Chat Log: Lizzie Starr

July 23rd, 2004 Chat with Lizzie Starr

22:17:54 [Jacqueline] Lizzie Starr made up games and stories to keep her company as a child. So, a witch lived in Grampa’s weather research station and was only held at bay by a certain weed. An ancient road grader became a boat carrying wild adventurers to islands filled with sheep that turned into lions and cannibals.

22:17:59 [Glenda] hello Lainie

22:18:02 [*lizzie] too bad margaret couldn’t “do someting” with the weather. lol

22:18:07 [MargaretM] oops! Maybe I better leave before hers blows up LOL

22:18:07 [Jacqueline] Now, the stories of her imagination are beginning to find their way to paper and pixels. Still filled with fantasy and love, these tales take her far from the mundane world.

22:18:17 [Jacqueline] Hi Lainie!

22:18:30 [*lizzie] Hi Lainie!

22:18:30 [Lainie] Hi Jacki!

22:18:31 [Jacqueline] When Lizzie has to return to that mundane life, she’s a lead cook at a university dining service. Happily, the folks she works with have become accustomed to her writer’s ways and just shake their heads when she goes off on some fantastical tangent, asks strange what if questions, or just has to fi

22:18:48 [Jacqueline] to find a piece of paper and a pen that actually writes. One of her greatest delights is to watch the joy of writing fill a friend, and she’ll do anything to help them achieve their dream.

22:19:10 [Jacqueline] And someday, when she grows up, Lizzie wants to be an eccentric.

22:19:23 [*lizzie] What an amazing woman. :0

22:19:24 [Jacqueline] I Love that, Lizzie. :)

22:19:25 [MargaretM] Love that bio

22:19:33 [Glenda] I’ve met that goal.

22:19:43 [Glenda] being eccentric.

22:19:46 [Jacqueline] LOL, Glenda!

22:19:52 [*lizzie] Thanks on the bio!

22:20:03 [*lizzie] And I’m jealous on the eccentric!

22:20:19 [Jacqueline] Lizzie, can you tell us about BIRDS DO IT?

22:20:29 [Glenda] get yourself some purple hats. Speeds along the process.

22:20:34 [*lizzie] okie day

22:20:46 [*lizzie] BDI is my first foray into romantic suspense

22:20:47 [MargaretM] lol

22:21:12 [*lizzie] and an interesting one, since there is only one teeny tiny mention of anything that might possibly have to do with fantasy

22:21:46 [*lizzie] I’d long wanted to write a tale about hyacinth macaws

22:22:11 [*lizzie] and when my critique partners all started using the same names, I had to join the crowd

22:22:41 [*lizzie] Of course the heroine’s name is all her own. Burdetta Opalina Simons.

22:22:57 [*lizzie] Of Birdie. (She’s named after my gramma)

22:23:57 [*lizzie] How much as in books out?

22:24:28 [*lizzie] Glenda-Purple is definately my favorite color.

22:24:45 [Glenda] cool

22:25:13 [Glenda] ?

22:25:16 [*lizzie] questions–ask me questions.

22:25:18 [Jacqueline] It’s my favorite too.

22:25:30 [Jacqueline] ga, Glenda

22:25:35 [Penny] ?

22:25:41 [*lizzie] A creative color!

22:25:51 [Glenda] Is there a certain writer/author who has been a big influence on you/your writing?

22:26:36 [*lizzie] Anne McCaffrey definately. Tolkien without a doubt,

22:26:59 [*lizzie] I pretty well steeped my younger days in fantasy

22:28:15 [*lizzie] Romance wise–I’m a huge fan of Claire Delacroix

22:28:16 [Jacqueline] Lizzie, if you’re done with your answer can you please type ga, so I don’t interupt you?

22:28:28 [Glenda] thank you. ga

22:28:37 [*lizzie] oops

22:28:39 [Glenda] un oh

22:28:41 [*lizzie] ga

22:29:02 [Jacqueline] LOL, Penny ga

22:29:09 [Penny] What is the premise of your story? Hero?

22:29:51 [*lizzie] Birdie owns a bird farm. She gets this frantic call from Garr Logan about his mother’s bird.

22:30:25 [*lizzie] Birdie comes to take care of the wild monster bird, and ends up helping with Garr’s daughter’s ninth birthday party.

22:31:11 [*lizzie] A hard day, since nine years ago to that day her newborn daughter died. Could Rachelle have been switched in the hospital?

22:31:34 [*lizzie] Throw in an ex-lover who wants something from her–and Garr.

22:31:37 [*lizzie] ga

22:31:45 [Glenda] oooo

22:32:03 [Jacqueline] Sounds very good. :)

22:32:05 [Penny] thanks, ga

22:32:19 [MargaretM] sounds intriguing!

22:32:24 [*lizzie] Thanks!

22:32:34 [Penny] ?

22:32:38 [Jacqueline] Lizzie, what are you working on now, and do you have a website :D:D

22:33:20 [*lizzie] I’m working on the fourth book of the double keltic triad–fantasy romances.

22:33:40 [*lizzie] I just finished up a novella for an anthology next year–a fantasy.

22:33:44 [Glenda] can’t wait for that!

22:34:03 [Penny] ::you better be working on a novella, too:: penny mumbles under her breath …

22:34:09 [*lizzie] I have a web site–but it’s pretty empty right now–waiting for me to have time to fill it.

22:34:23 [*lizzie] you can keep your eyes open for

22:34:26 [*lizzie] ga

22:34:45 [Jacqueline] Is that directed at Lizzie or me, Penny?

22:35:04 [*lizzie] penny, I sent it to you a couple weeks ago. Did it get lost?

22:35:08 [Penny] *lizzie, but it could be applied to you … :)

22:35:27 [Penny] Hmmmm. Let me check ….

22:35:39 [Glenda] whew. Glad I’m not a writer.

22:36:02 [*lizzie] but we’re glad you’re a reader!

22:36:10 [Jacqueline] Well then it’s me….almost there. :)

22:36:12 [Glenda] thanks. me too.

22:36:19 [Jacqueline] ga, Penny

22:36:37 [Penny] ok. I found it, *lizzie … sorry :)

22:36:54 [Penny] Lizzie, was it hard to switch from writing fantasty to romantic suspense?

22:36:58 [Glenda] hi mom2two

22:37:37 [*lizzie] amazingly not. I was surprised. But now I have these other non-fantasies clamoring around in my head.

22:37:54 [Jacqueline] Hi and welcome. We’re chatting with author Lizzie Starr tonight. To enter your name, please type it in the upper left hand name box and then type “enter”. We’ll be using protocol so please type “?” to ask a question and “!” to make a comment and “ga” to signify “go ahead” when you’re finished

22:37:55 [Glenda] I’m Glenda Tutu…retired ballet teacher.

22:38:07 [Penny] Isn’t that always the way?

22:38:13 [*lizzie] and I’m enjoying finding ways to merge the worlds. In fact, Garr is a part of the fourth Keltic book!

22:38:32 [Glenda] cool!

22:38:35 [*lizzie] ga

22:39:07 [Penny] thanks! Gotta get to bed ladies. Have a great chat, *lizzie and let me know where to find your book! ga

22:39:28 [*lizzie]

22:39:33 [Glenda] night Penny

22:39:34 [Jacqueline] Nite, Penny! Thanks for coming. :)

22:39:38 [*lizzie] night, penny!

22:39:38 [MargaretM] Nite Penny!

22:39:58 [Penny] It was fun, as always! Hugs all around.

22:40:36 [Jacqueline] Lizzie, how long have you been writing?

22:40:54 [Jacqueline] Welcome, Carolyn

22:41:11 [carolyn] Thank you

22:41:22 [Lainie] sorry, my explorer froze up

22:41:24 [*lizzie] like most writers–probably forever. However I only started seriously writing when I divorced about, gee what was it, four years ago.

22:41:33 [Lainie] Hi and welcome. We’re chatting with author Lizzie Starr tonight. To enter your name, please type it in the upper left hand name box and then type “enter”. We’ll be using protocol so please type “?” to ask a question and “!” to make a comment and “ga” to signify “go ahead” when you’re finished

22:41:39 [*lizzie] Hi Carolyn!

22:41:46 [carolyn] I’m new to this writing, so I thought I’d just sit back and read your answers

22:41:56 [Lainie] WB Mom

22:42:29 [*lizzie] Ah, I usually lurk in chats, too. But tonight, I can’t.

22:42:38 [Glenda] hehe

22:43:05 [Jacqueline] Hmmm, that’s how long I’ve been writing too.

22:43:06 [Glenda] ?

22:43:14 [Jacqueline] seriously that is

22:43:44 [Jacqueline] ga, Glenda

22:44:29 [Glenda] Do you have a favorite character from your writings?

22:45:22 [*lizzie] Ah–Niallan from Dancing the Stars. Love his purple hair and cobalt blue eyes. he still talks to me at times.

22:46:32 [*lizzie] Actually in many ways he and Kierigh from Double Moon Destiny are very similar–in fact I consider Niallan a reincarnated soul.

22:46:39 [*lizzie] ga

22:46:55 [Glenda] thanks ga

22:47:38 [Jacqueline] Is there anything you do to get in the mood for writing, or do you just sit and write?

22:48:12 [*lizzie] With my work schedule, I’ve learned to just sit and write–on breaks, at lunch, whenever.

22:48:26 [Glenda] If she wants to be an eccentric she needs to put on a purple hat and get nekkid.

22:48:39 [*lizzie] At home I like a candle and music. All kinds of music. I love to tell people I’ve written a love scene

22:48:44 [Jacqueline] LOL, Glenda!

22:49:00 [MargaretM] LOL

22:49:12 [*lizzie] while listening to Wierd Al Yankovic

22:49:34 [Glenda] lol. I love Al!

22:49:34 [MargaretM] LOL good grief LOL

22:49:36 [Jacqueline] :p

22:49:51 [*lizzie] I’m pretty good at blocking out things that don’t pertain to what I’m doing.. ga

22:50:09 [Jacqueline] Thanks, Lizzie!

22:50:13 [*lizzie] Ah, it was a good scene too, if you know what I mean…..

22:50:45 [Glenda] doing the girnd to a polka beat?

22:50:51 [Glenda] grind

22:50:52 [Jacqueline] Are you ready to give away your doorprizes?

22:51:09 [*lizzie] sure, lets do the fun stuff!

22:51:20 [Jacqueline] Lizzie is offering a silver plated star box and a autographed trade paperback of Birds Do It as doorprizes

22:52:12 [*lizzie] And the box is sooo shiney!

22:52:27 [*lizzie] Of course the book is good, too! LOL

22:52:30 [Glenda] As a star?

22:52:45 [Glenda] I like your name.

22:52:51 [*lizzie] As a star.

22:53:19 [*lizzie] Thanks! I’ve used *lizzie a long time, Starr would have been my daughter’s name.

22:54:28 [*lizzie] Jacki, would you pick the lucky folks please?

22:55:16 [Lainie] what great prizes Lizzie!

22:55:55 [*lizzie] Thanks Lainie. I have a thing for stars.

22:56:04 [MargaretM] oops I think we lost Jacki

22:56:05 [Glenda] I enjoyed the chat tonight.

22:56:35 [*lizzie] Well, she did say she was having storms

22:56:43 [Glenda] hope her ‘puter didn’t fry

22:57:05 [Lainie] uhm…Jacki’s name is stil.l on the list at the side

22:57:13 [Lainie] unless she froze

22:57:23 [MargaretM] It’s not on mine

22:57:29 [Lainie] would you like someone else to choose the winner Lizzie?

22:57:32 [*lizzie] maybe the kids are fighting again.

22:57:47 [*lizzie] hmmm, I’ve got her on list.

22:57:51 [Lainie] that’s strange Margaret. I still see her on my list

22:57:52 [Glenda] It’s on mine. She’s right under my name

22:58:13 [Lainie] right Glenda, that’s where I see it also

22:58:34 [MargaretM] hmm She’s not there on my list ,,, weird

22:58:53 [*lizzie] well, if you’ll trust me, I’ll draw the two names.

22:58:53 [Glenda] is this your first chat here mom2two?

22:59:21 [MargaretM] mom2two isn’t on my list either lol

22:59:55 [Glenda] weird! Perhaps we are in the Twilight Zone.

23:00:13 [Glenda] I KNOW my brain cells are.

23:00:22 [*lizzie] do do do do

23:00:38 [*lizzie] And, a drum roll please……..

23:00:42 [Lainie] I trust you Lizzie!

23:00:42 [Glenda] We trust ya lizzie.

23:00:52 [MargaretM] lol I was wondering if that music was going through anyone elses head lol

23:00:53 [Lainie] rum pum pum pum

23:01:08 [*lizzie] The star box goes to—-Lainie

23:01:11 [Lainie] ra ta tat tat

23:01:18 [*lizzie] Congratulations!

23:01:29 [Glenda] congrats to Lainie!

23:01:36 [*lizzie] And the copy of Birds Do It goes to…..let me pick here…

23:01:37 [Lainie] Thanks Lizzie! I’d love it, but I’m one of the chat hosts, so I don’t know that I can accept it L>(

23:01:43 [Lainie] :(

23:01:55 [*lizzie] Glenda! Our reader.

23:01:56 [Glenda] awww. Let her have it.

23:02:05 [*lizzie] Woo hoo, congrats!

23:02:16 [Lainie] but let me thank you. I know I came late and I was just filling in for our other chat hose

23:02:22 [*lizzie] If you folks would send me your snail addy, I’ll get these in the mail.

23:02:23 [MargaretM] Yay Glenda!

23:02:23 [Glenda] Yes! congrats to me!

23:02:32 [*lizzie]

23:02:36 [Lainie] host (sheesh, not hose – can’t type tonight)

23:02:40 [Lainie] Yeah!

23:02:48 [Glenda] Thanks Lizzie!

23:03:11 [Glenda] I wanna be a hose.

23:03:13 [*lizzie] Whew, it’s almost more nerve wracking picking winners than waiting to be picked. That’s why I wanted Jacki to do it. LOL

23:03:37 [MargaretM] Lovely chatting with you Lizzie, and your novels sound fantatic!

23:03:42 [Lainie] Thank you lizzie. LOL

23:03:57 [MargaretM] lol fantastic that is

23:04:25 [*lizzie] now then, if ya want another pull for the box, I shall, Lainie

23:04:26 [Glenda] Thanks for the chat. Look forward to reading your books.

23:04:41 [MargaretM] Nite All! Gotta get up early tomorrow.

23:04:53 [Glenda] Hope all have a safe night.

23:05:02 [Glenda] Goodnight all.

23:05:06 [*lizzie] Thanks for being here all! It’s been fun!

23:05:19 [Lainie] goodnight! thanks for joining us!

23:05:26 [Lainie] sweet dreams and happy writing.

23:05:34 [Lainie] Please give us your ur.l one last time Lizzie

23:05:39 [Lainie] so it will go on the chat log

23:05:45 [*lizzie] Sparkles to you all!

23:05:55 [*lizzie] http://www.lizziestarr.com

23:06:06 [Lainie] Thank you!

23:06:30 [Lainie] I’ll be sure to check out your website. I looked for it earlier but didn’t find this one (duh)

23:07:11 [Lainie] well, the day job starts early early tomorrow. so I have to sign off. goodnight and have a great week!

23:07:17 [*lizzie] Ah, there’s not much of anything there. Writing time invaded web building time. But, keep trying. ;0

23:07:32 [Lainie] you’ll get there Lizzie

23:07:47 [Lainie] my website’s been a work in progress for 3 or 4 years and it’s al.ways changing

23:07:57 [*lizzie] Me, too. Four thirty is way too early. Good night and sweet dreams.

23:08:13 [Lainie] goodnight Lizzie!

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