Chat Log: Melinda Rucker Haynes

July 30th, 2004 Chat with Melinda Rucker Haynes

22:14:49 [Jacqueline] Hi and welcome. We’re chatting with author Melinda Rucker Haynes tonight. To enter your name, please type it in the upper left hand name box and then type “enter”. We’ll be using protocol so please type “?” to ask a question and “!” to make a comment and “ga” to signify “go ahead” when you’re done.

22:14:57 [AzGaye] kick butt action is popular these days, even romance getting into the act <g>

22:15:00 [Mmmmelinda] This one isn’t dubbed, but has to be early 70s with all those “fros”

22:15:02 [Jacqueline] Are you ready, Melinda/

22:15:26 [Mmmmelinda] Ready, Jacki

22:15:39 [Jacqueline] Melinda Rucker Haynes writes about the transformational power of love and is author of two paranormal romances, The Eternal Trust (02) and its sequel, Breach of Trust (6/03) for Five Star Publishing. Her novels have won numerous awards including the RWA Golden Heart.

22:15:47 [Mmmmelinda] GA

22:16:03 [Jacqueline] Melinda is a former education research projects director and the creator of Personal Time Travel® past life regression process and Story Compass© creative development tool and strategy.

22:16:19 [Jacqueline] Melinda holds a master’s degree in secondary/adult education and is a certified neuro-linguistic programming practitioner, a certified hypnotherapist and a Dr. Brian Weiss certified past life regression therapist.

22:16:39 [Jacqueline] She consults internationally as a performance enhancement coach, presenting creativity exploration and personal development seminars. Melinda maintains a busy transformational coaching practice and teaches writing, creativity development and personal development at various venues.

22:17:03 [Jacqueline] She and her husband enjoy working and traveling between the United States, Europe and the South Pacific. At present, she’s hard at work researching the next novel in her ongoing story that began with THE ETERNAL TRUST and is continued in BREACH OF TRUST.

22:17:30 [Jacqueline] Please give Melinda a warm and heartfelt applause. :)

22:17:49 [Mmmmelinda] Thank you, thank you!

22:18:00 [AzGaye] Clapping <><>M<.!Too bad we can’t do a time travel here. It is great fun! ga

22:18:02 [Glenda] :)clap,clap,clap

22:18:12 [Lainie] <<clapping>> Yeah Melinda!

22:18:32 [Mmmmelinda] Gaye, I’ve a friend in NZ that is a hypnotherapist and she’s doing online therapy!

22:18:39 [Jacqueline] Melinda, can you please tell us a little about Breach of Trust and The Eternal Trust?

22:19:08 [Jacqueline] Then we’ll take questions.

22:19:17 [AzGaye] !too kewl. That sounds like a real ‘trip’. Yes, tell tell about the books!

22:20:09 [Mmmmelinda] The Eternal Trust has become a trilogy about a soulgroup who incarnate life after life and are brought together by an ancient sword. It’s the catalyst, the soul signal to the individuals

22:20:36 [Glenda] hello Cyn

22:21:00 [Cyn] Hello all. Hi Melinda.

22:21:03 [Lainie] Hi and welcome. We’re chatting with author Melinda Rucker Haynes tonight. To enter your name, please type it in the upper left hand name box and then type “enter”. We’ll be using protocol so please type “?” to ask a question and “!” to make a comment and “ga” to signify “go ahead” when you’re done.

22:21:21 [Mmmmelinda] to come together to be forged and tempered–to choose love over power and balance the two. The couples always find out that they have past lives together. And the whole group of 6-7 people are in the primary soul group–even the “bad” guy.

22:22:15 [Glenda] ?

22:22:28 [Mmmmelinda] In Breach, the heroine is a hypnotherapist, don’t ya know, and a psychic spy. She’s charged with bringing the hero back in from the cold.

22:22:35 [Mmmmelinda] Yes, Glenda?

22:23:10 [Lainie] ga Glenda

22:23:24 [Glenda] Melinda, I’ve not had the pleasure of reading your work. Do you have a particular author/authors who have been a huge influence on your writing?

22:24:15 [Lainie] Hi and welcome. We’re chatting with author Melinda Rucker Haynes tonight. We’ll be using protocol so please type “?” to ask a question and “!” to make a comment and “ga” to signify “go ahead” when you’re done.

22:24:15 [Mmmmelinda] Yes, Richard Bach. Barbara Michaels/Elizabeth Peters–for fiction. Dr. Brian Weiss and Dr. Michael Newton for nonfiction/past lives/reincarnation/hypnosis

22:25:30 [AzGaye] ?

22:25:43 [Mmmmelinda] Richard Bach wrote a book, Illusions, that practically changed my life and probably set me on the path I’ve been on for the last twenty of so years. Have you read this book? I used to read it at least once a month for years, but I haven’t reread it for about five years. I think it’s time to do so a

22:25:53 [Cyn] ?

22:25:54 [Mmmmelinda] again. GA, Gaye

22:26:02 [Lainie] (remember when you’re done talking to type “ga” for go ahead) Are you finished with your answer Melinda?

22:26:20 [Mmmmelinda] Yes, ga

22:26:23 [Lainie] we’ll call on everyone in order.

22:26:31 [Glenda] been a long time since I read Illusions.

22:27:00 [AzGaye] Okay–my question is the three books are linked but feature different couples in each one, right? But the same villain?? GA

22:27:23 [Mmmmelinda] What I loved about Illusions was the possibilities that all that could really be true . . .it’s a theme in my work.

22:27:25 [Joyce] ?

22:28:11 [Mmmmelinda] Yes, Ian Stoddard is the villian in Breach. But Inada is the villian in ET. But I never figured that he was a soulgroup member. GA

22:28:20 [Lainie] ga Cyn, you’re up

22:28:54 [Mmmmelinda] Cyn, is this you, the world builder?

22:29:12 [Cyn] First, I want to thank Melinda for being at the Writer’s Weekend I attended. Her talk was fantastic. Second, I wanted to know what other books she had plans on writing?

22:29:24 [Lainie] Hi and welcome. We’re chatting with author Melinda Rucker Haynes tonight. We’ll be using protocol so please type “?” to ask a question and “!” to make a comment and “ga” to signify “go ahead” when you’re done.

22:29:28 [Cyn] Yes, it’s me, Melinda. The bad bad worldbuilder.

22:30:14 [Lainie] Hi and welcome. We’re chatting with author Melinda Rucker Haynes tonight. We’ll be using protocol so please type “?” to ask a question and “!” to make a comment and “ga” to signify “go ahead” when you’re done.

22:30:42 [Mmmmelinda] Cyn! It is you, it is you. Talk about a great workshop–Cyn does a kickass world building one. As well as working on T3, I’m working on Past Lives, Eternal Loves–love stories of souls from the many regressions I’ve done through the years. It’s fabulous. And I’ve got a nonparanormal at Flipside. GA

22:30:58 [Lainie] ga Joyce, you’re up

22:31:08 [Joyce] Hi, Mmmmelinda! Have you had past lives and if so, what do you know about them? GA

22:31:12 [Cyn] Wonderful! I hope things go well for you! *blushing* GA

22:31:29 [Jacqueline] sounds fascinating, Melinda

22:32:25 [Mmmmelinda] Oh, yes, Joyce! I’ve had past lives–been a ship wrecked sailor “dinner” for some South Pacific islanders, been a history writer, been a pioneer woman, been a general, GA

22:33:09 [Lainie] ?

22:33:10 [Jacqueline] Melinda, can you tell us what a soul group member is?

22:33:14 [Joyce] That’s so cool. Can I ask another question now? I’m knew at this chat thing. GA

22:33:39 [Lainie] I’ll take a turn – Melinda, how do you know you’ve had these past lives>

22:33:50 [Lainie] (I’ll call on you next Joyce)

22:34:01 [Lainie] ga Melinda (sorry – forgot the ga)

22:34:12 [Mmmmelinda] I’ve also had past life readings from psychics. One of whom said my present husband and I died in the camps at Buchenvald. Also another told me I’d been the writer in New England. GA

22:34:39 [Lainie] ga Joyce, you’re up

22:34:48 [Mmmmelinda] Joyce, I’ve undergone regressions in my training and also can regress myself.

22:34:56 [Glenda] !

22:35:03 [Mmmmelinda] Sorry, that was Lainie. eeeeeeeek

22:35:04 [Joyce] Thanks, Lainie. Lots of people think they’re famous people from past lives, but you don’t seem to think so. What’s up with that? GA

22:35:12 [Cyn] ?

22:35:46 [Lainie] ?

22:36:15 [Mmmmelinda] Joyce, I’ve never regressed anyone who experienced a life as a famous person–usually very ordinary with extraordinary impact for the person being regressed. They learn a lot and release a lot.

22:36:58 [AzGaye] ! LOL _everybody_ can’t have been Cleopatra, etc.

22:37:08 [Mmmmelinda] That’s the therapy part–access those past fears and negative situations that maybe impacting the person’s present life and keeping them from doing/being what they want.

22:37:24 [Lainie] ga Glenda, you’re up

22:37:33 [Glenda] I had a twilight zone experience once. I don’t believe in reicarnation, but this was strange.

22:37:44 [Joyce] Thanks, Melinda. GA

22:37:44 [Lainie] (oops – thought you were done Glenda – sorry)

22:37:50 [Lainie] Hi and welcome Bobby. We’re chatting with author Melinda Rucker Haynes tonight. We’ll be using protocol so please type “?” to ask a question and “!” to make a comment and “ga” to signify “go ahead” when you’re done.

22:38:10 [Glenda] I was born and adopted in New Orleans at the age of 2 weeks. I had never been to New Orleans and

22:38:29 [Mmmmelinda] They access the life or origin of the problem, then I encourage them to release the fear or negative and see it sparkle away. They release it and feel better. It’s a wonderful thing! Anyone here, hint, hint who wants to speak to their experience? GA

22:38:53 [Glenda] when I went there..I would know what was around the corner

22:38:58 [Lainie] ga Cyn, you’re up

22:39:08 [Glenda] weird! Perhaps genes?

22:39:12 [Glenda] ga

22:39:32 [Mmmmelinda] Yes, Glenda, that’s the deja vu and so many people experience that. GA

22:39:47 [Cyn] I know you spoke a bit about this at your talk, but could you speak a bit more on how these soul groups seem to form. I have to admit, I think I found some of mine and it’s a bit…unnerving.

22:39:49 [Lainie] ga Cyn

22:40:01 [Mmmmelinda] Yes, there’s cellular memory and there’s pastlife memories.

22:40:08 [Cyn] Ack…forgot to put the GA.

22:40:52 [Lainie] Hi and welcome Col. We’re chatting with author Melinda Rucker Haynes tonight. We’ll be using protocol so please type “?” to ask a question and “!” to make a comment and “ga” to signify “go ahead” when you’re done.

22:41:05 [Mmmmelinda] Cyn, you may think that you’ve found your primary soul group and you may have, but my experience has shown that we aren’t to really KNOW who they are while we’re here on earth. I was regressed in Dr. Weiss’s

22:41:30 [Joyce] ?

22:41:37 [Mmmmelinda] training and the hypnotherapist took me to my soul group. I tried to see who they were and they turned their backs to me, laughing. I laughed too.

22:42:06 [Mmmmelinda] Oh, I was in trance and she suggested that I return to the soulgroup. I did. GA

22:42:25 [Lainie] wow Melinda! This is fascinating! How do you do a regression? what if we want to have a regression performed on us? where do we go? Can it be done online? Do you do them for people online? also, can we assume that our close family and friends are our soul group? ga

22:43:30 [Mmmmelinda] The first question–how to do the regression. I use a hypnotic induction, several kinds, actually, depending on the client.

22:43:43 [Jacqueline] Sheesh, Lainie! That was a mouthful ;)

22:43:55 [Glenda] lol

22:44:09 [Lainie] this is just so fascinating!

22:44:33 [Jacqueline] <I love Melinda’s chats>

22:44:47 [Mmmmelinda] I work primarily with writers, because I love writers and creative people. I do regressions at the writers conferences and in my office. I’m at RT, RWA and others. Are you wanting a regression, Lainie? Come to KC :&gt ;))

22:45:03 [Cyn] I agree. Melinda is a great speaker. She even helped me to get a request for a full. ;)

22:45:20 [Lainie] <I would love a regression! – Is KC RT next year or when?>

22:45:30 [Mmmmelinda] I haven’t figured out how to regress people online, but I will tell you that it is possible because Jess Stern regressed Taylor Caldwell, who was nearly deaf, by having her read the induction . . .

22:46:00 [Lainie] <I’m hard of hearing so would I have to have it done by reading anyway? also>

22:46:20 [Mmmmelinda] As to close family and friends being in our primary soulgroup–maybe. I think you can look at your spouse or lover as a soulmate. And remember, you enemies, too.

22:46:37 [Cyn] I think if a person can do some self hypnosis, it’d work. I know I do it for some of my online meditations I create. This is fabulous, Melinda, thanks.

22:46:52 [AzGaye] !Lanie–RT is in October this year in KC

22:47:11 [Mmmmelinda] Lainie, were I working with you I would speak directly in your ear and suggest that as you became more and more relaxed you would hear better. Taylor Caldwell could hear while in trance!

22:47:17 [Lainie] <unfortunately I can’t afford to go to RT this year>

22:47:48 [Mmmmelinda] Where are you Lainie?

22:48:06 [Lainie] Fort Lauderdale, Florida

22:49:02 [Mmmmelinda] Baby, Dr. Weiss is in Miami! Of course he’s booked to forever and uses us whom he’s certified to take the overflow of thousands upon thousands.

22:49:39 [AzGaye] ?

22:49:40 [Jacqueline] Joyce, do you want to ask your question now? Then we’ll draw for a prize

22:49:53 [Joyce] In Breach of Trust, the main characters are finding out they’re part of the same soul group. So is the part where the characters talk about setting up “clues” for each other in their next life fictional or could that actually happen? Should we be paying more attention to the people around us? GA

22:50:01 [Lainie] yes, Joyce, ga

22:50:13 [Mmmmelinda] YES YES YES

22:50:25 [Glenda] I’m still waiting by my mailbox for my Valentines prize. :)

22:50:27 [Lainie] <I’m too slow again :p>

22:50:34 [Joyce] Yes, it’s fictional or yes we should pay attention?

22:50:47 [Lainie] Glenda email me at about that. I’ll help you

22:51:01 [Glenda] thanks Lainie.

22:51:25 [Mmmmelinda] I call them soulsignals, and according to Newton’s research, before we incarnate we meet with our soulmate/spouse/lover and work out “signals–i.e, I’ll wear a pink carnation and you’ll do handsprings. Then when we’re here we can

22:52:09 [Cyn] Reminds me of What Dreams May Come type of signal

22:52:56 [Glenda] ?

22:52:56 [Mmmmelinda] choose to take the signal or ignore it and move on. I know what my and my DH’s soulsignal was–he said “I’m an aircraft mechanic.” I was absoultely drawn to him on those words. It was when I pulled a bikini out of my briefcase that he stood up and paid attention :&gt ;)) GA

22:53:00 [Lainie] Gaye – did you ask your question yet? ga

22:53:29 [AzGaye] No–was just going to ask MM if she could teach someone how to do regressions

22:53:34 [Joyce] Hey! That’s in the book!!

22:53:40 [Lainie] Okay, Gaye. ga Glenda, you’re up

22:53:58 [Glenda] Are you working on eanything now Melinda?

22:53:59 [Lainie] sorry – misunderstood for a sec. hold on Glenda

22:54:17 [Lainie] <I’m really out of synch tonight, sorry>

22:54:22 [Mmmmelinda] Gaye, everytime I hypnotize someone I’m teaching them to hypnotize themselves. And yes, Joyce, it was in the book, clever girl!

22:54:42 [Lainie] ?

22:55:05 [Mmmmelinda] I’m putting together seminars where I’ll travel out to groups and do regression and teach people how to do it. GA

22:55:34 [Lainie] which one of your books was the regression lesson in? and can we hypnotize ourselves to do things like lose weight or stop smoking? ga

22:57:01 [Mmmmelinda] Breach of Trust has a complete regression session in it. And yes we can hypnotize ourselves to lose weight, stop smoking. All hypnosis is self hypnosis. GA

22:57:11 [Jacqueline] <reminder–next time schedule Melinda for a two hour chat ;)>

22:57:30 [Cyn] *nods in agreement*

22:57:33 [Glenda] lol

22:57:43 [Jacqueline] Okay, first prize is a signed copy of THE ETERNAL TRUST.

22:57:47 [AzGaye] !YES!

22:57:50 [Mmmmelinda] I’m game, guys. I lLOVE this!

22:58:10 [Jacqueline] Did you want to draw, Melinda, or do you want me too?

22:58:34 [Mmmmelinda] You draw, Jacki, and if the winner already has ET, I’ll make it Breach.

22:59:01 [Glenda] Where do you live Melinda?

22:59:29 [Jacqueline] Alrighty…my daughter drew the first name. Drumroll please?

22:59:31 [Mmmmelinda] I’m in the SEattle area, but I travel like crazy–to a lovely spot near you?

22:59:55 [Cyn] Florida….now would be good, Melinda. ;)

23:00:34 [Jacqueline] Col. is the winner of Eternal Trust!

23:00:43 [Lainie] yeah Col!

23:00:44 [Glenda] Congrats!!!!!!!

23:00:56 [Jacqueline] Congrats Col!

23:01:01 [Mmmmelinda] Yeah! Happy reads!

23:01:03 [Cyn] Yay, congrats Col!!

23:01:22 [Jacqueline] Are you coming through MT anytime soon, Melinda?

23:01:45 [AzGaye] Kewl COL, lucky you!

23:01:58 [Mmmmelinda] Not that I know of, Jacki, but if a bunch of lovely people wanted me to . . . it could happen, eh?

23:02:04 [Glenda] hello hello to Col.

23:02:23 [Jacqueline] The second prize is Personal Time Travel guided past life regression CD

23:02:39 [Cyn] Like WW next year…You are going to come again, I hope, Melinda. We loved you.

23:02:45 [Mmmmelinda] Coooooooolllllllllllllll, come back from the fridge and claim your prize.

23:02:55 [Glenda] It was a very unteresting chat! Thanks Melinda and Word Museum.

23:03:10 [Jacqueline] Wait, Glenda we have two more prizes

23:03:15 [Mmmmelinda] Thanks, Cyn. I’m so very glad you were in my workshop and I enjoyed yours!

23:03:17 [Glenda] interesting, Gee, my brain is mush.

23:03:20 [Lainie] YW! Melinda, you’ve been wonderful!

23:03:33 [Lainie] Thank you Melinda and everybody for joining us tonight

23:03:45 [Cyn] Thanks. *blushing* I still think I need to work on it. It was my first workshop.

23:03:46 [Mmmmelinda] Glenda, don’t leave–you’ll win something. It’s meant to be?

23:03:54 [Jacqueline] Wait, Wait!

23:03:59 [Cyn] Thanks, Melinda. This chat’s been so fun.

23:04:04 [Glenda] LOl

23:04:11 [Jacqueline] I just drew the name for the cd and it’s Glenda!

23:04:17 [AzGaye] Holding breath…

23:04:27 [Glenda] Hot Dog!

23:04:37 [Mmmmelinda] Jacki, draw those names,

23:04:40 [Lainie] Yeah Glenda!

23:04:52 [Mmmmelinda] Seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

23:04:54 [Joyce] OK, Mmmmmelinda. How did you know Glenda was going to win second prize?!?!

23:04:58 [Jacqueline] Now, the final prize is a paperback copy of GHOSTLY ACTS

23:05:30 [Mmmmelinda] Glenda, you’ll love the CD and the regressions on it. Very cool and great prep until we work together, eh?

23:05:52 [Jacqueline] I wish I could have won that one, Glenda

23:05:56 [Glenda] OK :)

23:06:18 [Jacqueline] The winner of the paperback is Joyce. Congrats Joyce!

23:06:31 [Lainie] yeah Joyce!

23:06:32 [Joyce] Woo HOO! I knew if I hung around long enough… Thanks!

23:06:35 [Glenda] I’ll probably regress to an animal. I connect with animals so well.

23:06:47 [Glenda] Congrats Joyce!!

23:06:47 [AzGaye] !Its a good book, Joyce and yuo will love it; also your teenager if you have a duaghter or granddaughter!

23:06:56 [Mmmmelinda] woooohoooo, Joyce–you’ll have a great time in that little story of a ghost town in Montana!

23:07:13 [Jacqueline] Did Col ever answer?

23:07:24 [Cyn] It’s a great book, Joyce. My daughter and I love it.

23:07:25 [Mmmmelinda] Regress to an animal. I’ve only had one person who did that . . .a sow bear~

23:07:27 [Joyce] Looking forward to it … seeing as how I’m all out of Melinda stuff to read at the moment.

23:07:34 [Glenda] nope. Col. is silent.

23:07:52 [Jacqueline] Elaine? Advice on Col?

23:08:00 [Mmmmelinda] Col is . . . away. Please leave a message after the beep . . .

23:08:22 [AzGaye] Contact him or her by telepathy

23:08:27 [Mmmmelinda] How about — one must be present to win?

23:08:28 [Glenda] Who do we email to give our snail mail addy to?

23:08:48 [Mmmmelinda] Yeah, and how or to whom do I send the goodies to?

23:08:48 [Jacqueline] For the winners who are present, send your snail mail addy’s to and I’ll forward them to Melinda

23:09:11 [Joyce] Col. might have regressed to a past life where there are no chat rooms.

23:09:22 [Lainie] LOL

23:09:26 [Cyn] Or got locked out.

23:09:27 [Glenda] LOL!

23:09:31 [Mmmmelinda] Ha!

23:09:45 [Mmmmelinda] I love it!

23:09:49 [Jacqueline] If you haven’t won a prize, hang out for a couple minutes. We might draw another name for the copy of ET

23:09:56 [Glenda] Goodnight all. Stay safe.

23:10:04 [Jacqueline] Hang out if you have won a prize too.

23:10:24 [Mmmmelinda] See ya, Glenda. Thanks for chatting.

23:10:34 [Jacqueline] Col, are you here?

23:10:54 [Cyn] Great. Melinda, I hope you’ll be able to give your talk again soon. I really have been bragging about it to my friends. *grins* Think I could arrange an interview for our writing group’s newsletter sometime?

23:11:12 [Jacqueline] Going once

23:11:18 [Jacqueline] going twice

23:11:20 [Mmmmelinda] Wonderful, Cyn. I’d love to!

23:11:26 [Joyce] Thanks, Melinda. That was fun…

23:11:40 [Mmmmelinda] Re-draw! Re-draw!

23:11:45 [Cyn] Great! I can email you if you’d like.

23:11:53 [Jacqueline] and the winner is, Gaye!

23:12:04 [Cyn] mine is

23:12:22 [AzGaye] Wowsers cool!! I was waiting for the PB as I am –well, part Scots??

23:12:24 [Lainie] yeah Gaye!

23:12:40 [Mmmmelinda] Please, do email me–Cyn and every else. Gaye, toooooo coool!

23:12:41 [Jacqueline] LOL! Gaye

23:12:43 [AzGaye] Thank you MMMMelinda Can’t wait!

23:12:52 [Cyn] YAY Gaye!

23:13:02 [Mmmmelinda] Guys, a last word or two here.

23:13:16 [AzGaye] This has been fun; I will be back and I didn’t get dumped once!!

23:13:46 [Lainie] great!

23:14:14 [Mmmmelinda] Remember, I love the notion that Creation works with soulgroups and past lives and infinite opportunities to get it right. So I believe we came together tonight for a reason that we perhaps arranged on the other side. We’ll meet again. Till then, much love to you all. mmmmmmmmmmmmm

23:14:36 [AzGaye] Huggss back!

23:14:37 [Jacqueline] Melinda, thank you so much for coming. You are the most fascinating chatter. Thank you all for joining us!

23:14:56 [Jacqueline] Next time at least two hours…

23:15:05 [Cyn] Thanks Melinda! I’ll email you and we’ll set up things. Thanks so much for the chat!

23:15:34 [Mmmmelinda] My eternal pleasure, and thank you Jackie and Laine. My best to WM. Tah, and thanks so much to all for coming to play! mmmmmmmmmmm

Lori Soard started Word Museum in 1997. She’s a published author and has written thousands of articles over the years for newspapers, magazines and online. She has a PhD in Journalism and lives in Southern Indiana with her husband. They have two grown daughters, both animal lovers their house is always filled with pets.

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