Chat Log: Elizabeth Delisi

July 10th, 2004 Chat with Elizabeth Delisi

Author of Lady of Two Lands and Fatal Fortune

22:30:11 [Lainie] we will be in protocol so please type “?” to ask a question and “!” to make a

        comment and “ga” to let us know you’re done talking.

  22:30:19 [Lainie] Nope Stacey, you got here just in time

  22:30:35 [Stacey] Oh good! And hi Lainie and Barb! =0)

  22:30:43 [Lainie] Tonight we’re chatting with romance author Elizabeth Delisi – “Liz” for short

  22:30:48 [Lainie] Elizabeth Delisi time travel romance, LADY OF THE TWO LANDS, was

        published by NovelBooks, Inc. in April, 2003;

  22:30:58 [Lainie] her mystery, FATAL FORTUNE, was reissued by NovelBooks in July of 2003;

  22:31:08 [Lainie] and her suspense novel, SINCE ALL IS PASSING (an EPPIE Award finalist and

        Bloody Dagger Award nominee),

  22:31:19 [Lainie] will be reissued by NovelBooks Inc. in April of 2004.

  22:31:27 [Lainie] Elizabeth’s short story collections, PENUMBRA and MIRROR IMAGES, are

        available from DiskUs Publishing.

  22:31:36 [Lainie] Her short story, LUCIFER’S LAST LAUGH, is also available from DiskUs in their

        “Quick Picks” line.

  22:31:46 [Lainie] Elizabeth is currently at work on DEADLY DESTINY, a sequel to FATAL

        FORTUNE, due out from NovelBooks, Inc. in October, 2004.

  22:31:59 [Lainie] Elizabeth’s contemporary romance novella, “The Heart of the Matter,” is

        featured in the Valentine’s Day-themed anthology CUPID’S CAPERS, published by

        DiskUs Publishing in February 2003.

  22:32:14 [Lainie] Her contemporary romance novella, “A Carol of Love,” is featured in the

        DiskUs Publishing holiday anthology, HOLIDAY HEARTS (an EPPIE Award finalist), and

        her contemporary romance novella, “A Cup of Christmas Charm,” is featured in


  22:32:24 [Lainie] In addition, she has five articles in THE BEST OF NOVEL ADVICE, out from

        Novel Advice Press; and two essays in the anthology, CRUMBS IN THE KEYBOARD:

        Stories From Courageous Women Who Juggle Life & Writing, published by Echelon


  22:32:38 [Lainie] Elizabeth is a staff writer and instructor at NovelAdvice, a columnist and

        workshop instructor at Word Museum, an instructor at Writers Online Workshops, and

        a newspaper columnist, and has taught Creative Writing at the community college


  22:32:47 Hotclue enters this room

  22:32:49 [Lainie] She is a copyeditor for two small publishers, and edits for individuals. She

        holds a B.A. in English with a Creative Writing major from St. Leo University.

  22:32:59 [Lainie] She lives in Kansas with her husband, three children, granddaughter, and

        dog and cat.

  22:33:08 [Lainie] Visit Elizabeth Delisi’s website at:

  22:33:09 mpkbsa enters this room

  22:33:15 [Jacqueline] Hello and welcome to Word Museum Chat with our special guest

        Elizabeth Delisi. We will be in protocol so please type “?” to ask a question and “!” to

        make a comment and “ga” to let us know you’re done talking.

  22:33:33 [Lainie] Tonight she is offering a free Celtic cross Tarot reading from Madame Liz as

        a doorprize.

  22:33:35 [Stacey] ?

  22:33:57 [Hotclue] Hello, all.

  22:34:04 [Stacey] Hi Bethie!

  22:34:04 [Lainie] I’m going to let Liz talk about herself a bit and when she’s finished we’ll

        start taking questions. ga Liz

  22:34:12 [delisi] Hi, Beth!

  22:34:20 [Lainie] Hi Beth! Hello and welcome to Word Museum Chat with our special guest

        Elizabeth Delisi. We will be in protocol so please type “?” to ask a question and “!” to

        make a comment and “ga” to let us know you’re done talking.

  22:34:24 [delisi] Ooh, well, I think you’ve already said it all!

  22:34:28 [Hotclue] ;-))

  22:34:32 [delisi] But I’m happy to be here.

  22:34:35 [Stacey] LOL!

  22:34:49 [delisi] I should mention, I’ve also signed up to teach for Writer’s Digest School.

  22:34:59 [Jacqueline] We’re happy to have you here, Liz!

  22:34:59 [delisi] Where will I find time to write, you ask? Good question. 😉

  22:35:01 [Lainie] cool Liz – I’m a graduate of that

  22:35:05 [delisi] But a gal’s gotta make a living. <g>

  22:35:20 [delisi] So, fire away, I’m ready for any questions you may have!

  22:35:20 [Stacey] That’s great Liz

  22:35:32 [Jacqueline] Stacey’s up

  22:35:33 [Lainie] ga Stacey ( I think Liz said she was done)

  22:36:02 [Barbara] !

  22:36:03 [Stacey] I’ve been slow reading lately due to problems but how long did it take you

        to research Lady of the Two Lands gs

  22:36:07 [Stacey] ga I mean ga

  22:36:27 [delisi] Stacey, it took me WAY longer to research that book than anything else I’ve


  22:36:33 [delisi] About two years, off and on,

  22:36:44 [delisi] and while I was writing, I kept finding new things I needed to know,

  22:36:50 [delisi] and would have to stop and look them up.

  22:36:51 [Stacey] It’s so detailed, I could tell. Great book Liz ga

  22:37:00 [delisi] My husband kept telling me, Just make it up!

  22:37:10 [Stacey] LOL!

  22:37:13 [delisi] But I told him, someone will know, so I better not. 😉 GA

  22:37:26 mpkbsa exits from this room

  22:37:31 [Stacey] TY

  22:37:52 [Jacqueline] Did you have a comment, Barb?

  22:37:58 [delisi] My husband helped with research also,

  22:38:08 [delisi] we watched lots of documentaries together. <g>

  22:38:25 [Stacey] That’s great that he helped you

  22:38:28 [Jacqueline] I love those, Liz

  22:38:38 [Barbara] Just wanted to say good luck with the Writer’s Digest classes- I’ve taken

        the WOW, but none of yours unfortunately, Liz

  22:38:49 [Barbara] I had Bonnie Hearn Hill and she was great. ga

  22:39:12 [delisi] Thanks, Barbara! I’m looking forward to it. I have another WOW class to

        teach, starting in September.

  22:39:27 [delisi] Didn’t want to teach there over the summer as you have to be available ALL


  22:39:35 [delisi] and that would mean no vacation! 😉

  22:39:56 [Barbara] Yeah, I remember- I’ve taken the classes during the summer

  22:40:07 [delisi] My husband and I are going to Yellowstone to celebrate our 25th

        anniversary, so that takes priority.

  22:40:26 [Barbara] Oooh- congrats and very cool celebration!

  22:40:34 [JessB] oooh nice

  22:40:36 [Jacqueline] How long have you been writing, Liz?

  22:40:39 [Hotclue] ?

  22:40:44 [delisi] Thanks! I think we have earned a celebration!

  22:40:53 [delisi] I’ve been writing since I was a kid,

  22:41:11 [delisi] but writing seriously, with an eye to publication, since probably 1985,

  22:41:25 [delisi] and my first publications were writing articles for newspapers

  22:41:30 [delisi] starting in 1990.

  22:41:40 [delisi] First fiction was published in 1998.

  22:41:50 [delisi] So it took me a while to get there! But was worth it.

  22:42:01 [delisi] GA

  22:42:19 [Jacqueline] ga, Hotclue

  22:42:31 [Hotclue] Back to your book, what was the hardest thing about writing it, for you?

  22:42:55 [Hotclue] Aside from the research, I mean.

  22:43:17 [delisi] It’s quite different from my other books, so it did require all that research,

  22:43:19 [Hotclue] Because I know it had to be a hard book to write.

  22:43:29 [delisi] plus trying to get into the mindset of ancient people

  22:43:43 [Hotclue] How did you do that?

  22:43:44 [delisi] and trying to let them express themselves in a way that seems believable

  22:43:59 [delisi] but authentic, not using modern expressions or having modern sensibilities,

  22:44:09 [delisi] but still allowing the modern reader to identify with them.

  22:44:25 [delisi] And as to the research, the two hardest things for me to find

  22:44:33 Lesley enters this room

  22:44:40 [delisi] were a description of an ancient Egyptian coronation ceremony,

  22:44:54 [delisi] and pictures of what the crowns of upper and lower Egypt looked like.

  22:45:04 [Lainie] Hi Lesley! Hello and welcome to Word Museum Chat with our special guest

        Elizabeth Delisi. We will be in protocol so please type “?” to ask a question and “!” to

        make a comment and “ga” to let us know you’re done talking.

  22:45:09 [Hotclue] How were they different, as people, than we are today?

  22:45:10 [delisi] And–coming up with a believable reason for Hattie to go to the past–

  22:45:26 [delisi] not just traveling by accident because she touched the necklace. There had

        to be a reason.

  22:45:35 [delisi] I think they were more like us than most people realize.

  22:45:48 [delisi] Women had many more rights in Egypt than in most other countries of the


  22:46:01 [delisi] They could own property, could divorce their husbands, etc.

  22:46:20 [delisi] But religion really ruled all aspects of life,

  22:46:28 [delisi] which is a bit different from our time.

  22:46:29 [Stacey] or poison them LOL

  22:46:35 [delisi] Religion, and the Nile. 😉

  22:46:40 [delisi] LOL, Stacey!

  22:46:57 [Hotclue] 😉

  22:46:58 [delisi] They considered the afterlife to be the desirable thing,

  22:47:05 [delisi] the life in this world only temporary,

  22:47:20 [delisi] thus the temples and tombs were much lovelier and more well-built than

        their homes.

  22:47:31 [delisi] Because that’s where they would spend eternity.

  22:47:34 [delisi] GA

  22:47:45 [Hotclue] But their passions were the same, is that right?

  22:48:06 [delisi] Yes, definitely. There are many beautiful love poems written on papyrus,

  22:48:17 [delisi] and we see from their tomb paintings how important family was to them.

  22:48:37 [delisi] In fact, Akhenaten wrote a Hymn to Aten

  22:48:46 [delisi] that is eerily like one of the Psalms…

  22:48:57 [delisi] which didn’t come till hundreds of years later.

  22:49:08 [Hotclue] I have some in my living room, the tomb paintings.

  22:49:08 [delisi] So there too, we have much in common.

  22:49:19 [delisi] They’re lovely, aren’t they?

  22:49:28 [Hotclue] absolutely.

  22:49:34 [Jacqueline] Interesting, about the Hymn….

  22:49:37 [delisi] I especially like the ones from Akhenaten’s time as they are more realistic in

        their portrayal of people.

  22:50:20 [delisi] Yes, I thought so! I guess some of the Biblical writers were very well

        educated. 😉

  22:50:50 [delisi] And of course Hatshepsut, the first female Pharaoh, has always been a

        favorite of mine.

  22:51:07 [Stacey] ?

  22:51:08 [delisi] She must have had very modern ideas. <g>

  22:51:15 [Hotclue] I admire you so much for having the moxie to write a book set in that


  22:51:35 [Jacqueline] Me too.

  22:51:42 [delisi] LOL! Thanks, Hotclue. I’ve wanted to do it ever since deciding to be a


  22:51:46 [Jacqueline] ga, Stacey

  22:52:00 [Stacey] Did you learn about Hatshepsut in high school? and that’s where you

        picked up the interest? ga

  22:52:21 [delisi] Actually, I learned about Hatshepsut when I was 12.

  22:52:36 [delisi] I wrote a paper in 6th grade about the Aswan Dam,

  22:52:46 [delisi] and how they had to move the temple at Abu Simble to higher ground

  22:52:53 [delisi] because the new dam was going to flood it.

  22:53:01 [delisi] That got me interested in Egypt,

  22:53:11 [delisi] and I went to the school library and found a novel set there–

  22:53:21 [delisi] “Mara, Daughter of the Nile” by Eloise Jarvis McGraw.

  22:53:27 [delisi] I absolutely loved it!

  22:53:36 [delisi] I’ve read it probably 20 times since then…

  22:53:44 [delisi] finally in college, I bought my own copy. 😉

  22:53:53 [delisi] Her book is set in the time of Hatshepsut,

  22:54:08 [delisi] although she has Hatshepsut as a villain, and her stepson Tuthmosis as the

        hero. 😉

  22:54:25 [delisi] But, that’s where I first heard of Hatshepsut, and have been fascinated with

        her ever since. GA

  22:54:38 [Hotclue] ?

  22:54:50 [Jacqueline] Would you say that Lady of Two Lands is the book of your heart,


  22:55:18 [delisi] Yes, definitely, Jacqueline. I always wanted to set a book in ancient Egypt,

  22:55:29 [delisi] but I knew it was a bad idea to do that for my first book

  22:55:38 [delisi] as it might be a hard sell.

  22:55:52 [delisi] Plus, I knew it would take tons of research, which seemed daunting.

  22:56:05 [Lainie] ?

  22:56:10 [delisi] Finally the time was right to launch into it, and I’m glad I did, even though it

        was exhausting.

  22:56:27 [delisi] And Ariana Overton did a fabulous job on the cover art. I just love it!

  22:56:42 [delisi] My husband says men will buy the book because they’ll think

  22:56:47 [Jacqueline] It is beautiful and eye-catching

  22:56:51 [delisi] the woman on the cover, next to my name, is me. <g>

  22:57:00 [delisi] Which is fine with me! GA

  22:57:21 [Jacqueline] ga, Hotclue

  22:57:25 [Hotclue] Do you believe Amenhotep (sp?) was Tut’s father? There’s been

        controversy about that.

  22:57:27 [Barbara] ?

  22:57:55 [delisi] I think I’ve been influenced by some novels I’ve read,

  22:58:12 [delisi] which indicated that Tut was Amenhotep/Akhenaten’s younger brother.

  22:58:23 [delisi] So that’s always seemed right to me. But we may never know for sure!

  22:58:44 [delisi] I think, with the disease that they believe Akhenaten had,

  22:58:53 [delisi] it was miraculous he had any children at all.

  22:59:11 [delisi] GA

  22:59:28 [Jacqueline] You’re up, Lainie

  22:59:30 [Lainie] (Ari’s great – she did my Lions of Judah cover too) have you been to Egypt?

        What are you working on now? ga

  22:59:54 [delisi] No, I haven’t been, and probably will never get to go–

  23:00:05 [delisi] because besides the unrest in that region, I get panic attacks when I fly!

  23:00:12 [delisi] And you can’t drive there. 😉

  23:00:24 [delisi] So I’ll just have to satisfy myself with books and documentaries.

  23:00:38 [delisi] Right now I’m working on DEADLY DESTINY, which is the sequel to FATAL


  23:00:48 [delisi] and also working on PERILOUS PREDICTION, another sequel,

  23:00:59 [delisi] which will be novella-length and in a mystery anthology coming out from NBI.

  23:01:00 [Lainie] (understand that – I watch The Mummy over and over and just dream)

  23:01:10 [delisi] So I will be steeped in Tarot for quite a while. 😉

  23:01:20 [delisi] I commissioned Ariana Overton, my cover artist,

  23:01:30 [delisi] to make me a brand new “Fatal Fortune Tarot Deck”

  23:01:33 [Lainie] I thought NBI didn’t do anthologies?

  23:01:43 [delisi] and it’s just lovely. Illustrations of the cards will be in all the books,

  23:01:54 [delisi] as I put a different card at the start of each chapter,

  23:02:03 [delisi] something that relates to the action in that chapter.

  23:02:16 [delisi] Ariana Overton is putting this anthology together, Lainie,

  23:02:26 [delisi] and she recruited me for it before I was an NBI author,

  23:02:42 [delisi] so I don’t know if this is a one-shot deal or what.

  23:02:51 [delisi] Maybe if it does well, they will do more! GA

  23:03:17 [Jacqueline] ga, Barb

  23:03:18 [Lainie] ga Barbara

  23:03:32 [Barbara] Why did you think this story would be a hard sell, if you had chosen to do

        it for your maiden outing, so to speak?

  23:03:35 [Lainie] (sorry Jackie)

  23:03:58 [delisi] Well, at least with the big traditional publishers, there are

  23:04:09 [delisi] only a few “acceptable” settings for time-travel romances–

  23:04:22 [delisi] the old west, England/Scotland/Ireland,

  23:04:43 [delisi] etc. But never Egypt. And I guess the big publishers have gotten big

  23:04:53 [delisi] by not going out on a limb with something too radical. 😉

  23:05:06 [delisi] But once I had been published by several small publishers,

  23:05:09 [Barbara] Really? I would have thought that Ancient Egypt, with all its intrigue and

        mystery would have been perfect.

  23:05:17 [delisi] I realized that because of my track record, they might

  23:05:25 [delisi] be willing to take a chance on it.

  23:05:35 [delisi] Well you know, every reader I talk to say, “I love Egypt!”

  23:05:48 [delisi] But every editor at a big publisher I sent it to said,

  23:06:00 [deilsi] “You know, I like Egypt, but it won’t sell.” <sigh>

  23:06:15 [delisi] What I want to know is, why won’t it sell if everyone likes it? <g>

  23:06:28 [delisi] But I guess they had their reasons, as loony as they may seem. 🙂

  23:06:31 [delisi] GA

  23:06:57 [Jacqueline] (they’re really missing out, especially since time travels *don’t sell


  23:07:02 [Barbara] Maybe because many of the pubs are far removed from the actual buying


  23:07:19 [delisi] Yes, I think they are, and I fear they are run by accountants

  23:07:26 [delisi] who are definitely NOT the creative type

  23:07:37 [delisi] and who like to read spreadsheets instead of romance novels. 😉

  23:07:44 [Barbara] <shudders>

  23:07:51 [Hotclue] you’re exactly right, Liz.

  23:07:52 [delisi] They do claim time travels don’t sell, but so many readers like them,

  23:08:00 [delisi] and it seems right now they are making somewhat of a comeback.

  23:08:08 [delisi] Crossing my fingers that the trend continues!

  23:08:19 [Jacqueline] Are you ready to give away your prize, Liz?

  23:08:35 [delisi] Sure, Jackie. Why don’t you go ahead and draw a name?

  23:08:52 [Jacqueline] Can do

  23:08:55 [Lainie] (romance writer accountant here. LOL)

  23:09:12 [delisi] LOL! But you’re a rare breed, Lainie.

  23:09:22 [Lainie] guess so

  23:09:23 [Barbara] LOL @Lainie

  23:10:04 Lesley exits from this room

  23:10:08 [Jacqueline] Drumroll please

  23:10:27 [delisi] Dddrrrrrrmmmmm…….

  23:10:43 [Jacqueline] Thank you, Liz

  23:10:57 [Jacqueline] The winner is…

  23:11:10 [delisi] Hey, I’m not married to an orchestra conductor for nothing. 😉

  23:11:17 [Jacqueline] Barbara! See you didn’t need three of you. LOL!

  23:11:33 [delisi] Congratulations, Barbara!

  23:11:39 [Barbara] ROTFLMAO!!!

  23:11:42 [Lainie] way to go Barbara!

  23:11:45 [BettyD] congrats!

  23:11:46 [JessB] lcongrats Barbara!

  23:11:53 [delisi] Just e-mail me your question at and I’ll send you your


  23:11:55 [Barbara] All of my personalities thank you!

  23:11:59 [delisi] direct from Madame Liz!

  23:12:02 [Jacqueline] Congrats, Barb! You’ve won the Celtic Cross tarot reading.

  23:12:13 [Hotclue] big congrats, Barb!

  23:12:33 [Jacqueline] Madame Liz is the greatest

  23:12:34 [Barbara] What kind of question is considered good for a Tarot reading?

  23:12:47 [delisi] Thanks, Jackie!

  23:13:03 [delisi] Well, not a yes/no question. Something broader and more open-ended,

  23:13:21 [delisi] like What does my publishing future look like this year? as opposed to,

  23:13:34 [delisi] will Jean Doe at ABC Publishers buy my book next week on Friday?

  23:13:37 [delisi] <g>

  23:13:40 [JessB] crud…off to take care of a sick kid…thanks for the chat. Liz, nice to

        *meet* you. I’ll be buying your book

  23:13:48 [delisi] Can be work related, health related, family, relationships,

  23:13:54 [delisi] anything you like.

  23:13:56 [Barbara] okay- gotcha.

  23:14:03 [delisi] Thanks, Jess. Hope you’ll like it.

  23:14:12 [delisi] Give your child some TLC for me!

  23:14:13 [Jacqueline] Thanks for coming, Jess. Hope the sick one feels better.

  23:14:21 [Lainie] you do great readings Liz.

  23:14:26 JessB exits from this room

  23:14:27 [Lainie] I’m sure you’ll like it Barbara

  23:14:27 [Jacqueline] Is it the baby?

  23:14:47 [delisi] Thanks, Lainie, I try! Although the usual disclaimer applies…for

        entertainment purposes only. 😉

  23:14:48 [Hotclue] Liz, it’s been fascinating, as always. I’m getting your book in a couple of

        weeks. See you soon!

  23:14:57 [Barbara] I’m looking forward to it-

  23:15:02 [delisi] Thanks, Beth. Glad you could come! Bye.

  23:15:12 [Barbara] never had one done before- but I’ve always been curious and have a

        great respect for it.

  23:15:23 [Jacqueline] Thanks for coming Hotclue!

  23:15:39 [delisi] I think you’ll get a kick out of it, Barbara.

  23:15:49 [delisi] It was great to chat with all of you!

  23:15:54 [delisi] Thank you all for coming.

  23:15:59 [Jacqueline] We need to have Madame Liz for a one card reading.

  23:16:13 [Barbara] Thanks, Liz-

  23:16:19 [delisi] I’d be glad to do a Madame Liz chat!

  23:16:27 [delisi] You’re very welcome, Barbara.

  23:16:32 [Jacqueline] Thank you, Liz!

  23:16:33 [Lainie] yes please!

  23:16:43 [Lainie] thank you! I love it when you do readings. thank you

  23:17:08 [delisi] Just tell me when you want Madame Liz, and she’ll be there, turban and all.


  23:17:14 [Lainie] thank you so much for joining us tonight Liz and everybody!

  23:18:05 [delisi] My pleasure. Good night to all!

  23:18:16 [Jacqueline] I’d better get my newsletter out. I have a new release today. Thank

        you for the chat, Liz! And I’ll be in touch for the Madame Liz chat. Thank you all for

        joining us!

  23:18:25 [Barbara] Good night, everyone- glad I procrastinated. <again>

  23:18:27 [delisi] Have to go put the dog out now before he wears a hole in the carpet. <g>

  23:18:36 [Jacqueline] LOL!

  23:18:40 [delisi] Night, everyone.

  23:19:23 [Lainie] congrats Jackie! what is it?

  23:19:43 [Lainie] yep, better take care of your doggie

  23:20:12 [Lainie] goodnight Liz!

  23:21:43 [Lainie] goodnight everybody! have a good week. good luck on all your books

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