The New Word Museum

Dearest Readers,

When my daughter started to express an interest in web design, we started talking about my first website I ran and how Word Museum had grown. There came a time when life was just too busy and hectic to keep the sites going and I handed them over to another person to manage. When I realized she was not using the domain name, I requested that she sale the Word Museum domain back to us, so that me and my daughter could re-open this site.

Word Museum first started in 1997. During that time, we had numerous chats, reviews, contests, articles and ways for readers and writers to connect. Our goal has always been and will continue to be to bring readers and writers together. We’ve posted a handful of the articles, chat logs and research topics that originally appeared on the site. They will show up every day for the next two months.

We’re also planning a chat event that will be a reunion type chat. It’s going to be so much fun and we’ll be doing a ton of reminiscing. If you used to hang out over at Writer’s Club on AOL, then you’ll want to be here for this chat. The dates will be announced soon. I’m excited about building WM back up to what it once was and hopefully adding some fresh ideas from my daughter. I’ve missed everyone and hope we can all reconnect.



We’re Almost Back…

Word Museum is being revamped and will go live soon. It is back under original ownership and will be ran by Lori and her daughter. Word Museum was originally started in 1997. We’ll be bringing back a lot of the old material in our archives, but you’ll also find brand new material, author interviews, chats and oh-so-much-more.

While you’re waiting, read about Amelia, our first museum coordinator.

See you soon!