Karen Kingbury’s Redemption Series

So, here at Word Museum, we no longer take in books for review. It was just too much at a point as far as keeping up with submissions, finding people willing to review the books and so on. However, we are always open to a guest blogging about a great book (not your own or your best friend’s, please, but one you just truly enjoyed reading and perhaps don’t even know the author). Such is the case with the Karen Kingsbury books.

Recommended by Cheer Moms Everywhere

I had never heard of Karen Kingsbury, but some of the moms at my daughter’s cheerleading mentioned that they loved her Redemption series and that these books were set in Bloomington, Indiana. Bloomington… Home to Indiana University, rolling hills and about an hour and a half from where I live in southern Indiana. Needless to say, I was intrigued. I ordered Redemption, the first book in the series, on my Kindle reader and put off starting it.

Why I Sometimes Hate to Read Fiction

When you are a writer, it is hard to read books. On top of that, I am also an editor by profession. I see every error, every passive bit of writing and every plot point gone wrong. Yes, I likely make just as many mistakes in my books, because no one is perfect, but there are a lot of books published that I wish I’d never set eyes on. I put off reading the Kingsbury series, because I knew my cheer mom friends were going to ask what I thought and I hate to lie.

Over Thanksgiving, we headed to Alabama to visit some close friends. I went ahead and started the book. I couldn’t put it down! I know a lot of reviewers say that about books. However, when I can’t put a book down, it must be particularly compelling because of the reasons I mentioned above.

I read it from first page to last and was left wishing it hadn’t ended. Which, of course it hadn’t, because there is a second through fifth book in the series.

A Few Plot Details Without Spoilers

The story is about some pretty hefty topics and the books are Christian. The characters deal with everything from choosing to have an extramarital affair to dealing with the cheating spouse and whether that person should be forgiven to murder to lust to… on and on it goes. The plot was interwoven where you could see the spin-offs that would come from the other characters, mainly brothers and sisters from the same family, the Baxters. By book five, I was so in love with the characters that I actually sobbed as I read the end of the book. I don’t mean that a few tears trailed down my face, which is unusual these days anyway. I’m a pretty tough cookie anymore. I mean I curled up in a ball and breathed out those gut-wrenching, soul-wracking, loud sobs that I rarely, RARELY let out of my inmost being.

My only complaint is that one plot point was pretty predictable. You knew it was coming. You almost wanted this thing to happen. However, a little more suspense might have been nice. Still, all in all, I loved the book and the series so much that it didn’t matter. I wanted this horrible thing to happen anyway. Does that make me a bad person? Nah. They are fictional characters after all.

If you’re looking for a good, clean read, then Redemption by Kingsbury is an excellent choice.

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