Moe] No problem EJ. Glad you could make it back.


22:52:00 [Evelyn] I have three neat prizes…how do we do this part?


22:52:19 [carolyn] Hi Lyn


22:52:24 [Moe] Laine will draw the names for you.


22:52:36 [Evelyn] Hi Carolyn and EJ again.


22:52:37 [BettyD] thanks for your answer, Lyn


22:52:53 [Beth] yes, good input


22:53:16 [Lainie] is it time to draw?


22:53:17 [Evelyn] Oh thanks, and I’m so glad you’re all here.


22:53:34 [Evelyn] I was afraid nobody would come.


22:53:49 [Glenda] Lyn, where can one buy your books?


22:53:50 [carolyn] Lyn, I’m curious about writing a legaleze romance. My library has all the information I

need to do the research, how would you go about that?


22:53:52 [Lainie] we love you Lyn, so of course we came


22:54:06 [BettyD] with Moe in charge?


22:54:12 [BettyD] who’d dare miss it?


22:54:31 [Evelyn] Buy my books…at or at Amber Quill


22:55:15 [Evelyn] Research for Carolyn…SJ we went to the courthouse.


22:55:31 [Evelyn] There were 5 books of trial transcripts.


22:55:56 [Evelyn] We copied them longhand and they grabbed us by the heart.


22:56:14 [Evelyn] Toni Jo did not have a fair trial.


22:56:35 [Evelyn] Oh and watch The Practice <g>


22:56:51 [Evelyn] Or an old movie like Anatomy of a Murder


22:57:24 [Lainie] they let the public see and handle trial transcripts?


22:57:27 [Evelyn] Or Perry Mason


22:57:29 [carolyn] Sounds good. I do watch The Practice. For some reason


22:57:30 [Lainie] is it after so many years? or anytime?


22:57:44 [carolyn] I didn’t realize there would be transcripts available.


22:57:55 [Evelyn] Trial transcripts are public documents and have to be available to the public.


22:58:14 [Beth] that’s good to know


22:58:20 [carolyn] At the library, or?


22:58:48 [Evelyn] Very interesting reading..only at the courthouse where the trial was held.


22:59:12 [carolyn] And where in the courthouse would I obtain them?


22:59:13 [Evelyn] There were also two college students who did papers


22:59:32 [Evelyn] On the Toni Jo murder trial. We read their papers.


22:59:49 [Evelyn] They were at the college libraries.


23:00:25 [Evelyn] Lainie, please draw a name.


23:00:29 [carolyn] thank you for the information.


23:00:31 [Glenda] Did you get to interview any of the trial attorneys?


23:00:40 [Evelyn] I think our time is almost gone.


23:01:05 [Evelyn] We didn’t intervies any attorneys but we did interview her priest.


23:01:26 [Evelyn] He’s 90 years old….the murder happened in 1940


23:01:56 [Moe] Laine?


23:01:59 [Lainie] are you ready for me to start drawing names for the door prizes yet? let me know when


23:02:05 [carolyn] And, what title did you give this book and can we find it at BookSurge?


23:02:15 [Evelyn] Carolyn, check the archives at the courthouse


23:02:37 [Lainie] I didn’t see that message. sorry


23:02:40 [Lainie] drum roll please


23:02:41 [carolyn] Thanks, I’ll do that.


23:02:44 [Evelyn] Stone Justice is at 1st or


23:02:56 [Lainie] and the first winner is…..


23:03:00 [Lainie] Karen T!


23:03:01 [Glenda] rat-a-tat-tat. Clash!


23:03:13 [Glenda] congrats to Karen!!!!!


23:03:19 [BettyD] bah rum pah bum pah pah


23:03:29 [Lainie] And our second winner is….


23:03:35 [Moe] Boom-bang


23:03:36 [Lainie] we’re going for 3 winners tonight, right?


23:03:38 [Moe]


23:03:43 [Evelyn] Karen T. gets three toe rings …I hope you like them


23:03:45 [KarenT] Wow. Thanks. It’s my luck month. Last week, I won Pat Rasey’s drawing!


23:03:50 [Lainie] Carolyn!


23:03:51 [Moe]


23:03:59 [Lainie] Congratulations Karen and Carolyn


23:04:09 [carolyn] Wow, thanks.


23:04:11 [Glenda] Good for you Karen!


23:04:13 [Lainie] Am I to draw one more lucky winner?


23:04:19 [EJ] Big congrats to the winners!


23:04:20 [Evelyn] Carolyn gets a heart pendant.


23:04:25 [Glenda] Congrats to Carolyn!!!!!!


23:04:36 [Evelyn] Yes, please


23:04:43 [carolyn] Thank you very much.


23:04:50 [Lainie] okay


23:04:55 [Lainie] let me stir up the names really well


23:05:02 [Lainie] drum roll again please


23:05:11 [Lainie] and the third and final winner is….


23:05:12 [Glenda] Stir and shake ’em!


23:05:32 [Lainie] shaking and stirring hard


23:05:38 [Lainie] Beth!


23:05:44 [Lainie] Yeah Beth! Congratulations


23:05:50 [Evelyn] For a heart bangle bracelet…yay, Beth


23:05:50 [Moe] Will the winners please send your mailing address to Lyn at


23:05:52 [Glenda] Congrats to Beth!!!!!


23:05:57 [EJ] And congrats to Beth, too!


23:06:01 [Beth] thanks very much!


23:06:01 [Lainie] Lyn, should they send their names and email addresses to you? GMTA


23:06:02 [Lainie] good


23:06:04 [Moe] so she can sen you your gifts.


23:06:07 [BettyD] congrats to all the winners!


23:06:11 [Glenda] Cool prizes!


23:06:31 [Lainie] Please give us your website url again Lyn as this will be logged and in case anyone present

now missed it earlier


23:06:39 [Glenda] Great chat! Can’t wait to read your books Lyn!


23:06:40 [Evelyn] Thank you everybody so much. Yes, I need their names.


23:06:42 [Lainie] We want everyone to be able to check out your fabulous books


23:06:58 [Evelyn]


23:07:20 [Moe] Thank you for being our guest chatter Lyn.


23:07:27 [Glenda] I just bookmarked it.


23:07:28 KarenT exits from this room


23:07:39 [Beth] thanks very much!


23:07:41 [Moe] And thank you everyone else for attending.


23:07:43 [Evelyn] Thank you for having me.

Chat Log: Patricia A. Rasey

August 20th, 2004 Chat with Patricia A. Rasey

22:23:34 [Patricia] Okay–I left six people in the other chat room–I hope they make it over.

22:23:36 [Patricia] Hi, guys!

22:23:38 [Barbara] Ah, the star has arrived <G>

22:23:48 KarenT enters this room

22:23:49 [JLAbbott] Welcome, Pat!!!

22:23:51 [Glenda] Hey Patricia!!

22:23:58 [Patricia] LOL Thanks, Barabara

22:24:03 [RebelYell3] About blooooooody time

22:24:04 [Patricia] Hi, Glenda!

22:24:10 EJ enters this room

22:24:10 [Patricia] Yeah, yeah

22:24:43 [Patricia] Hi, Laura, EJ, Moe, Karen and Kim–who am I missing

22:25:03 [EJ] Hi…so sorry I’m late!

22:25:11 [Glenda] is mittens still here?

22:25:22 ChandlerM enters this room

22:25:29 [Patricia] You aren’t late EJ–apparently I was in the wrong room with six other people

22:25:36 [Patricia] Ah, Chandler made it!

22:25:39 [Glenda] Good crowd!

22:25:45 Lynn enters this room

22:25:51 [Patricia] 4 or 5 more and will have everyone.

22:26:04 [ChandlerM] Yes. Apparently there was this Twilight Zone room sucking people in…….

22:26:07 [Patricia] Lyn made it–hopefully Terry and Mel make it and Carol

22:26:14 [Patricia] LOL

22:26:29 Patricia exits from this room

22:26:35 [Glenda] so true Chandler

22:26:41 Moe exits from this room

22:27:00 Patricia enters this room

22:27:09 [ChandlerM] Moe’s gone. Now it’s sucking people right out of our midst!

22:27:11 [Barbara] The Twilight Zone is still scooping up people

22:27:13 Patricia exits from this room

22:27:16 Moe enters this room

22:27:36 Patricia enters this room

22:27:37 [Moe] Feel free to use emoticons (the codes will pop up in another screen if you click on the ? in the lower left corner) but please leave text colour for our Author, Moderator and myself.

22:27:39 [ChandlerM] Pat disappears. Moe Returns. What fun.

22:27:41 [JLAbbott] This is bizarre!!!!

22:27:58 [Patricia] Sorry guys–I saw Carol over in the room and am trying to get her over here. LOL

22:27:59 [Glenda] How bizarre. How Bizarre.

22:28:03 [JLAbbott] Kinda like our very own mystery story….

22:28:12 [Moe] I left because my messages didn’t seemto be going through.

22:28:13 [KimCox] Chat link on Chat Schedule page is now fixed

22:28:17 [Barbara] I’ll change my color

22:28:30 [Glenda] Like looking for a black pearl on the ocen floor.

22:28:37 [Moe] Patricia could you change your text to red so we can see you better from everyone else.

22:28:38 [Glenda] ocean

22:28:42 [Patricia] Okay–we lost Carol over there

22:28:44 [KimCox] Pat is Carol on AOL?

22:28:50 [Patricia] How’s this

22:29:01 [Patricia] Try it again

22:29:26 [KimCox] Is Carol on AOL?

22:29:27 [Moe] Try the other end. I think it’s brighter

22:29:31 [Patricia] She was in room 1 on the right of the screen. ROFL but now she is gone. I lost Mel as well

22:29:37 [Glenda] Glenda putting on her tap shoes and feather boa to entertain during this.

22:29:41 [Patricia] This better

22:29:46 [KimCox] AOL users have to go through IE instead of the AOL browser

22:30:11 [Moe] Sorry for the mix up. This is the better chat room, honest.

22:30:14 RebelYell4 enters this room

22:30:37 [Moe] Rebel are you using AOL?

22:31:10 [Moe] Yes Pat.

22:31:16 [RebelYell4] No, although AOL might be better than MSN, who SUCK!!!!!!!

22:31:35 [Patricia] Not a problem, Mo–I just hope they find there way here. LOL I tried to direct them. I just sent them both an email

22:31:36 [Glenda] Where’s everyone from? I’m live in Tupelo,MS

22:31:44 [Moe] AOL crashes a lot with this chat.

22:31:50 [ChandlerM] Bethel, ME

22:31:53 [Glenda] I’m live…yes, but I live.

22:31:53 [RebelYell4] Chicago

22:31:56 [Moe] Kim you moderating for Jacki?

22:31:57 [Patricia] Ohio, Gleenda

22:32:14 [Rebecca] Colorado

22:32:19 [Barbara] I’m in southern California 11 miles from the riginal Disneyland

22:32:22 [RebelYell4] MSN crashes a lot….period :)

22:32:26 [JLAbbott] I’m Colorado, too

22:32:28 [Moe] Ontario Canada…and happy to be with electricity.

22:32:32 [Patricia] Sorry fingers are screwing up again. LOL

22:32:35 [Glenda] Chicago Chicago that toddlin’ town. Down by the banks of the Ohio

22:32:35 [Barbara] original

22:32:47 [Glenda] Rocky Mountain high. Colorado.

22:33:02 [JLAbbott] Glenda sings again…LOL

22:33:03 [Glenda] Oh Canada!

22:33:11 [RebelYell4] Pat lives in Bugtussle, Ohio, population 12

22:33:16 [EJ] Ontario, Canada!

22:33:17 [Glenda] Can ya’ll tell I love music?

22:33:29 [Patricia] 15 Trace

22:33:30 [EJ] Me, too, Moe…tired of running a generator!

22:33:31 [Barbara] I love that John Denver song–Rocky Mountain High

22:33:36 [Moe] Stop, in the name of Love!

22:33:36 [Glenda] LOL…Bugtussle.

22:33:38 [Moe] Glenda

22:33:41 [RebelYell4] Glenda, you’re just singing up a storm tonight

22:33:51 [Patricia] I love music as well–probably why I always mention music in my books

22:33:59 [JLAbbott] In the same spirit as Elkpoop, Colorado LOL

22:34:03 [Moe] Kim? You out there?

22:34:08 [Glenda] hope not. Don’t need a tornado.

22:34:15 [RebelYell4] And why I always alter them to Achy Breaky Fart

22:34:24 [EJ] Watched Shania Twain concert from Chicago last night.

22:34:33 [ChandlerM] “probably why I always mention music in my books” King tends to do that, too.

22:34:35 [RebelYell4] Hahaha….Laura

22:34:48 mittens enters this room

22:35:01 [Patricia] Carol made it!

22:35:03 [Glenda] mittens!

22:35:16 [Patricia] LOL Chandler–that he does.

22:35:18 Melissa enters this room

22:35:20 [RebelYell4] Shania….don’t get me started……

22:35:26 [ChandlerM] Mittens, you made it! We were despairing of you.

22:35:35 [Moe] Hello and welcome! We’re talking to Patricia Rasey. We’ll be using protocol, so please type “?” to ask a question, “!” to make a comment, and “GA” for go ahead to signify you’re done speaking. WE WILL CALL ON YOU IN TURN.

22:35:48 [Moe] Feel free to use emoticons (the codes will pop up in another screen if you click on the ? in the lower left corner) but please leave text colour for our Author, Moderator and myself.

22:35:50 [Glenda] Shawhina

22:35:59 [RebelYell4] ? Ok, Pat, when the heck is “The Hour Before Dawn” coming out????? Huh????? Huh?????

22:36:05 Melly enters this room

22:36:20 [Patricia] Hi, Melly

22:36:20 [Moe] Hello and welcome! We’re talking to Patricia Rasey. We’ll be using protocol, so please type “?” to ask a question, “!” to make a comment, and “GA” for go ahead to signify you’re done speaking. WE WILL CALL ON YOU IN TURN.

22:36:33 [Patricia] Trace–I have no idea. I’m hoping soon. 🙂

22:36:39 [Moe] Feel free to use emoticons (the codes will pop up in another screen if you click on the ? in the lower left corner) but please leave text colour for our Author, Moderator and myself.

22:36:48 mittens exits from this room

22:36:53 [RebelYell4] I’ll believe it when I see it :)

22:37:01 [Patricia] :)

22:37:05 [KimCox] Think I rescued everyone

22:37:12 [Patricia] I hear ya.

22:37:13 [KimCox] :)

22:37:26 [Patricia] We have two in room one again

22:37:32 [Moe] Kim you introducing?

22:37:42 [RebelYell4] Someone is “frustrated”

22:37:49 [Patricia] Actually –thre are in room 1 over on the right

22:37:51 [Glenda] lol

22:37:59 [Moe] I go

22:38:03 Moe exits from this room

22:38:19 [Glenda] poor things! Give ’em a book.

22:38:40 [Patricia] LOL We’ll definitely give someone a book tonight

22:38:54 [KimCox] hmmm

22:38:56 [KimCox] Moe?

22:39:06 [Patricia] Okay–any questions? Hmmmm?

22:39:25 [JLAbbott] ?

22:39:30 [KimCox] She must’ve already gone to get them as I see her there too.

22:39:31 [Patricia] Hahaha now 2 are in room 3

22:39:38 [ChandlerM] Pat, where do you see your stories going in the future?

22:39:39 [Patricia] We are doomed tonight, I tell you

22:39:46 [RebelYell4] ! Nope, I know everything there is to know about Pat, including where her tattoos are located :)

22:39:54 [KimCox] doesn’t look good, but I’ll think positive

22:39:58 [Glenda] ?

22:40:00 MelJ enters this room

22:40:09 Moe enters this room

22:40:24 [KimCox] Here they come

22:40:34 Moe exits from this room

22:40:44 lynL enters this room

22:40:47 [Patricia] Chandler–I am hoping to stay in the thriller line and go a bit more mainstream–more marketable

22:40:52 [KimCox] weird, never had this problem with this room

22:40:57 [Patricia] shhh, Trace

22:41:05 [ChandlerM] Ahhh. Now you’re in my ballpark.

22:41:17 [Patricia] Thanks, Chandler

22:41:26 [ChandlerM] Any supernatural?

22:41:29 [Glenda] new book…Terror in the Chat.

22:41:32 [Patricia] My next project is called Love You to Pieces

22:41:40 [Patricia] LOL Glrnda

22:41:53 Moe enters this room

22:42:11 [KimCox] Introduction:

22:42:12 [Glenda] Chatroom of the Damned

22:42:17 [Patricia] I don’t know, Chandler–I’ve never done paranormals before, but that doesn’t mean if the mood doesn’t strike I won’t–but at this point it’s not in the plans

22:42:17 [KimCox] Patricia A. Rasey is a three-time recipient of the Word Weaving Award for Literary Excellence and has also received an Honorable Mention in the prestigious Dorothy Parker Award of Excellence 2000.

22:42:31 [Patricia] Thanks, Kim

22:42:44 Moe exits from this room

22:42:47 [KimCox] Kiss of Deceit received a nomination for this award as well. She is a two-time EPPIE finalist and was a 2001 nominee for Romantic Times Magazine’s Best Electronic Book. Additionally, Twilight Obsessions, a hair-raising trilogy of dark suspense by authors Charlotte Boyett-Compo

22:43:07 [KimCox] (“Taken By The Wind”), Kate Hill (“Love On The Wild Side”), and Patricia A. Rasey (“Fear The Dark”), were nominated for the 2000 PEARL, the Paranormal Excellence Award in Romantic Literature, in the Best Anthology category. Her short story, In the Mind of Darkness won the P&E 2002 Horror short stor

22:43:28 [KimCox] Her short story, In the Mind of Darkness won the P&E 2002 Horror short story category.

22:43:28 [RebelYell4] Hehehehe….Twqilight Obsessions is “history” :)

22:43:59 [ChandlerM] Very impressive Pat. Congratulations.

22:44:06 [Patricia] But Fear the Dark–my story in it is now available on it’s own through Amber Quill

22:44:13 [Patricia] Thanks, Chandler

22:44:19 OCH! enters this room

22:44:21 [KimCox] Visit Ms. Rasey’s website at:

22:44:37 [Patricia] or will get you there as well

22:44:48 Melissa enters this room

22:44:50 [KimCox] I thought so

22:45:15 [Patricia] Okay–I’m feeling really bad for those over in room 1 and 2 :(

22:45:28 [Patricia] Hi, Melissa–you made it!

22:45:36 [ChandlerM] ?Pat do you outline or are you an ‘organic writer’?

22:45:38 Moe enters this room

22:45:57 [Moe] Don’t feel bad. No ones there.

22:46:21 [Patricia] if you mean organic by just growing the story from seed and running with it–yep, that’s pretty much how I write. I do a brief outline in my head–but nothing real elaborate

22:46:36 [Patricia] Oh, okay, Mo–thanks

22:46:43 [Moe] I’ve been to both and no one’s responded. I’ve left directions to come here.

22:46:54 [Patricia] Thanks

22:47:15 [ChandlerM] I’m always glad to hear that. I’ve heard so much baloney from those who should know better about how you can’t write a novel without an outline.

22:47:43 Terry enters this room

22:47:56 [Moe] Hello and welcome! We’re talking to Patricia Rasey. We’ll be using protocol, so please type “?” to ask a question, “!” to make a comment, and “GA” for go ahead to signify you’re done speaking. WE WILL CALL ON YOU IN TURN.

22:48:01 [KimCox] yahoo?

22:48:03 [Patricia] Oh, I’ve been told that as well, Chandler–but I have written 8 novels that way–and they all seem to come together in the end

22:48:07 [Terry] duh!! LOL

22:48:08 [Moe] Feel free to use emoticons (the codes will pop up in another screen if you click on the ? in the lower left corner) but please leave text colour for our Author, Moderator and myself.

22:48:08 [Glenda] hi Terry

22:48:13 [Patricia] Terry made it

22:48:23 [ChandlerM] Amazing how that happens, isn’t it?

22:48:34 Barbara exits from this room

22:48:41 [Terry] lol….thanks for the email….it wouldn’t work when I typed it in

22:48:52 [RebelYell4] ?

22:48:53 [Patricia] Yes, it is–I would call that God given–because sometimes I don’t understand myself how it just all comes together

22:49:07 [Patricia] Glad you made it

22:49:17 [ChandlerM] Endings seem to be the hardest. They just suddenly ARE.

22:49:19 [Patricia] Yes, Trace

22:49:32 [Patricia] Right, Chandler–you are right

22:49:41 Melissa enters this room

22:49:51 [Patricia] Hi, Melissa!!

22:49:59 [RebelYell4] Howmuch research did you have to do on your historical romances, and did you outline those because of the historical aspect?

22:50:07 [ChandlerM] Because of that I often wonder if I didn’t rush them. But apparently not. Do you feel that, too?

22:50:30 TerryH enters this room

22:50:47 [TerryH] *stumbling in*….sorry LOL

22:51:00 [TerryH] promise I’ll stay this time

22:51:13 [Moe] Hello and welcome! We’re talking to Patricia Rasey. We’ll be using protocol, so please type “?” to ask a question, “!” to make a comment, and “GA” for go ahead to signify you’re done speaking. WE WILL CALL ON YOU IN TURN.

22:51:26 [Patricia] Okay–you caught me. I did exactly what I had to know to write the historicals. You’d probably fall over and say no–that’s not right. LOL But seriously–I researched the time era and the area–but I didn’t get real heavy into the research–that’s why I switched to suspense-0-I suddenly love the re

22:52:09 [Glenda] Moe and Kim deserve a drink. :)

22:52:18 [Patricia] Usually my endings seem just right, Chandler–but there is one book I wish I would have improved on–but now that one seems the one most want a sequel from

22:52:27 [Patricia] Cheers, guys!

22:52:31 [Moe] (I could use one, Glenda)

22:52:47 [Moe] I think we lost Kim

22:52:48 [ChandlerM] “–but now that one seems the one most want a sequel from” LOL

22:53:07 [Patricia] Oh–and trace–it cut my answer off–I meant I do loads of research for the thrillers

22:53:25 [KimCox] Kim’s here!

22:53:30 [Patricia] Yeah–imagine that, Chandler–the one ending I thought shaky

22:53:33 [RebelYell4] That is true, especially with the vamp stuff

22:54:00 [Patricia] yes, Trace–probably more than I should have. LOL

22:54:21 [RebelYell4] But you had fun nevertheless

22:54:30 [Patricia] Any other questions?

22:54:48 [RebelYell4] ?

22:54:49 [Patricia] Yes, Trace–I did. I love the vampire books and they did sell well

22:54:57 [Patricia] Go ahead, Trace

22:55:12 [RebelYell4] Too bad they ain’t at the right publisher, but that’s another story :)

22:55:34 [Patricia] :kill:

22:55:43 [Glenda] If you could pick the brains of any author, living or dead…whom would it be and why?

22:55:50 [Patricia] Cute icon. ROFLMBO

22:55:51 [RebelYell4] Would you ever continue your historical series?

22:55:55 [KimCox] :D

22:56:01 [Patricia] Stephen King by far

22:56:14 Melissa enters this room

22:56:30 [Patricia] I love his writing–I think he is very unique and where in the world does he come up withthem ideas? LOL

22:57:00 [Patricia] Trace–I am ending Lawfully Yours with the book Eternally Yours–no, there won’t be a third book

22:57:00 [Glenda] I love King!

22:57:18 [Patricia] Thanks, Glenda–he is awesome and deserves to be King. LOL

22:57:25 [RebelYell4] Then what am I to do with all those pictures??? Hehehe

22:57:36 [Patricia] Are you having problems chatting or staying in Melissa?

22:57:58 [Patricia] Ummm…save the bustle one for Dragonlord–the french pirate story

22:58:14 [RebelYell4] OK…Eddie will be thrilled

22:58:30 [Patricia] He’ll be on 4 romance covers

22:58:45 [RebelYell4] ! I think you should combine your book subjects and do a biker vampire one

22:58:52 [Patricia] Any other questions–I’m all ears

22:59:10 [Patricia] LOL Trace–Bad enough I did a nija vampire

22:59:17 [Patricia] ninja

22:59:19 [Glenda] ?

22:59:21 [TerryH] I think a biker vampire story would do well *w*

22:59:30 [RebelYell4] Hell’s Vamps

22:59:35 [Patricia] Probaly, Terry

22:59:43 [Patricia] LOL Trace

22:59:51 [Patricia] Okay, Gleda

22:59:57 [Glenda] Is there any sort of book you’d just love to write but haven’t?

23:00:08 [Patricia] Glenda–I keep missing letters LOL

23:01:27 [Patricia] Oh geeze, I just answered that on my interview page and can’t remember what I said. LOL I’m not sure–I think Love You to Pieces–it’s been in my head for awhile now and I am leery to write it as it does promise to be a bit mt graphic–and dark. But will see how it goes

23:01:54 [Patricia] that was suppose to be more graphic

23:02:07 [RebelYell4] ?

23:02:10 EJ exits from this room

23:02:14 [Glenda] dark and graphic. Two of my favorite things!

23:02:25 [Patricia] Thanks, Glenda

23:02:57 [Patricia] I think we lost Kim again and we keep losing people. :(Do we want to give away books before we lose too many. LOL

23:03:09 [Patricia] Ooops–there’s Kim

23:03:17 [ChandlerM] No. Wait till everyone else is gone……

23:03:30 [RebelYell4] “Graphic” in terms of what you did to your victims in Facade? That type of stuff?

23:03:32 [KimCox] Me?

23:03:33 [Glenda] lol

23:03:38 [RebelYell4] Chandler….hahahaha

23:03:39 [TerryH] LOL

23:03:49 [Patricia] LOL Chandler–but we are giving away my historical romance. Maybe we could give the winner their choice of books

23:04:07 [Patricia] Yeah–thought I lost ya, Kim

23:04:25 [KimCox] No here

23:04:25 [Patricia] Yes, Trace–graphic in the way Facade was–dark

23:04:39 [KimCox] Ready to draw a name

23:04:48 [RebelYell4] Good, cause when you get creepy, that’s your finest stuff, in my opinon

23:04:58 [RebelYell4] opnon

23:05:03 [RebelYell4] oops

23:05:11 [Patricia] Thanks, Trace–and I do intend it to be creepy. LOL

23:05:12 [Glenda] hehe

23:05:15 [RebelYell4] Disqualify me, please

23:05:28 [TerryH] I like her best from the antagonist POV

23:05:50 [Patricia] LOL Terry–that’s the scary part–my favorite POV

23:05:52 [Glenda] for seplling errors, Rebel?

23:05:59 [RebelYell4] Same here….she can be sooooo nasty when she gets into their heads

23:06:17 [Patricia] The guy in Love You to Piecse promises to be VERY creepy

23:06:29 [RebelYell4] No, since I edit most of her books, I have them already :)

23:06:49 [Glenda] cool!

23:06:50 [TerryH] I’m passing your books out here…getting new fans for ya

23:06:57 [Patricia] After all–he get’s into cutting people up–vacuum packing body parts and mailing them to the families of the victimes. He’s not right

23:07:11 [Patricia] Thanks, Terry–I appreciate that big time!!

23:07:19 [TerryH] eewww!!! OMG

23:07:19 [RebelYell4] Ya think???? Hahaha

23:07:35 [KimCox] working on it, but I’m slow

23:07:41 [Patricia] And then there is his fetish……

23:07:48 Moe exits from this room

23:08:00 [Patricia] oops–lost Mo

23:08:25 [RebelYell4] Your suspense books to me come off like a cross between a King novel and the show CSI :)

23:08:45 [Patricia] LOL thanks, Trace–I appreciate that

23:08:51 [RebelYell4] Forensics with Sickos

23:09:09 [KimCox] drum roll please

23:09:11 [Patricia] My historical romances have been getting good reviews–but I am very partial to the thriller genre when writing

23:09:19 [Patricia] LOL Trace

23:09:24 [RebelYell4] Not sure what that says about your personally, but there you have it!!!

23:09:30 [Patricia] drum rolllllllllll

23:09:39 [Glenda] rat-a-tat-tat

23:09:45 [Patricia] 8)

23:09:47 [KimCox] thanks Glenda

23:09:52 [KimCox] And the winner is ….

23:09:54 [RebelYell4] You could do serial killers of the old west :)

23:09:56 [KimCox] TerryH

23:10:06 [TerryH] YEAS!!!

23:10:07 [Glenda] congratulations!!!!

23:10:09 [RebelYell4] Who also just happen to be vamps on bicycles :)

23:10:10 [TerryH] OMG

23:10:12 [Patricia] LOL I’ll think about it…okay, I did–no

23:10:22 [ChandlerM] Congrats!

23:10:27 [Patricia] Cool–congrats, Terry!!

23:10:29 [KimCox] Congrats, TerryH!

23:10:33 [TerryH] thank you, thank you! I can’t believe I got so lucky!

23:10:53 [Glenda] Vampire Hawgs?

23:10:55 [Patricia] She gets the paperback–we will be drawing for two more–they get downloads, right?

23:10:55 KarenT exits from this room

23:11:12 [Patricia] LOL Glenda

23:11:12 [KimCox] Pat give your e-mail addy for the winner to send their info too

23:11:20 [TerryH] Thanks Pat!

23:11:21 [KimCox] two more

23:11:23 [KimCox] okay

23:12:02 [TerryH] can’t see the white text

23:12:29 [KimCox] next winner Karen T

23:12:30 [Patricia] LOL You know my email addy, Terry I’ll email you

23:12:39 [KimCox] ah, she just left

23:12:41 [Moe] parasey @earthlink . net

23:12:48 [Moe] with no spaces.

23:12:50 [Glenda] Congrats to Karen!

23:12:50 [Patricia] Karen left the room. :(

23:12:55 [KimCox] she can still get it though

23:12:56 [TerryH] *BS* I’ll be looking forward to receiving it…and keeping it with the others

23:12:59 [Glenda] Anyone know her addy?

23:13:04 [KimCox] I have her addy somewhere

23:13:16 [Patricia] No–I don’t :(

23:13:20 [RebelYell4] Yes, I have Karen Troxel’s email address

23:13:29 [Patricia] If you have it–please send her my addy, Kim

23:13:32 [KimCox] and the third winner: ChandlerM

23:13:45 [KimCox] Trace has it, Pat

23:13:48 [Glenda] Yes Chandler. Go Go GO!

23:13:51 [Patricia] Okay–trace–you send her my addy and tell her she won

23:13:58 [KimCox] Congrats to Karen and Chandler

23:14:01 [Patricia] Gongrats, Chadler!

23:14:23 [Patricia] Send me your email addres, Chandler–and which book you want and what format

23:14:28 [RebelYell4] kwriter @

23:14:30 [Glenda] I’m looking forward to reading your books Patricia.

23:14:38 [RebelYell4] no spaces, of course

23:14:47 [Glenda] Thanks for the chat. Thanks to WordMuseum!!

23:15:01 [KimCox] Thank you all for coming.

23:15:06 [TerryH] this was great to be here with all of you

23:15:06 [Glenda] Got to run. Goodnight all.

23:15:12 [KimCox] Thank you, Pat!

23:15:15 [RebelYell4] Is it over all ready?

23:15:16 [Moe] Thanks to everyone for coming and your patience witht the chat room.

23:15:17 [KimCox] night Glenda

23:15:21 [Moe] Thanks Patricia

23:15:27 [Patricia] Thanks, guys! I had fun and congrats to the winners

23:15:31 [KimCox] really, we don’t usually have this trouble

23:15:43 [Patricia] Does anyone have Chandlers addy?

23:15:47 [Patricia] Chandler?

23:15:59 [Moe] You just happen to find the one old link on the site. :)

23:16:02 [Patricia] LOL It’s got to be me, Kim–it follows me

23:16:41 [Moe] Pat- if you click on the little person beside chanlders name it will come up in a separate box

23:17:15 [Patricia] I tried that but it just came up on my screen

23:17:20 [KimCox] I don’t

23:17:26 [KimCox] he’s still showing here

23:17:37 [Moe]

23:17:50 [Patricia] I know but he went silent–wonder if he froze

23:18:00 [Patricia] thanks, Mo–I’ll email him!

23:18:02 [KimCox] I see to always miss a link when I change them too

23:18:05 [KimCox] so my fault

23:18:29 [Patricia] Well–thanks, guys–it’s been fun!

23:18:37 RebelYell4 exits from this room

23:18:41 [TerryH] night Pat! *hugs*

23:18:43 [KimCox] thank you, Pat

23:18:48 [KimCox] it was a joy as always having you

23:18:52 [Patricia] I have to go–I have to get up in the morning to take my son to get his wisdom teeth cut out. Ouch

23:18:55 [Moe] Thanks Patricia. Night

23:19:00 [Patricia] Thnaks, Kim

23:19:00 [TerryH] ouch

23:19:01 [KimCox] goodnight all

23:19:08 [TerryH] bye

23:19:14 [Patricia] LOL Terry–and I’ll email you about your biook

23:19:15 [Rebecca] I enjoyed the chat.

23:19:16 [KimCox] night , Terry