Coffee with Authors: Marilyn Meredith

Listen in to Coffee with Authors radio show. In this episode, author Marilyn Meredith (also writing as F.M. Meredith) is featured.

The concept of the show is a nice little chat with authors in my kitchen. So, you’re all invited. Grab a cup of coffee or tea, some pastries and pull up a chair to listen to these two amazing authors.

Unfortunately, we both had technical issues this day. I think something was going on with the system. We couldn’t hear one another and the show was live. I was pretty rattled by the time we got going, so then I was tongue-tied. I’m sure you’ll all get a laugh out of that. Marilyn was smooth under pressure and gracious as always so you’ll love to hear about her life and her books. However, I can make your listening experience a little better. Start at 1:01 on the show to skip past the technical problems.

CWA – Show #2 – Marilyn Meredith

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