Chat Log: Bill T. Pottle

October 22nd, 2004 Chat with Bill T. Pottle

22:12:29 [Jacqueline] Hi and welcome. We’re chatting with author Bill Pottle tonight. To enter your name, please type it in the upper left hand name box and then type “enter”. We’ll be using protocol so please type “?” to ask a question and “!” to make a comment and “ga” to signify “go ahead” when you’re finished

22:13:26 [Jacqueline] Glenda, I think we’re all readers.

22:13:40 [Chris] i’m gonna read it for one of my projects in school

22:13:44 [Glenda] Well, you know what I mean. snicker

22:13:48 [Aznboi1592] duh

22:14:04 [Glenda] Hey, I finally got a Ebookman!

22:14:17 [AuthorBill] Does it work well?

22:14:20 [Jacqueline] Before we begin, I need DQFan to go to black.

22:14:32 [AuthorBill] I can’t wait for pages with changable type

22:14:39 [Jacqueline] Cool, Glenda, I love mine

22:14:42 [Aznboi1592] i am on black

22:15:04 [Glenda] Haven’t done the set up yet.

22:15:17 [Jacqueline] Everyone please give Bill, our special guest, a warm welcome before the grilling

22:15:29 [Glenda] Is it difficult to set it up?

22:16:25 [Glenda] Welcome Bill!!

22:16:30 [Jacqueline] Welcome, Bill!

22:16:33 [Chris] HI BILL!!!

22:16:40 [AuthorBill] Thanks!

22:16:46 [Lainie] Hi Bill!

22:16:59 [BettyD] welcome Bill

22:17:01 [AuthorBill] Hi

22:17:14 [Lainie] Welcome Sarah

22:17:16 [Sarah] K everyone i was Dqfan be4 but i have to come say sry and that bill is actually really cool

22:17:24 [Jacqueline] Bill Pottle was born and grew up in Denver, Colorado. While living in Colorado, he enjoyed spending time camping and hiking in the Rocky Mountains, and eventually received his Eagle Scout. Climbing above the clouds provided the inspiration for the character of Tivu in the Lands of Daranor series.

22:17:31 [Jacqueline] He began work on his first novel, DreamQuest, in sixth grade, and worked on it sporadically until its publication 12 years later.

22:17:51 [Chris] dang

22:17:53 [Jacqueline] He attended Cornell University where he received his bachelors and masters degrees in Biological and Environmental Engineering. His research focused on developing sensors to detect trace amounts of biological pathogens.

22:18:00 [Chris] I was like 7 or somethin

22:18:24 [Jacqueline] He also served as the captain and MVP of the Cornell University Taekwondo Team, which he helped to win five consecutive league championships. In 2002 he also served as the captain of the Ivy/Northeast Collegiate Taekwondo All Star Team. In April 2002, he earned his forth degree black belt.

22:18:53 [Chris] I heard Charles the illustrator does TKD also

22:18:56 [Jacqueline] The influence of Taekwondo and other martial arts can be seen in some of the action sequences in his work. He currently works for the Gene Therapy Program of the University of Pennsylvania where he makes adenovirus as a method of gene transfer and also as a method of producing vaccines against comm

22:18:58 [Chris] Can you beat him Bill?

22:19:04 [Jacqueline] disease agents.

22:19:12 [AuthorBill] Chris is the brother of Charles DeGuzman

22:19:13 [Glenda] wow

22:19:18 [Sarah] and now hes a gene theripist and he takes care of viruses all day

22:19:26 [Chris] Tch

22:19:33 [Jacqueline] He has traveled extensively, including visiting every continent except Antarctica and every communist country except North Korea. A large portion of these travels were during the

22:19:34 [Chris] You ruined the fun bill

22:19:39 [Jacqueline] Semester at Sea program, and a non-fiction book about the journey should be published by the end of 2003.

22:19:41 [Chris] Thanks a lot

22:19:49 [Sarah] who the heck is Charles DeGuzman??

22:19:55 [AuthorBill] Charles is my friend who I also met in Sixth grade who did the cover art and the flash animations at

22:19:58 [Jacqueline] Visit Bill Pottle website at:

22:20:02 [Lainie] Please remember to type ? to get in the queu to ask questions or ! to get in the queu to make a comment

22:20:09 [Lainie] we’ll call on everyone in turn

22:20:15 [Sarah] o ya u told us that at school

22:20:53 [Jacqueline] Very impressive, Bill! Tell us about Dreamquest

22:21:17 [AuthorBill] Alright, well, DreamQuest is a coming of age fantasy epic

22:21:24 [Lainie] Hi and welcome. We’re chatting with author Bill Pottle tonight. To enter your name, please type it in the upper left hand name box and then type “enter”. We’ll be using protocol so please type “?” to ask a question and “!” to make a comment and “ga” to signify “go ahead” when you’re finished

22:21:26 [Chris] Yea Bill I wanna here about the sword!

22:21:29 [Jacqueline] Hi and welcome. We’re chatting with author Bill Pottle tonight. To enter your name, please type it in the upper left hand name box and then type “enter”. We’ll be using protocol so please type “?” to ask a question and “!” to make a comment and “ga” to signify “go ahead” when you’re finished

22:21:41 [Jacqueline] oops

22:21:55 [AuthorBill] I tried to incorporate many different themes, so that there would be something for everyone

22:22:31 [AuthorBill] There’s a little romance, adventure, military stragety, fantasy, magic, martial arts, and religion

22:22:43 [AuthorBill] and there is a really cool sword

22:22:55 [AuthorBill] there are three, actually

22:23:05 [AuthorBill] but everyone’s favorite is the Light Sword

22:23:17 [AuthorBill] You can see this sword clearly on the cover image

22:24:10 [AuthorBill] which you can find on the following page

22:24:11 [AuthorBill]

22:24:27 [Chris] The guy with the cape holding it?

22:24:54 [AuthorBill] Yep, Derlin (red cloak) is the one who has it

22:25:22 [AuthorBill] it’s special because when it encounters enemy an enemy blade or armor, it turns to light and passes right through

22:25:35 [AuthorBill] on the other side it immediately turns hard again

22:26:04 [AuthorBill] it can completely slice through someone wearing armor and the armor won’t even have a scratch on it

22:26:45 [Chris] Can it slice through superman?

22:27:08 [Jacqueline] Hi and welcome. We’re chatting with author Bill Pottle tonight. To enter your name, please type it in the upper left hand name box and then type “enter”. We’ll be using protocol so please type “?” to ask a question and “!” to make a comment and “ga” to signify “go ahead” when you’re finished

22:27:12 [AuthorBill] obviously

22:27:46 [AuthorBill] does anyone have any other questions about the book?

22:28:13 [Glenda] ?

22:28:47 [Jacqueline] ga, Glenda

22:28:51 [Glenda] Is this your first fiction book?

22:28:59 [Lainie] ga Glenda

22:29:09 [AuthorBill] Yes.

22:29:26 [AuthorBill] Since I did start in sixth grade, I didn’t have too much time before that.

22:29:29 [Jacqueline] ?

22:29:55 [AuthorBill] but I am already about 30% finished with the sequel ProphecyQuest so far

22:30:39 [Lainie] ga Jacqueline

22:30:46 [AuthorBill] ga jacqueline

22:31:16 [Jacqueline] How long did it take you to write the book?

22:31:19 [Jacqueline] ga

22:31:39 [AuthorBill] haha…. well, it was just published in March

22:31:54 [AuthorBill] so that makes 13 years, but who’s counting?

22:32:03 [corbett744] How long until you expect to be finished with Prophecy Quest?

22:32:44 [AuthorBill] well, I”m hoping to finish it within about 1 year to 1 year and a half

22:32:45 [Jacqueline] Thanks, Bill. Here I though you were going to say two years and you were only in the eighth grade.

22:32:53 [Sarah] ?

22:33:12 [AuthorBill] I talked with a about 2000 kids last week so I’m getting excited and working a lot now

22:33:23 [AuthorBill] if only I didn’t have to do my regular job

22:33:31 [Lainie] ga Sarah

22:33:45 [Lainie] (remember when you’re done speaking, to type “ga”)

22:33:49 [Sarah] Who are the guard??

22:34:00 [Sarah] ga

22:34:18 [AuthorBill] the Guard are the top bodygurads in Daranor

22:34:20 [Glenda] ?

22:34:37 [AuthorBill] there are only ten of them and five are always within striking distance of the King

22:34:56 [AuthorBill] The other five are sent off on special missions, like scouting missions

22:35:12 [Chris] ?

22:35:27 [AuthorBill] their training is really intense. Not only do they have to have amazing physical prowess, but their mental capacaties have to be extremely sharp

22:35:39 [AuthorBill] they have to memorize things like every building in Daranor

22:35:49 [AuthorBill] (there aren’t TOO many, though)

22:35:51 [AuthorBill] ga glenda

22:36:00 [Lainie] ga glenda

22:36:06 [Glenda] I adore medical thrillers. With your biology background, would you like to write a medical thriller someday?

22:36:36 [AuthorBill] I have been thinking about this a lot, actually

22:36:49 [AuthorBill] I have a lot of ideas

22:37:14 [AuthorBill] for instance, nesting virulent viruses like AIDS inside of a virus like the common cold virus

22:38:13 [AuthorBill] nesting unexpressed toxin proteins inside common carrier molecules that could be

22:38:36 [AuthorBill] released by a common trigger molecule, even an antibiotic like tetracycline

22:38:53 [AuthorBill] however, I am a bit hesitant to put some of these ideas down on paper in the detail that I know them

22:39:23 [AuthorBill] it’s not like no one has ever thought of them before, but I wouldn’t want to put any ideas out there that could be used by terrorists

22:39:38 [Glenda] true

22:40:03 [Lainie] (sounds awesome Bill! I hope you write these books! well maybe don’t give the instructions – remember The Stand and Virus – no specifics of how to make them) ga chris

22:40:39 [Chris] Uhhhhh

22:40:44 [Chris] O yra

22:40:56 [Chris] Do any of those guards have like special abilities?

22:40:58 [AuthorBill] sorry- true no instructions- but I think that’s what would make my stories good- the detail that the plot could be crafted in

22:41:02 [Chris] say like

22:41:14 [AuthorBill] although it might be hard for non-techincal people to understand

22:41:23 [AuthorBill] well, none of them have things like magic

22:41:33 [AuthorBill] although, they each have their own special weapon

22:41:59 [AuthorBill] Garseon has a blowgun with many darts that each cause a different effect

22:42:24 [AuthorBill] Latson (DQ2) has a steel broadsword that’s tipped with diamonds

22:42:35 [AuthorBill] it is sharper then everything except the Light Swrod

22:42:43 [AuthorBill] ga

22:43:51 [Glenda] ?

22:43:59 [AuthorBill] ga glenda

22:44:06 [Glenda] What time period is your book set in?

22:44:29 [AuthorBill] well, it’s a mythical world, so it’s not relevant to our calendar

22:44:37 [AuthorBill] however, the technology is mideival

22:44:48 [AuthorBill] they have cannons, but no personal firearms

22:47:19 [AuthorBill] ga

22:48:16 [AuthorBill] has everyone visited

22:48:31 [Jacqueline] Bill, who do you like to read?

22:48:34 [Glenda] not yet but will.

22:48:47 [AuthorBill] and seen the “High bandwidth’ intro?

22:49:07 [AuthorBill] Lately, I really like J.K. Rowling and Dan Brown

22:49:18 [AuthorBill] Like a lot of people, now a days!

22:49:30 [AuthorBill] I picked up the first Artemis Fowl recently and loved it too

22:49:43 [AuthorBill] I like how COlfer incorporates technology

22:50:19 [AuthorBill] I have also found some good iUniverse authors

22:50:37 [AuthorBill] Victoria Randall (The Ring of the Dark Elves) and Wil Radcliffe (Noggle Stones)

22:50:50 [AuthorBill] now I have a ?

22:51:01 [AuthorBill] does anyone here still celebrate Halloween and dress up?

22:51:11 [Jacqueline] (very cool intro!)

22:51:12 [Chris] ME!!!

22:51:17 [Lainie] yes

22:51:20 [AuthorBill] thanks!

22:51:30 [AuthorBill] Charles made the flash

22:51:33 [AuthorBill] anyone else?

22:51:35 [Glenda] sometimes go to costume parties

22:51:44 [Chris] good stuff man!

22:52:11 [Jacqueline] Do you Bill?

22:52:30 [AuthorBill] I was just asking because I’m holding a DreamQuest halloween contest

22:52:51 [Lainie] cool

22:52:59 [AuthorBill] if anyone dresses up as a character from DQ and then sends in a picture then I’m going to have a drawing for a free copy

22:53:05 [Jacqueline] And that is…

22:53:45 [Jacqueline] Sounds like a great contest

22:54:05 [AuthorBill] yeah, hopefully a lot of people will enter

22:55:05 [AuthorBill] I don’t remember, was I going to give away something at this chat too?

22:55:07 [Jacqueline] For tonight’s drawing Bill will randomly select one guest who will get to choose a name (may be modified slightly) for a character in DreamQuest2.

22:55:24 [Jacqueline] Are you ready, Bill?

22:55:37 [Glenda] I’m sorry but I have to run.

22:55:42 [Glenda] Goodnight.

22:56:00 [Jacqueline] Glenda, email me

22:56:04 [AuthorBill] oh, sad. Glenda was so close to being in the contest

22:56:22 [Jacqueline] at jacqueline@jacquelineelliott.comand I’ll give you ebookman advice

22:56:47 [Jacqueline] Are you staying for the contest, Glenda?

22:57:03 [AuthorBill] okay, how about this

22:57:33 [AuthorBill] I’m going to pick a letter

22:57:41 [AuthorBill] I’ll give one hint

22:58:10 [AuthorBill] then, the first person who guesses it will win

22:58:35 [AuthorBill] is that okay?

22:58:46 [Jacqueline] Sounds good!

22:59:19 [AuthorBill] okay…..

22:59:24 [AuthorBill] ready……?

22:59:36 [AuthorBill] here’s the rule, though

22:59:43 [AuthorBill] no looking!

22:59:54 [AuthorBill] only guessing

23:00:03 [Jacqueline] lol

23:00:12 [Chris] C!!!

23:00:52 [AuthorBill] nope

23:00:54 [AuthorBill] here’s the hing

23:00:56 [AuthorBill] hint

23:01:07 [AuthorBill] it’s the first letter in chapter 1 of DreamQuest!

23:01:10 [AuthorBill] now guess!

23:02:17 [AuthorBill] you can guess as many times as you want!

23:02:59 [AuthorBill] no one wants to guess…..

23:03:04 [Chris] F!!!

23:03:11 [AuthorBill] I could do it but I get to name ALL the characters!

23:03:16 [Jacqueline] I can’t, I’m wm staff

23:03:18 [AuthorBill] keep guessing

23:03:49 [Jacqueline] Corbett and Sarah? are you still here?

23:03:54 [Sarah02] a

23:04:19 [AuthorBill] welll, it’s capital A, but that’s close enough!

23:04:39 [AuthorBill] I guess Sarah is the winner then

23:05:22 [Jacqueline] Yayyyy, Sarah! Congratulations!

23:05:41 [Sarah02] YES!!!!!!!

23:06:06 [Jacqueline] I would have said C for Chapter

23:06:34 [Lainie] Yeah Sarah!

23:07:05 [Jacqueline] Bill, do you want Sarah to email you?

23:07:15 [AuthorBill] close, Jacqueline

23:07:29 [AuthorBill] I’m not worried. I’m sure she will IM me at least 100 times

23:07:33 [Jacqueline] Well it is the first word…technically

23:07:33 [AuthorBill] before tomorrow

23:07:49 [AuthorBill]

23:07:54 [Sarah02] hehe i will not thats mean

23:08:09 [AuthorBill] sorry- 50 times.

23:08:10 [Jacqueline] Thanks for being our guest, Bill! You’re fascinating

23:08:27 [AuthorBill] thanks for having me

23:08:34 [Jacqueline] And thanks for everyone joining us.

23:08:38 [Lainie] If anyone would like to be on our chat mailing list, please email me with your email address at and I will add you to our list.

23:08:41 [AuthorBill] I hope the chat was helpful

23:08:41 [Sarah02] yes he is very fascinating

23:08:42 [Chris] BYE BILL!!!

23:08:47 [Jacqueline] You’ll have to come back sometime

23:08:57 [Lainie] Yes, thank you Bill and everyone! I hope you write those books – I love those type


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