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ls twitter chatThe other day I was feeling extremely nostalgic for the old AOL chats. Remember when the Internet was still fairly new and we would all gather in a chat room and talk about books, writing, and our lives? I hosted a chat on AOL back then and some of the attendees to those chats are still some of my dearest friends.

It really made me think, though, about how the Internet has changed in the last 20 or so years and how those of us who were originally in those core chats don’t have a place to gather. After looking at various platforms, meeting rooms I could add to my site, etc., I’ve come to the conclusion that Twitter is an excellent place to gather everyone together and have quick, to the point, sessions.

Instead of a set time for these chats, we’re going to have topics. The Twitter Handle for the chat is #LoriSoardChat

All you have to do is login to Twitter, see what topic is trending under #LoriSoardChat (it will change regularly) and add some thoughts of your own to that topic. Just be sure you end with #LoriSoardChat so we can all find the tweets and keep up with questions and discussions.

I started with something easy. What is your favorite book? Share a line from that book if you’d like. I got the conversation rolling, now it’s your turn to join in.

We’ll also talk about writing, have open question periods, and talk about reading and the book industry. I will even have guest hosts from time to time. Come on over to Twitter and join me. @LoriSoard

Lori Soard started Word Museum in 1997. She’s a published author and has written thousands of articles over the years for newspapers, magazines and online. She has a PhD in Journalism and lives in Southern Indiana with her husband. They have two grown daughters, both animal lovers their house is always filled with pets.

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