Chat Log: Robin D. Owens


June 26th, 2004 Chat with Robin D. Owens



22:14:07 [Jacqueline] Welcome to Word Museum, Robin! After writing seriously for more years than she cares to remember, Robin D. Owens sold her fourth completed manuscript to Berkley Jove Authors. Heart Mate was the first futuristic/fantasy purchased by Jove for its Magical Love line. Robin’s second book set on the pla


22:14:23 [RobinOwens] planet Celta


22:14:48 [RobinOwens] LOL


22:15:00 [RobinOwens] ga


22:15:03 [Jacqueline] Heart Thief, was released June 3. Her third book, Heart Duel, will be released April 2004. Robin D. Owens was recently approached to be in a Berkley anthology to be released in early 2005.


22:15:23 [Jacqueline] Robin won a RITA Award (The Oscar of Romance Writing) in Paranormal Romance for Heart Mate in 2002. She’s been a member of Romance Writers of America for several years and is the current e-list monitor for the Futuristic, Fantasy & Paranormal chapter.


22:15:23 [RobinOwens] Whew.


22:15:29 [RobinOwens] Excellent, Jacki.


22:15:44 [Jacqueline] I’m not done.


22:15:45 [RobinOwens] Thanks.


22:15:50 [Jacqueline] Robin will be doing a hands-on workshop for the FF&P Minicon at RWA’s National Conference this year in New York, as well as presenting a seminar on writing paranormal, “The Rules of Magic.”


22:15:56 [RobinOwens] Ooops.


22:16:11 [RobinOwens] Wow, all of that.


22:16:23 [RobinOwens] I’m very impressed with myself. :0


22:16:35 [RobinOwens] =


22:16:35 [Glenda] lol


22:16:37 [Jacqueline] You have a very impressive resume, Robin! Everyone, please give Robin D. Owens a warm welcome!


22:16:44 [RobinOwens] oops


22:16:59 [Jacqueline] Then tell us about Heart Thief.


22:17:31 [RobinOwens] Heart Thief, BERKLEY SENSATION SHOWCASE June 2003. Heart Thief is the story of Ruis Elder — a man without psi powers on a world where they are prized. An outcast, Ruis must overcome all society to survive, pursue his passion for restoring ancient Earth technology, and win his love — Judge Ailim


22:17:41 [RobinOwens] D’SilverFir


22:18:23 [RobinOwens] But you all know that, I think. So I’m here to answer any tough questions…or easy ones too. ga


22:19:20 [Jacqueline] Robin, you’re a wonderful world builder. How far in advance did you start building your world for the Celta series?


22:19:23 [Jacqueline] ga


22:19:32 Mac enters this room


22:19:48 [Jacqueline] Welcome, Mac!


22:19:51 [Moe] Hello and welcome! We’re talking to Robin D. Owens. We’ll be using protocol, so please type “?” to ask a question, “!” to make a comment, and “GA” for go ahead to signify you’re done speaking. WE WILL CALL ON YOU IN TURN.


22:20:04 [Delyn] Hi Mac


22:20:20 [Mac] Howdy *waves*


22:20:21 [RobinOwens] I didn’t. I made it up as I went along. However, since HeartMate sat around for a while, I had time to refine it before it came out (mostly — still make up as I go along sometimes)….ga


22:20:23 [Glenda] howdy Mac


22:20:30 [RobinOwens] Hey, Mac.


22:20:41 [sylkzeri] ?


22:20:54 [RobinOwens] I’m up to about 15/20 pages of notes. ga


22:21:01 robint enters this room


22:21:06 [Jacqueline] ga, sylk


22:21:35 [sylkzeri] what kind of response do you get from readers re the pets in your book?


22:23:00 [RobinOwens] Well, I think if they don’t like the pets or think they are too precious they don’t finish reading the books. If they like cats, I usually hear from them and they say “I have a cat just like Zanth,” or they look at the pics on my website and say, I have a cat just like…..” ga


22:23:34 [sylkzeri] do you organize your notes? In what way, or how?


22:23:49 [sylkzeri] ga


22:23:49 [RobinOwens] Usually cat lovers let me know that they’ve enjoyed the books.


22:23:50 [Glenda] ?


22:24:20 [Jacqueline] ga, Glenda


22:24:33 [Glenda] Robin, if you could co-author with any author from the past..let’s say deceased author..whom would it be and why?


22:24:39 [Jacqueline] Hold on Glenda, sorry


22:24:57 [RobinOwens] My notes are on an electronic file under Celta….Hmmm….better print it out someday. I have Families, Geography, Names, Naming Structure, days of the week, laws, things like that.


22:25:00 [RobinOwens] ga


22:25:30 JessB enters this room


22:25:37 [Jacqueline] Did you see Glenda’s question after my finger slipped, Robin?


22:25:41 [Delyn] Make sure that you have a copy of that file Robin, it would be heXX to recreate.


22:25:48 [Moe] Hello and welcome! We’re talking to Robin D. Owens. We’ll be using protocol, so please type “?” to ask a question, “!” to make a comment, and “GA” for go ahead to signify you’re done speaking. WE WILL CALL ON YOU IN TURN.


22:25:52 [Jacqueline] Hi Jess!


22:25:56 [RobinOwens] When I need something, I go look it up in the files, which of the GreatLords/Ladies are HeartMates, etc. When I change something, I change it in my notes.


22:25:57 Zee enters this room


22:26:05 [Moe] Hello and welcome! We’re talking to Robin D. Owens. We’ll be using protocol, so please type “?” to ask a question, “!” to make a comment, and “GA” for go ahead to signify you’re done speaking. WE WILL CALL ON YOU IN TURN.


22:26:20 [RobinOwens] I think I have it on floppy, but not hard copy lately.


22:26:25 [JessB] Hi everyone!


22:26:35 [Glenda] hi Jess


22:26:39 [Jacqueline] Welcome Zee


22:26:39 [RobinOwens] I have pics for all the plants and tidbits on plant lore for the characters I use.


22:26:46 Blanche enters this room


22:26:52 [RobinOwens] Hi Jess, hi, Zee.


22:26:55 [RobinOwens] Hi Blanche.


22:27:00 [RobinOwens] Nice to see you all.


22:27:04 [Blanche] Hi all


22:27:05 [Jacqueline] Welcome, Blanche


22:27:19 [Jacqueline] Glenda, can you repeat your question, please?


22:27:21 [Moe] Hello and welcome! We’re talking to Robin D. Owens. We’ll be using protocol, so please type “?” to ask a question, “!” to make a comment, and “GA” for go ahead to signify you’re done speaking. WE WILL CALL ON YOU IN TURN.


22:27:31 [RobinOwens] Sorry


22:27:38 [Glenda] 22:24:33 [Glenda] Robin, if you could co-author with any author from the past..let’s say deceased author..whom would it be and why?


22:27:47 [Blanche] ?


22:28:02 [RobinOwens] I didn’t see it. Diva made a flying pass by around the desk, cold paws on bare legs…


22:28:07 Zee exits from this room


22:28:11 [Jacqueline] <my mistake, Robin, finger slipped>


22:28:20 [RobinOwens] Steven Allen. He was VERY sharp and funny


22:28:29 [RobinOwens] Steve Allen


22:29:31 [RobinOwens] I called up a male crit buddy last night to run a scene by him. Since I’m single, I need advice sometimes /ga


22:30:04 [Jacqueline] ga, Blanche


22:30:17 [RobinOwens] We lost Zee.


22:30:22 [RobinOwens] I’m SO boring…


22:30:28 [RobinOwens] LOL


22:30:33 [Moe] ?


22:30:48 [Jacqueline] Yeah, right!


22:30:51 [Blanche] What is the funnist thing a fan has said to you?


22:31:01 [Jacqueline] that’s what my kids say.


22:31:06 [Glenda] booga booga booga


22:31:31 [Jacqueline] lol


22:32:03 [Blanche] ?


22:32:12 [RobinOwens] I really can’t recall. The strangest thing that’s happened is that sometimes I look at cat photos (sometimes very BAD cat photos) at signings….


22:32:28 [Blanche] LOL


22:32:35 [Jacqueline] I can imagine…


22:32:47 [Glenda] porno cat photos?


22:32:54 [RobinOwens] Mistral/Samba now on the desk demanding attention


22:33:17 [RobinOwens] Nope just blurry, dull cat photos….I will not name names…


22:33:21 [RobinOwens] ga


22:33:41 [Jacqueline] I’ll have to send you some photos of my cats


22:33:52 [Jacqueline] go ahead Moe


22:33:59 [JessB] lol at the kitty porn


22:34:05 [Moe] You mentioned when you entered that you hadn’t finished your pages for today. You have daily writing goals? Are they the same throughout the year? How do you keep on top of them? How do you avoid procrastination? ga


22:34:07 [RobinOwens] Oh, I get photos of cats from fans all the time. Those I like.


22:34:13 [RobinOwens] ga


22:34:38 [Jacqueline] good one, Moe


22:35:03 [Moe]


22:35:39 [RobinOwens] Moe, my daily writing goals started last month But I’ve been part of a group called Survivor Writers for about a year 15 pgs a week.


22:36:21 [RobinOwens] I have trouble meeting them when I am revising…Mistral drinking out of MY water….but I usually can do more than the daily quota, so I catch up.


22:36:40 [RobinOwens] It’s important NOT to scold yourself, that just makes missing goals worse.


22:36:43 [RobinOwens] ga


22:36:47 [Glenda] cat spit!


22:37:17 [RobinOwens] Yes, it is now Mistral’s water.


22:37:32 [Jacqueline] You’re up, Blanch


22:38:02 [Moe] ?


22:38:14 [Blanche] What do you love most about writing ? ga


22:39:13 [RobinOwens] When it’s going well and you get in the zone, and feel exhilerated and those endorphins spill into your bloodstream and its almost as good as sex


22:39:37 [Blanche] LOL


22:39:44 [JessB] almost


22:39:46 [RobinOwens] Or looking back at something I wrote and knowing it was good, that I did soemthing I didn’t think I could do.


22:39:48 [RobinOwens] ga


22:40:14 [Jacqueline] Well put, Robin


22:40:50 [Jacqueline] Have I skipped anyone?


22:41:01 [sylkzeri] ?


22:41:07 [RobinOwens] Moe


22:41:10 [Jacqueline] ga, sylkzeri


22:41:19 [Moe] Where would you like to be in your writing/publishing 5 years from now? ga


22:41:37 [sylkzeri] do you have a webpage, and if so, do you have info on names etc?


22:41:44 [Jacqueline] Oops, sorry, Moe


22:42:09 [RobinOwens] On the NY Times best seller list? Definitely able to quit my day job.


22:42:27 [Glenda] fingers crossed!


22:42:39 [RobinOwens] Sylk, yes I do. Look for my Celta page. Do you want info on pronunciation?


22:42:48 [sylkzeri] yes please!


22:43:22 [Jacqueline] Her website is updated monthly with motivational quotes, creativity exercises, affirmations on her Free Your Artist Page and information on her world Celta (including character interviews and cut scenes) on the Celta page.


22:43:27 [RobinOwens] T’Ash Tash D’Ash Dash T’Reed Treed Bucus Byu-cus Ruis Louis


22:43:43 [RobinOwens] But I don’t really care


22:43:55 [sylkzeri] is that lewis or looie?


22:44:11 [RobinOwens] lewis


22:44:16 [RobinOwens] Luis


22:44:35 [RobinOwens] D’SilverFir DaSilverfir


22:44:37 [sylkzeri]


22:44:46 [Jacqueline] Robin, how do you come up with the names of your charactors?


22:45:04 [Glenda] D’SilverFir..that makes me laugh.


22:45:19 [RobinOwens] Oh, I am VERY Strict with myself!


22:46:09 [RobinOwens] The FirstFamilies are all the Ogham alphabet. Ailim Ay lim


22:46:56 [RobinOwens] I have Celtic reference books. Then I use herb books for plant names. Zanth = Zanthoyxl Americanus — American Ash


22:47:04 BettyD enters this room


22:47:12 [RobinOwens] Bucus was Sambucus something


22:47:20 [Jacqueline] Hey, Betty!


22:47:24 [Blanche] hi Betty


22:47:30 [BettyD] hey


22:47:39 [BettyD] sorry I’m late


22:47:53 [Moe] Hey BD!


22:48:07 [Glenda] ?


22:48:11 [RobinOwens] I also use the Herbal Tarot for characteristics, qualities, Like Goldenseal is Judgement, so he became a judge.


22:48:12 [BettyD] hey Moe!


22:48:18 [RobinOwens] Welcome Betty ga


22:48:47 [BettyD] thanks Robin


22:48:50 [Jacqueline] That’s really cool, Robin


22:48:59 [Jacqueline] go, Glenda


22:49:06 [Glenda] Robin, would you like to see any of your books turned into movies?


22:49:15 [RobinOwens] Yeldoc (the bailiff in Heart Theif) was from the Two of Pentacles I think, Yellow Dock


22:49:19 [Jacqueline] <I would>


22:49:53 [BettyD] ?


22:49:59 [RobinOwens] Sure, but like all books, I think they are too long. I write long. Don’t know how I’m going to handle that anthology….thanks for the Crit, Jacki!!!!


22:50:11 [RobinOwens] ga


22:50:25 [Jacqueline] You, betcha


22:50:41 [Jacqueline] ga, Betty, then we’ll draw for a prize


22:51:05 [BettyD] just under the wire!


22:51:09 [RobinOwens] Sounds good to me, the sun is just sinking here…Solstice was last Saturday.


22:51:30 [BettyD] Robin, who would you like to see starring in the movie based on one of your books?


22:51:36 [Jacqueline] I know, it was a nice one here.


22:52:14 [RobinOwens] Hmmmm. Hard to say. I’m not up on the current actors. I don’t like to go to movies by myself.


22:52:43 [RobinOwens] T’Ash was based on Oliver Reed, and Lamas?


22:52:51 [RobinOwens] Can’t think of his first name.


22:53:00 [BettyD] Oliver Reed? Yum!


22:53:05 [Jacqueline] Lorenzo?


22:53:11 [Delyn] Lorenzo?


22:53:13 [BettyD] Fernando or Lorenzo?


22:53:21 [RobinOwens] I have made a cootie catcher for Heart Thief as a promo. Lorenzo, yes.


22:53:28 [Glenda] Give me Brad Pitt.


22:53:35 [RobinOwens] LOL


22:53:51 [BettyD] have a feeling Glenda would say that anytime


22:53:54 [Blanche] LOL


22:53:55 [Jacqueline] cootie catcher?


22:54:20 [Glenda] I read that cooter cathcer. ROFLOL


22:54:26 [RobinOwens] Ruis was Billy Rae Cyrus, Ailim was


22:54:37 [RobinOwens] Your book is on the way, Jacki, you will know


22:54:45 [Jacqueline] LOL, Glenda


22:54:58 [Delyn] Robin, did you have them printed?


22:54:58 [RobinOwens] Ailim….shoot, horrible at names tonight….Blythe Danner


22:54:58 [Jacqueline] Oh, I know, Robin


22:55:27 [RobinOwens] Yes, Ruis didn’t turn out so good.


22:55:39 [Jacqueline] <not what a cootie catcher is , but that my book is on it’s way.>


22:55:47 [RobinOwens] I will be putting it up on my site soon to download.


22:55:49 [RobinOwens] ta


22:56:23 [RobinOwens] A cootie catcher is a childrens fortune telling game, you put your fingers in it, triangles


22:56:36 KimCox enters this room


22:56:42 [RobinOwens] made from a square piece of paper.


22:56:51 [Moe] Hi Kim


22:56:53 [Jacqueline] Okay, Robin is giving away 1 copy of Heart Mate and 1 of Heart Thief as doorprizes.


22:57:03 [Blanche] hi Kim


22:57:03 [Glenda] I never knew it was called that!


22:57:07 [BettyD] don’t remember what we called it when I was a kid, but it weren’t cootie catcher


22:57:07 [Jacqueline] Hi Kim


22:57:12 [KimCox] Hey


22:57:13 [Glenda] Hi Kim.


22:57:23 [KimCox] Sorry, so late.


22:57:29 [RobinOwens] Oh, if you have HM and want HT, I will substitute.


22:57:40 [Blanche] LOL Betty


22:57:42 [RobinOwens] Just in time, Kim.


22:57:59 [Jacqueline] I need a drum roll…


22:58:06 [BettyD] just makin’ up for lost time ;0


22:58:13 [RobinOwens] I sent the book out to you yesterday Jacki, the one you won…..rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


22:58:26 [RobinOwens] (drum roll) rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


22:58:29 [Glenda] crash boom bam


22:58:48 [Jacqueline] Okay, lucky winner number one issssssssssssss


22:58:49 [BettyD] ta ra ta ta ta ta


22:58:52 [Jacqueline] Jess!


22:59:07 [JessB] yea!!!


22:59:12 [KimCox] Congrats, Jess!


22:59:13 [Blanche] congrats Jess


22:59:13 [Glenda] congrats to Jess!!!!!!


22:59:14 [RobinOwens] Kewl.


22:59:14 [Jacqueline] Congrats, Jess!


22:59:16 [BettyD] yahoo Jess!


22:59:17 [Delyn] Congratulations Jess!!!


22:59:32 [sylkzeri] cool jess…


22:59:40 [JessB] yippee!


23:00:11 [JessB] I’m pumped now…this WAS a boring night ya know…until this chat….gg


23:00:15 [RobinOwens] Congratulations. HeartMate or Heart Thief is yours….let me know your snail mail say Heart Thief or HeartMate in the subject line so I know you don’t want me to grow an appendage I don’t have…


23:00:34 [Jacqueline] The second winner is Dely!


23:00:37 [JessB] hahahahahahahaha


23:00:52 [Jacqueline] Congratulations Delyn!


23:00:53 [Glenda] congrats to Delyn!!!!!!!!!!


23:01:03 [Delyn] Thank you


23:01:04 [Blanche] congrats Delyn


23:01:07 [Jacqueline] Cute, Robin


23:01:11 [BettyD] good stuff


23:01:15 [RobinOwens] Hey, Delyn, you’ll see the final copy.


23:01:19 [JessB] congrats Delyn


23:01:21 [Glenda] Spam is so confusing. You don’t know if you need a bigger Penis or bigger breast.


23:01:25 [KimCox] congrats, Delyn!


23:01:40 [RobinOwens] Someone thinks I need Viagra.


23:01:42 [Blanche] LOL


23:01:49 [Delyn] Looking forward to it.


23:01:55 [Moe] Or both


23:01:56 [sylkzeri] too funny glenda


23:02:04 [JessB] someone wants me to see hot naked college girls. hello?


23:02:14 [Jacqueline] Congratulations winners!


23:02:14 [Delyn] <knocking on wood> I haven’t had too much spam…


23:02:18 [Glenda] and farm animals.


23:02:19 [Moe] Yeah, I get that one too.


23:02:29 [JessB] Thanks Robin!!


23:02:36 [RobinOwens] Or I’m really free tonight for a date…


23:02:47 [Delyn] Those sound awful…


23:02:48 [Glenda] Thanks for the great chat Robin.


23:02:50 [RobinOwens] You’re welcome, Jess, good to see you again.


23:03:00 [Jacqueline] Thank you all for coming, and thanks for the great chat, Robin!


23:03:01 [Glenda] goodnight to all!


23:03:13 [sylkzeri] really appreciate the name guide. helpful!!


23:03:23 [Blanche] It was fun, good night you all


23:03:24 [Jacqueline] Nite, Glenda!


23:03:25 [RobinOwens] I enjoyed it. I really need to put a pronunciation page up, but I don’t care…


23:03:29 [Moe] Hope to see you all next Wednesday


23:03:40 [BettyD] sorry I missed so much


23:03:44 [Moe] oops


23:03:50 [Moe] I mean the wednesday after that


23:03:54 [Moe] next week is a holiday


23:03:54 [Jacqueline] There will be no chat next week due to the holiday. Check out WM’s new look!


23:04:00 [Delyn] Great chat, and great job, Jacqueline.


23:04:03 [sylkzeri] ttfn


23:04:07 [Delyn] and Moe, too!


23:04:19 [Moe]


23:04:21 [RobinOwens] Well, Heart Duel is due in two weeks…so I guess I won’t see you for a bit…then I’m off to Baltimore and NY


23:04:22 [Jacqueline] Thanks, Delyn


23:04:24 [JessB] Thanks Jacki (for the invite and good job )


23:04:25 sylkzeri exits from this room


23:04:33 [RobinOwens] Thanks for coming Sylkzeri


23:04:42 [RobinOwens] Wow, what a handle.


23:04:43 [Jacqueline] You’


23:04:59 [Jacqueline] I’m glad I drug you away from writing, Jess


23:05:23 [Jacqueline] Robin, thanks so much for taking the time away from revisions.


23:05:24 [JessB] hehehe, I needed it…ready to bang my head on the desk gg


23:05:24 [RobinOwens] Jess, are you back with RWU?


23:05:32 [JessB] yup


23:05:38 [RobinOwens] Cat fight.


23:05:39 [Delyn] Night Everyone.


23:05:47 [RobinOwens] Great.


23:05:55 [RobinOwens] Good night Delyn.


23:05:58 [Jacqueline] Nite, Delyn! Thanks for coming!


23:06:03 [JessB] I needed some kicks in the bum to get me moving…havent’ gotten them yet gggg


23:06:05 [Moe] Night Delyn


23:06:07 Delyn exits from this room


23:06:25 [RobinOwens] Thanks for the emails…Mistral going to see who fought…Muse missed dinner tonight…


23:06:46 [Jacqueline] Are the kids letting you write, Jess?


23:07:14 [RobinOwens] Well, back to checking all the “was” in my ms.


23:07:27 [RobinOwens] Love to all!


23:07:28 [JessB] yeah they do—the older ones are good but the baby doesn’t get it and wants to *help*


23:07:44 [Jacqueline] Nite Robin, Hugs!


23:07:48 [Moe] Thanks Robin

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