Chat Log: Cheryl St. John

August 27th, 2004 Chat with Cheryl St. John

21:44:11 [Jacqueline] Hi Cheryl! You’re early. :)

21:44:37 [CherylStJ] I had to figure out the Internet Explorer thing

21:44:46 [CherylStJ] Had never done it before

21:45:04 [CherylStJ] going for a drink

21:45:19 [lilsis] Hi, me neither

21:46:18 [lilsis] Am looking forward to the next book!

21:47:59 [lilsis] Are you having a book signing soon?

21:48:01 [CherylStJ] I’m back

21:48:22 [CherylStJ] I had one in Des Moines a couple weeks ago

21:48:51 [CherylStJ] and I’ll be doing one in Orange County in a couple of weeks

21:49:03 [lilsis] NO!!! I was in Des Moines a couple of weeks ago!

21:49:10 [CherylStJ] and then at RT in Kansas City in October

21:49:24 [CherylStJ] You were????

21:49:39 [lilsis] Just like passing you in the hospital several years ago when our mothers were both there.

21:50:08 [CherylStJ] on the 16th I was at Valley West Mall Waldenbooks

21:51:03 [CherylStJ] What’s your name, lilsis?

21:51:24 [lilsis] I stayed in Des Moines when we went to Ames for the Women of Faith Conference The nights of the 14 to the 17th

21:51:32 [lilsis] Connie

21:51:45 [CherylStJ] oh my goodness

21:52:11 [CherylStJ] bet that was good

21:52:12 [lilsis] I bought your last book that weekend!

21:52:29 [lilsis] Just not at that mall

21:52:33 [CherylStJ] I did see it everywhere on vacation

21:53:03 [CherylStJ] I’ve been to the Cornerstone church in DM

21:53:13 [lilsis] Love the conference and being there with a daughter made it very special.

21:53:28 [CherylStJ] sounds great

21:53:46 [CherylStJ] Hi chat

21:53:58 [Jacqueline] Welcome Lilsis and Chat

21:54:00 [lilsis] I have another Daughter in KC perhaps we will run into each other there in Oct.

21:54:02 [CherylStJ] I’m thrown off by having to put the curser back every time

21:54:18 [CherylStJ] I’ll be there for the RT convention

21:54:41 [CherylStJ] The big signing is Oct 18th

21:54:50 [CherylStJ] Hi rom

21:54:58 [Jacqueline] Welcome, Romnvlst

21:55:32 [Jacqueline] I planned to be at RT this year, but things came up and now I’m stuck at home…again

21:55:33 [lilsis] okay….perhaps this time we will not only be ships that pass so to speak

21:55:39 [Jacqueline] Hi Lainie!

21:55:42 [CherylStJ] This is like a costume ball <g> Not sure who the nicknames are

21:56:22 [Lainie] hi!

21:56:50 [CherylStJ] Jackie, do you handle the drawings?

21:57:02 [Jacqueline] Cheryl, we’ll wait a few minutes for others to show up before we begin the chat. Can you change your font to red, so you stand out?

21:57:13 [CherylStJ] Hi *lizzie!

21:57:26 [CherylStJ] Is that red?

21:57:36 [Jacqueline] I can draw, or you can draw. It’s up to you. :)

21:57:42 [*lizzie] Hey, All

21:57:48 [Jacqueline] Hi Lizzie!

21:57:50 [Lainie] Kim will be here but she’ll be a little late

21:57:55 [CherylStJ] I’d like for you to, please

21:58:17 [Jacqueline] It’s close enough to red for you. Okay, I’ll do it.

21:58:20 [CherylStJ] Susan, what does the PO stand for> <g>

21:58:30 [Jacqueline] Welcome Susan

21:58:38 [*lizzie] trying to get to black

21:58:46 [SusanP-O] Hello to everyone! PO stands for my last name of Pippiin-Osterberg. Thank you for the welcome!

21:58:48 [Jacqueline] Ouch!

21:58:57 [CherylStJ] I’ve never been here before so it took me a while to figure it out

21:59:00 [Jacqueline] that hurt my eyes, lizzie

21:59:18 [Lainie] I can’t read the green either

21:59:19 [*lizzie] Yikes mine too

21:59:21 [SusanP-O] Mine too!

21:59:31 [CherylStJ] Sorry, I thought perhaps you were another Susan who was having trouble getting in here

21:59:34 [*lizzie] now I’m where I should be

21:59:44 [lilsis] No green please

22:00:03 [SusanP-O] I didn’t have any trouble at all.

22:00:13 [CherylStJ] and who you should be <g>

22:00:35 [CherylStJ] *lizzie has some BIG news!

22:00:55 [Jacqueline] Spill it, lizzie

22:01:01 [*lizzie] awww, Cher,

22:01:15 [CherylStJ] :p

22:01:30 [*lizzie] Anna Genoese at Tor has asked for a full manuscript!!!

22:01:45 [CherylStJ] You know I’m so excited I can hardly stand it

22:01:48 [Jacqueline] Yes!!

22:01:51 [Lainie] congrats lizzie!

22:01:55 [SusanP-O] Congratulations, Lizzie!!

22:01:58 [lilsis] Wow! Congrats!

22:02:16 [*lizzie] Thanks all! I’m rather astounded by the whole thing

22:02:23 [Jacqueline] Congratulations, lizzie :D

22:02:48 [CherylStJ] does that mean green with envy?? :)

22:02:59 [CherylStJ] how’d you do that?

22:04:00 [CherylStJ] Well, it’s a great story, and *lizzie has worked hard to get it marketable

22:04:23 [*lizzie] You’re my biggest fan right now! Thanks.

22:04:46 [CherylStJ] I saw you had a chat here a few weeks back but I coulnd’t make it

22:04:55 [CherylStJ] no problemo

22:05:28 [*lizzie] You missed a fun time!

22:05:30 [Jacqueline] Naw, just smiling for lizzie. If you click on the ? by the text box, it brings up the icons

22:05:37 [CherylStJ] Hi Teri

22:05:44 [Jacqueline] Welcome, Teri

22:05:54 [teri_chapm] Hello ladies

22:06:05 [CherylStJ] I’m afraid to click on ANYTHING for fear of getting kicked off

22:06:05 [SusanP-O] Hi Teri

22:06:18 [teri_chapm] so what have we been discussing?

22:06:33 [SusanP-O] I have those same fears when it comes to computers!

22:06:38 [CherylStJ] It’s been fun seeing my book everywhere I went this month

22:06:43 [lilsis] Good Cheryl I thought I was the only one feeling that!

22:07:01 [CherylStJ] it was even al Mall of America at a place called Book Warehouse

22:07:30 [CherylStJ] I went vacationing with a box of books and a roll of stickers

22:07:54 [CherylStJ] gave away books along the way–to waitresses and such

22:08:21 [CherylStJ] one to the girl who helped me buy a suit

22:08:41 [lilsis] I took your books with me to a mountain top in Colorado to read.

22:08:49 [CherylStJ] shameless promotion

22:08:56 [Jacqueline] Hi and welcome. We’re chatting with author Cheryl St. John tonight. To enter your name, please type it in the upper left hand name box and then type “enter”. We’ll be using protocol so please type “?” to ask a question and “!” to make a comment and “ga” to signify “go ahead” when you’re finished.

22:08:57 [CherylStJ] way cool!

22:09:09 [Jacqueline] We’ll call on you in turn.

22:09:50 [Jacqueline] Welcome, Cheryl, to Word Museum Chat!

22:10:00 [CherylStJ] Thanks!

22:10:44 [Jacqueline] Cheryl St. John’s books have been printed in a dozen languages and enjoyed by readers all over the world. They make the New York Times, USAToday and Waldenbooks best sellers lists and have won Romantic Times Reviewers Choice Awards multiple times. This year’s releases are MARRY ME…AGAIN, Montana

22:10:51 [Jacqueline] This year’s releases are MARRY ME…AGAIN, Montana Mavericks SSE, 8/03 and THE TENDERFOOT BRIDE, Harlequin Historical,

22:11:05 [Jacqueline] 9/03. She is the author of over twenty books.

22:11:40 [Jacqueline] Cheryl will be giving away one autographed backlist book each of Joe’s Wife, The Magnificent Seven, Land of Dreams; and one of her current book Marry Me…Again for doorprizes.

22:12:09 [CherylStJ] I love to give away stuff :)

22:12:18 [Glenda] Hi you all!

22:12:27 [Jacqueline] Welcome Glenda and Susan!

22:12:33 [CherylStJ] Hi Glenda and Susan

22:12:48 [Jacqueline] You have a very impressive bio, Cheryl. :)

22:12:52 [Lainie] Hi and welcome. We’re chatting with author Cheryl St. John tonight. To enter your name, please type it in the upper left hand name box and then type “enter”. We’ll be using protocol so please type “?” to ask a question and “!” to make a comment and “ga” to signify “go ahead” when you’re finished.

22:13:17 [CherylStJ] makes me sound good, huh?

22:13:28 [CherylStJ] You should see me tonight :)

22:13:38 [Jacqueline] You are good. Can you tell us about your latest release?

22:13:54 [CherylStJ] in my RWA 96 Tshirt

22:14:18 [CherylStJ] Sure–it’s part of the popular Montana Mavericks series

22:14:30 [CherylStJ] but of course the story stands alone

22:14:55 [CherylStJ] it’s about a footloose pilot and a sensible lady doctor

22:15:20 [CherylStJ] who fall fast and hard, and then have to deal with their impulsiveness

22:15:21 [teri_chapm] Cheryl how long did it take after you sent a ms did you hear from the publisher?

22:15:31 [CherylStJ] I had a lot of fun writing it

22:16:01 [CherylStJ] well, I submitted things hand over fist when I started out

22:16:09 [Lainie] Hi and welcome. We’re chatting with author Cheryl St. John tonight. To enter your name, please type it in the upper left hand name box and then type “enter”. We’ll be using protocol so please type “?” to ask a question and “!” to make a comment and “ga” to signify “go ahead” when you’re finished.

22:16:18 [CherylStJ] and stuff in the slush pile takes months and months

22:16:28 [Jacqueline] Hi Julie

22:16:40 [Jacqueline] <Does lizzie need the tape?>

22:16:43 [CherylStJ] it really varies with the publisher

22:16:51 [teri_chapm] Do you enjoy reading as well as writing?

22:16:52 [julie] Hi!

22:16:55 [CherylStJ] and whether or not you have an agent

22:17:10 [CherylStJ] I LOVE to read! It’s why I write

22:17:14 [Jacqueline] ?

22:17:19 [CherylStJ] ga

22:17:50 [Glenda] ?

22:18:07 [Jacqueline] Cheryl, have you ever had a signing in Montana? I live there so…

22:18:28 [Jacqueline] ga

22:18:32 [CherylStJ] No, I haven’t, but I would sure love to

22:18:54 [CherylStJ] I’m taking invitations from RWA chapters to speak at their meetings and conferences

22:19:04 [CherylStJ] and they always have a signing

22:19:31 [Lainie] Hi and welcome. We’re chatting with author Cheryl St. John tonight. To enter your name, please type it in the upper left hand name box and then type “enter”. We’ll be using protocol so please type “?” to ask a question and “!” to make a comment and “ga” to signify “go ahead” when you’re finished.

22:19:54 [Jacqueline] No chapter here. :(

22:19:59 [CherylStJ] IN fact I go to Orange County next month

22:20:04 [CherylStJ] bummer

22:20:18 [Jacqueline] yep

22:20:26 [Jacqueline] ga, Glenda

22:20:39 [Glenda] Cheryl, you said you love to read. Who are some of your favorite authors and why?

22:20:46 [Susan] ?

22:21:06 [Lainie] Hi and welcome. We’re chatting with author Cheryl St. John tonight. To enter your name, please type it in the upper left hand name box and then type “enter”. We’ll be using protocol so please type “?” to ask a question and “!” to make a comment and “ga” to signify “go ahead” when you’re finished.

22:21:11 [CherylStJ] I cut my reading/writing teeth on LaVryle Spencer

22:21:37 [CherylStJ] I also read all the divas like Jude Devereaux

22:21:54 [CherylStJ] and as romance evolved I loved Pam Morsi

22:22:03 [CherylStJ] Maggie Osborne

22:22:13 [CherylStJ] Megan Chance

22:22:38 [CherylStJ] I loved the old Erin St.Clairs and Lisa Gregorys

22:23:01 [CherylStJ] I try to read a variety of authors

22:23:16 [CherylStJ] both contemp and historical

22:23:40 [CherylStJ] but it’s reading romance that inspires me to write my own

22:23:51 [CherylStJ] it always has

22:24:08 [CherylStJ] although I love Stephen King and Janet Evanovich

22:24:15 [teri_chapm] ?

22:24:43 [CherylStJ] but their books don’t make me jump up and head for my desk like a Susan E Phillips or a Paula Detmer Riggs or Kristin hannah

22:24:49 [CherylStJ] ga

22:24:57 [Jacqueline] ga, Susan

22:25:01 [Glenda] That’s all. Thank you. ga

22:25:04 [teri_chapm] I wanted to know if you find yourself sacrificing your reading time to write?

22:25:22 [CherylStJ] oh yeessssssssss

22:25:37 [julie] ?

22:25:40 [Glenda] Hey Mo!!!

22:25:54 [Moe] Hi Glenda

22:25:57 [Moe] Everyone

22:26:02 [Moe] Sorry for interrupting.

22:26:04 [Jacqueline] Hi, Moe!

22:26:34 [teri_chapm] ?

22:27:46 [Lainie] Hi and welcome. We’re chatting with author Cheryl St. John tonight. To enter your name, please type it in the upper left hand name box and then type “enter”. We’ll be using protocol so please type “?” to ask a question and “!” to make a comment and “ga” to signify “go ahead” when you’re finished.

22:27:54 [Jacqueline] Oh no!

22:27:59 [Glenda] uh oh

22:28:13 [Lainie] did we forget the shoe glue?

22:28:17 [*lizzie1] Tape?

22:28:31 [Glenda] welcome back!

22:28:31 [Jacqueline] Evidently we did….

22:28:38 [CherylStJ] woops

22:28:39 [Jacqueline] wb, Cheryl!

22:28:43 [teri_chapm] So how do you do both? Do you?

22:28:57 [CherylStJ] as I was saying before I was so rudely booted…

22:29:15 [CherylStJ] reading is an important part of my motivation

22:29:26 [CherylStJ] so I try to read at least a book a week

22:29:44 [CherylStJ] I have a stack beside my bed and try to read each night

22:30:08 [CherylStJ] if I read during the day it’s instructional or research

22:30:21 [CherylStJ] ga

22:30:38 [Jacqueline] ga, Teri

22:30:43 [Lainie] Hi and welcome. We’re chatting with author Cheryl St. John tonight. To enter your name, please type it in the upper left hand name box and then type “enter”. We’ll be using protocol so please type “?” to ask a question and “!” to make a comment and “ga” to signify “go ahead” when you’re finished.

22:31:07 [teri_chapm] Do you find yourself doing lots of research?

22:31:19 [Lainie] Jacqueline> I keep freezing and my system’s going very slowly. I hope to stay, but don’t know if my computer will let me

22:31:28 [CherylStJ] it depends :)

22:31:48 [Susan] ?

22:31:49 [CherylStJ] not for my historicals because I’ve done my time periods so often

22:31:54 [teri_chapm] thanks. ga

22:32:11 [CherylStJ] but I often need something specific like horses or ranch info

22:32:12 [Glenda] ?

22:32:22 [CherylStJ] or how something was done

22:32:42 [CherylStJ] and you can make up a lot of stuff with Indian cures :)

22:33:02 [CherylStJ] actually I do more research for my contemporaries

22:33:32 [teri_chapm] !

22:33:38 [CherylStJ] because there are really doctors and nurses and people who hold the positions I write about–like a pilot

22:33:52 [teri_chapm] ?oops.

22:33:54 [CherylStJ] so I have to know the facts and be credible

22:34:12 [CherylStJ] I love the Internet for researching settings

22:34:27 [CherylStJ] My current WIP is set in Oregon

22:34:49 [CherylStJ] and I had a ball learning about Cannon Beach and sending my characters there

22:35:05 [CherylStJ] sometimes–like for the book on the shelves right now

22:35:17 [CherylStJ] it has a Seattle ferry scene

22:35:29 [CherylStJ] and I found a live web cam!

22:35:32 [CherylStJ] ga

22:35:42 [Jacqueline] ga, Julie

22:36:07 [julie] Cheryl, which one of your books is your favorite

22:36:29 [CherylStJ] ooh that’s difficult to say

22:36:53 [CherylStJ] I ususally think the current one is my favorite AFTER it’s finished

22:37:13 [CherylStJ] but I could say I have a couple of favorites

22:37:22 [CherylStJ] Joe’s Wife

22:37:28 [CherylStJ] Saint or Sinner

22:37:50 [CherylStJ] ga

22:38:27 [Jacqueline] ga, Susan

22:38:38 [Susan] I don’t know if my Q came through before, because the chat froze. Here it is: I recently read Marry Me. . .Again, and loved it. Could you tell us how that story came about?

22:38:55 [CherylStJ] Sure

22:39:07 [CherylStJ] no, your question didn’t come through before

22:39:22 [CherylStJ] that was part of an in line continuity

22:39:34 [CherylStJ] Montana Mavericks

22:39:52 [CherylStJ] the editors come up with ideas for 6 to 12 books at a time

22:40:04 [CherylStJ] with a theme or plot that runs through all

22:40:26 [CherylStJ] they write about a 2 page idea of what they want the story to be about

22:40:41 [CherylStJ] and then they invite the authors they want to write them

22:41:02 [CherylStJ] so i got 2 pages about Devlin Holmes and Brynna the doctor

22:41:36 [CherylStJ] without conflict or plot, because, well basically, editors are clueless IMHO when it comes to creating a workable story

22:42:05 [lilsis] ?

22:42:11 [Susan] !

22:42:30 [CherylStJ] so then the author is left to not only make her story work within this frame, but also coordinate with the other authors and charcacters who flow throughout

22:42:38 [CherylStJ] it’s a major challenge

22:43:11 [CherylStJ] I’ve done several now, so I don’t freak when I see the stupid idea they gave me

22:43:31 [Jacqueline] <I have Glenda, Teri, then lilsis in line. We’ll begin the drawing after their questions are answered>

22:43:46 [CherylStJ] I cheerfully cash the check and come up with my own internal conflict that will carry the story

22:43:58 [CherylStJ] is that kind of what you wanted to know Susan?

22:44:23 [Susan] Yup. BTW, you did a terrific job.

22:44:38 [Susan] I highly recommend it.

22:44:42 [CherylStJ] thank you, Ma’am

22:44:57 [Jacqueline] ga, Glenda

22:44:59 [Glenda] Cheryl, how many books have your written? Are they all romance?

22:45:30 [CherylStJ] I am contracted for numbers 19,20 and 21 right now

22:45:36 [CherylStJ] and working on 19

22:45:48 [CherylStJ] and yes they are all romances

22:46:33 [CherylStJ] btw, #20 was a story I started for The Book Of My Heart Contest

22:46:45 [CherylStJ] I can’t wait to get back to it and write it all

22:47:21 [Lainie] Hi Kim!

22:47:30 [Jacqueline] Hi Kim!

22:47:58 [CherylStJ] hello Kim

22:47:59 [Glenda] ga

22:48:02 [Jacqueline] Is it the Book of your Heart, Cheryl?

22:48:27 [KimCox] Hi!

22:48:48 [CherylStJ] Yes, it really is. I am having to change it a little to sell it, but it’s a story I can’t wait to tell

22:49:10 [CherylStJ] I did a big no no and killed a child at the beginning

22:49:14 [Jacqueline] That’s great

22:49:23 [Jacqueline] Not that!

22:49:31 [Glenda] great? lol.

22:49:39 [Moe] Good Timing Jacki

22:49:43 [Jacqueline] I meant that you’re writing the book of your heart.

22:49:47 [CherylStJ] I knew what you meant

22:49:56 [KimCox] :)

22:50:04 [Jacqueline] :p

22:50:08 [CherylStJ] they let the dead child stay

22:50:14 [Jacqueline] ga Teri

22:50:18 [teri_chapm] Did you find it difficult to send your first ms to a publisher? Was there alot of stress over it?

22:50:26 [CherylStJ] trusted me I guess

22:50:36 [CherylStJ] no, not in mailing stuff out

22:50:58 [CherylStJ] the stress cam when I had my first editor appointment at a conference

22:51:15 [CherylStJ] I spent the whole morning in the bathroom

22:51:57 [CherylStJ] she asked for the ms, then rejected it because the hero was unromantic

22:52:05 [Glenda] awwww

22:52:13 [CherylStJ] but it sold to harlequin later

22:52:20 [KimCox] ?

22:52:25 [CherylStJ] Rain Shadow

22:52:33 [CherylStJ] and got a RITA nomination

22:53:01 [Glenda] woooooo!

22:53:18 [CherylStJ] yup–that was 10 years ago

22:53:38 [CherylStJ] I’ve done about 2 books a year since

22:53:49 [teri_chapm] good 4 you!

22:54:12 [Jacqueline] Okay, last question goes to Kim

22:54:14 [CherylStJ] I had another one ready as soon as the first one sold

22:54:21 [CherylStJ] that was a big help

22:54:34 [KimCox] I was going to ask if the rejected ms ever sold, but already answered.

22:54:42 [KimCox] so, I want to ask which house rejected it?

22:55:01 [KimCox] ga

22:55:06 [CherylStJ] It was Judith Stern at Berkely at that time

22:55:18 [CherylStJ] she’s changed her name since I think

22:55:36 [CherylStJ] and I think she’s at another house

22:55:49 [CherylStJ] never burn a bridge with an editor

22:55:58 [*lizzie1] :D

22:56:01 [KimCox] amen

22:56:02 [CherylStJ] they always show up again at the next place

22:56:12 [KimCox] :)

22:56:15 [Jacqueline] <editorial witness relocation program? LOL>

22:56:30 [CherylStJ] LOL!

22:56:40 [CherylStJ] yeah, but I can still find her

22:57:03 [CherylStJ] and someday I will send her a picture of me with a RITA :)

22:57:14 [CherylStJ] she can change her name but she can’t hide

22:57:24 [Jacqueline] Good plan ;)

22:57:38 [Jacqueline] Okay, lets give away some books!

22:57:44 [KimCox] just wait until she retires

22:57:57 [CherylStJ] yes, I have that lovely finalist certificate on my wall

22:58:03 [CherylStJ] okay!

22:58:31 [CherylStJ] drumroll please……….

22:58:49 [KimCox] rat ta tat tat tat

22:59:07 [Glenda] Glenda plays kazoo

22:59:12 [CherylStJ] oh, you’re good

22:59:17 [Jacqueline] Okay, the winner of Joe’s Wife is…

22:59:28 [Jacqueline] lilsis!

22:59:39 [KimCox] yeah, lilsis!

22:59:40 [Glenda] COngrats to lilsis!!!!!!

22:59:43 [lilsis] Thanks!

22:59:47 [Lainie] yeah!!!

22:59:56 [CherylStJ] Do you have that one, Connie?

23:00:26 [CherylStJ] Remember I said it was one of my favorites?

23:00:33 [Jacqueline] Next is The Magnificent Seven

23:00:38 [julie] Congrats lilsis!

23:00:39 [lilsis] I think so but I have introduced a friend to your books and she does not!

23:01:09 [CherylStJ] You rock, girfriend

23:01:25 [CherylStJ] that would be girlfriend

23:01:27 [Jacqueline] Or is that The Magnificent Seven; Land of Dreams, Cheryl?

23:01:45 [CherylStJ] one of each

23:02:07 [CherylStJ] 2 different books

23:02:11 [Jacqueline] Okay, so The Magnificent Seven goes to lizzie!

23:02:27 [KimCox] Congrats, Lizzie!

23:02:27 [*lizzie1] kewl!

23:02:31 [Glenda] Yes to lizzie!!!

23:02:36 [CherylStJ] *lizzie, do you have it already?

23:02:41 [Glenda] go lizzie go!

23:02:49 [Lainie] congrats Lizzie!

23:02:53 [*lizzie1] nope, that’ll be a new one for me!

23:03:11 [CherylStJ] great!

23:03:13 [Jacqueline] And Land of Dreams goes to…Susan!

23:03:23 [CherylStJ] it’s a really fun story

23:03:37 [CherylStJ] Which Susan?

23:03:41 [Glenda] congrats to Susan!!! Whoooop!

23:03:55 [CherylStJ] only one Susan here now?

23:04:06 [KimCox] Congrats, Susan!

23:04:08 [Susan] Oh, I’ve got Land of Dreams. I’d be willing for someone else to have a chance–on me.

23:04:09 [CherylStJ] I have a feeling Susan has that one

23:04:26 [Susan] It’s a terrific book too!

23:04:30 [CherylStJ] ::::::smooch::::::::

23:04:33 [Lainie] yeah Susan!

23:04:44 [CherylStJ] is she a sweetie or what?

23:04:44 [Jacqueline] How about Marry Me…Again, Susan?

23:04:52 [Susan] Draw again.

23:05:05 [CherylStJ] I don’t think you’ll find one Susan doesn’t have

23:05:09 [Jacqueline] Land of Dreams goes to..

23:05:12 [CherylStJ] we’re fans of each other

23:05:15 [Susan] I just read that one, Jackie

23:05:19 [Jacqueline] Glenda!

23:05:24 [CherylStJ] we sign together and buy each others books :)

23:05:36 [Susan] I’ll tell you what I’d love–a preview copy of the next one out!

23:05:42 [KimCox] Congrats, Glenda!

23:05:47 [CherylStJ] Yeah, Glenda!

23:05:56 [Jacqueline] Okay, I got it :)

23:05:57 [CherylStJ] will do Susan

23:06:06 [Glenda] Whhhoooooop!

23:06:12 [Glenda] Thank you!

23:06:22 [Susan] But I’m willing to wait. I don’t like to have my C St.J books too far and between.

23:06:33 [Glenda] my typing is horrible tonight,

23:06:34 [CherylStJ] who gets Marry Me Again??

23:06:39 [teri_chapm] Well ladies it was nice and now I have to go back to work. Thanks Cheryl. I will be picking up some of your books to see what you write.Thanks again

23:06:47 [Jacqueline] Okay, Marry Me…Again goes to Julie!

23:06:59 [Susan] I just had my fix. Marry Me Again is a great book. Very emotional.

23:06:59 [CherylStJ] Thanks, Teri

23:07:00 [Glenda] night teri

23:07:02 [Jacqueline] Thanks for coming Teri!

23:07:09 [Glenda] congrats Julie!!

23:07:11 [KimCox] Night, Teri. Don’t work too hard? ;)

23:07:28 [julie] Ooh! Great. Thank you!

23:07:39 [Jacqueline] If you all want to send your snail mail addresses to I’ll send them to Cheryl.

23:07:41 [CherylStJ] Okay, all the winners send me their addresses so I can mail the books out ASAP

23:07:48 [KimCox] Congrats, Julie!

23:07:59 [CherylStJ] Yeah! Good job, Jackie!

23:08:12 [Jacqueline] Congratulations to all the winners!! And thank you all for coming! Nite Kim!

23:08:24 [*lizzie1] thanks for the fun chat!

23:08:31 [CherylStJ] You guys were a lot of fun, thanks for coming to chat tonight

23:08:41 [*lizzie1] once I finally got to “stick” around

23:08:42 [Susan] Great chat!

23:08:45 [Glenda] Yes, thanks for the chat. Good chat.

23:08:51 [CherylStJ] Yes, me too

23:08:56 [Jacqueline] You were fantastic, Cheryl! And if you ever make it to MT, email me.

23:08:57 [lilsis] This was great Thank you1

23:08:59 [Glenda] GOt to run. Goodnight to all and stay safe.

23:09:02 [CherylStJ] At least I only got booted once

23:09:12 [CherylStJ] and i was afraid of that

23:09:18 [Jacqueline] Night, Glenda!

23:09:22 [CherylStJ] Nice to meet everyone!

23:09:25 [Moe] So was there a lot of Booting tonight?

23:09:35 [Jacqueline] See you next week

23:09:39 [CherylStJ] Susan, meet *lizzie, the president of RAH

23:09:42 [Jacqueline] A little, Moe

23:09:49 [Susan] Hi Lizzie!

23:09:49 [CherylStJ] woops,there she went

23:09:54 [lilsis] Looking forward to seeing you somewhere soon!

23:10:08 [CherylStJ] me, too Connie

23:10:18 [CherylStJ] hope you enjoy Joe’s Wife

23:10:26 [lilsis] Good night and God Bless

23:10:34 [Susan] lilsis–ask to see pics of her grandkids when you see her. :)

23:10:34 [KimCox] Thanks Cheryl! Come visit again soon.

23:10:36 [Jacqueline] Nite, lilsis!

23:10:38 [Lainie] Thank you for joining us! great chat!

23:10:40 [KimCox] Goodnight all!

23:10:41 [CherylStJ] and maybe you’ll come to the signing in KC ??

23:10:47 [CherylStJ] Night!

23:10:59 [Lainie] good night

23:10:59 [Jacqueline] Good night all! And please visit again. :)

23:11:06 [CherylStJ] Thanks, Jackie and Lainie

23:11:19 [Susan] Goodnight. Sleep tight!

23:11:33 [CherylStJ] I think I’m scheduled again for later in the fall

23:11:49 [CherylStJ] Night Susan–glad you were able to make it in

23:11:56 [Moe] November 19

23:12:04 [CherylStJ] is your book out yet?

23:12:11 [CherylStJ] thanks, Moe!

23:12:29 [Moe] Do you want me to use the same announcment?

23:12:40 [CherylStJ] sure

23:12:53 [CherylStJ] The Tenderfoot Bride will be out in November

23:13:05 [CherylStJ] so we’ll mention that

23:13:14 [CherylStJ] and give a couple away

23:13:27 [CherylStJ] Night all!

23:13:47 [Moe] I’ll email you in October to confirm

23:14:17 [Moe] Night ladies

23:14:35 [Moe] Jacki can you get the log and send it to Kim?

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