Chat Log: Lorie O’Clare

July 16th, 2004 Chat with Lorie O’Clare

22:08:42 Lorie enters this room

22:08:52 [robint] aaah here she is!

22:08:55 [robint] WB Lorie

22:08:59 [KimCox] Hey Lorie

22:09:02 [Lorie] Hi Everyone!!!

22:09:08 [Stef] Hiya.

22:09:10 [Lorie] gotta LOVE AOL

22:09:13 [Dani] Hi Lorie!

22:09:23 [KimCox] it does have it’s perks

22:09:29 [Lorie] Hi Dani

22:09:33 [robint] AOL does not do Java well.

22:09:35 [KimCox] it may be that new pop up thing they have

22:09:36 [BrennaLyon] hugs Lorie

22:09:36 [Lainie] Hi Lorie

22:09:37 [Jacqueline] Hi Lorie! Glad you made it!

22:09:41 [Lorie] i just wanted to be socially late…..LOL

22:09:42 [robint] But I love it anyway. *g*

22:09:48 [Lorie] thanks Jacq

22:10:00 [Lainie] LOL Lorie

22:10:05 Glenda enters this room

22:10:14 [BrennaLyon] well, you got that one right…10 min is a good late time

22:10:14 [robint] LOL

22:10:14 [delisi] Glad you made it, Lorie!

22:10:16 [Jacqueline] Now that our guest is here, we’ll go ahead and start.

22:10:17 [KimCox] Welcome Glenda!

22:10:24 [Jacqueline] Hi Glenda!

22:10:27 [Glenda] hi all

22:10:34 [Lorie] So what have I missed? Any good stuff??

22:10:38 [Dani] Hi Glenda!

22:10:44 [robint] Nope.

22:10:49 Barbara enters this room

22:10:52 [Lorie] Tell me bout it Brenna…..sigh

22:10:55 [KimCox] Just getting started

22:10:59 [Dani] introductions…

22:11:02 [BrennaLyon] just a sales pitch…who was that guy?

22:11:08 [robint] Hi Barbara.

22:11:13 [Lainie] not yet – waiting for our esteemed guest

22:11:14 [robint] Too funny, Brenna, huh?

22:11:26 [Lainie] I can hardly see that color Kim – hard to read, too

22:11:38 [Lorie] Is this a good color? Can everyone see me??

22:11:51 [Glenda] yes. good color Lorie

22:11:52 [robint] Yep, Lorie.

22:11:52 [Jacqueline] Thank you all for joining us at Word Museum Chat this evening. Our guest is Lorie O’Clare, best-selling author of the NUWORLD series

22:11:56 [Dani] yes Lorie

22:11:57 [KimCox] oops

22:12:04 [Lorie] Thanks Kim….my overworked eyes can hardly see you

22:12:18 [BrennaLyon] better Kimso how do I et back to black

22:12:35 [Barbara] I just arrived

22:12:39 [Lorie] just a bit more to the left…LOL

22:12:41 [EJ] Hi Lorie!

22:12:41 [Lainie] Jacki – how do you want me to help you tonight?

22:12:43 [BrennaLyon] the solid bar at the beginning is black

22:12:43 [robint] k, guys … i have to do one more thing for my little one. I’ll be back in a few moments.

22:12:53 [KimCox] now

22:12:55 [Jacqueline] Please give Lorie a warm welcome before she tells us about this wonderful series.

22:12:58 [KimCox] okay

22:13:04 [Jacqueline] Please, Lainie

22:13:08 [Lorie] Hello Everyone…thanks for making time for my chat

22:13:13 [Stef] Cyber hug!

22:13:17 [BrennaLyon] yeah Lorie

22:13:20 [Glenda] welcome Lorie!!

22:13:24 [KimCox] Welcome Lorie, we’re happy to have you

22:13:32 MaryD exits from this room

22:13:33 [KimCox] can’t wait to hear about your series

22:13:39 [Lorie] glad I could make it…LOL

22:13:40 [Dani] Hi Lorie!

22:13:58 [Barbara] Hi, Lorie

22:13:59 [Lorie] of course after I am on IE i see the note bout AOL users using IE

22:14:06 [Lainie] Yes I can. love to

22:14:09 [Jacqueline] LOL

22:14:28 [Lorie] Jacq….how shall we do the format?

22:15:01 [Jacqueline] Go ahead and tell us a little about NUWORLD, then we’ll take questions.

22:15:05 [robint] i’m back guys

22:15:08 [Jacqueline]

22:15:14 [Stef] wb

22:15:18 [BrennaLyon] hugs robin

22:15:23 [Lorie] Sounds great!

22:15:32 [robint] ty, stef, HUGS brenna

22:15:58 [Lorie] NUWORLD is an action packed, sensual adventure into a land in our future

22:16:08 [Lorie] The first book NUWORLD is already out

22:16:22 MorganHawk enters this room

22:16:23 [Lorie] TARA THE GREAT will be out in a couple weeks…August 1st

22:16:36 [Lorie] ALL FOR ONE comes out in November

22:16:39 [Jacqueline] Welcome, Morgan

22:16:51 [Lorie] and there are three more books in the series scheduled for release next year

22:16:55 [BrennaLyon] wave worgan

22:17:00 [robint] HI Morgan.

22:17:09 [Lorie] All of these books are available through Amber Quill Press

22:17:10 [MorganHawk] Wow – that only took the scrifice of two chickens to get in here!

22:17:20 [robint] And WELL worth it!

22:17:21 [Lorie] Hi Morgan

22:17:32 [Glenda] lol

22:17:36 [MorganHawk] I’ve been trying for the past half hour…

22:17:37 [Dani] Hi Morgan!

22:17:39 [Lorie] thank you Robin

22:17:44 [robint] I’ve read TARA and it is awesome!

22:17:46 [MorganHawk] Hi Lorie!

22:17:52 [MorganHawk] Hi Dani!

22:17:57 [Lorie] glad you made it!

22:17:58 [robint] Anytime, Lorie. ESP. b/c i mean it!

22:17:59 LoraLeigh enters this room

22:17:59 [Lainie] Hi and welcome. We will be in protocol. Please type “?” to ask a question or “!” to make a comment and “ga” when you’re finished talking. Our guest tonight is author Lorie O’Clare author of NUWORLD.

22:18:05 [Stef] Only two chickens–take more than that to boot my comp.

22:18:09 [Lorie] Robin you are too kind

22:18:09 [BrennaLyon] ?

22:18:27 [robint] 🙂

22:18:34 [Jacqueline] Welcome, LoraLeigh

22:18:35 [Barbara] ?

22:18:36 [Lorie] Hey Lora…..waves

22:18:39 [MorganHawk] I’m on an OLD thingie

22:18:40 [Lainie] Lorie, are you finished telling us about your books? ga

22:18:47 [Jacqueline] ga, Brenna

22:18:53 [Lainie] Brenna, ga you’re up

22:18:55 [Lorie] yes…

22:19:15 [BrennaLyon] Lorie…tell us about the world rules of NUWORLD… Why will this world grab us

22:19:19 [MorganHawk] ga ?

22:19:33 [BrennaLyon] go ahead

22:19:39 [Lainie] Hi Shadoe and welcome. We will be in protocol. Please type “?” to ask a question or “!” to make a comment and “ga” when you’re finished talking. Our guest tonight is author Lorie O’Clare author of NUWORLD.

22:19:57 [MorganHawk] Oh… Thanks Brenna.

22:20:05 BettyD enters this room

22:20:12 [BrennaLyon] sorry ga

22:20:40 [Dani] Hi Lora!

22:21:00 [Lorie] Brenna, NUWORLD is a series of books about a people who are resettling Earth, they are raw, untamed, and at times ruthless, the books are erotic, full of action, they will make you jump for joy, and scream in outrage

22:21:15 [robint] !

22:21:23 [Lorie] if that grabs you or not…I dont know….LOL

22:21:26 [robint] or is it a ?

22:21:34 [Lorie] ga

22:21:35 [BrennaLyon] sounds good

22:21:54 [Lainie] ga Barbara, you’re up

22:22:01 [BettyD] ?

22:22:05 [Lorie] thanks….i had no choice in writing them….the dreams about the world wouldnt leave me alone

22:22:14 [delisi] ?

22:22:18 [BrennaLyon] ?

22:22:21 [EJ] ?

22:22:29 [Barbara] Thanks. Lorie, what gave you the idea for Nuworld?

22:22:42 [Barbara] ga

22:23:21 [Lorie] actually, it all started with a dream that kept reaccuring…i would find myself not wanting to wake up because I kept wanting to play the dream again and again in my head

22:23:42 [Barbara] Cool

22:23:45 [Lorie] and I’m a romance lover, but wanted a romance with a bit more of a bite to it than what I was finding

22:23:54 [Lorie] hence….the creation of NUWORLD

22:23:57 [Lorie] ga

22:24:01 [Lainie] ga Robin, you’re up

22:24:13 [MorganHawk] ?

22:24:22 [Jacqueline] test

22:24:38 [robint] I don’t want to spoil anything, and I won’t … but tell me what drove you to write Darius as you did. (Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE the guy. Just wondering.)

22:25:12 [Lorie] good question….and I will say that Robin asks this because my hero is not perfect

22:25:15 [robint] ga

22:25:17 foxy exits from this room

22:25:22 [Lorie] in fact he is quite flawed

22:25:30 [Lainie] ga Betty, you’re up

22:25:39 [Lorie] but he is determined and sexy…..actually quite human

22:25:45 [BettyD] did you spend a lot of time working on the back story? and how much of it appears in the book?

22:26:21 [Lorie] i wrote him because I kept seeing so many heroes that were just too danged perfect and we arent like that in real life….ok Betty’s question……

22:26:37 [robint] ty lorie

22:27:12 [Lorie] Betty, since NUWORLD is a series, each book evolves from the book before it, and so as far as back story, I guess that would be the previous book

22:27:15 [Lorie] ga

22:27:27 [Lainie] ga Liz, you’re up

22:27:30 Barbara exits from this room

22:27:43 [delisi] First a comment: I’ve read Nuworld and it’s great! And my question: there will be 6 volumes in all? Do they feature the same characters? (I guess that’s two questions. <g> ga

22:27:53 [robint] ?

22:27:55 [Lorie] I should say that I didn’t plan for their to be six books, the story just kept growing

22:28:33 [Lorie] Glad you liked NUWORLD, Liz…..and no…all six books do not feature the same characters….the series is generational

22:28:41 [Lorie] ga

22:29:09 [delisi] Okay, thanks, Lorie. 🙂

22:29:10 [Lainie] ga Brenna, you’re up

22:29:11 [Jacqueline] ga, Brenna

22:29:22 [BrennaLyon] Lorie…what other concepts are you working on? anything as interesting as this one? ga

22:30:14 [Lorie] oh yes!….i’m actually working on several other books right now…..but we’ll save that for another chat…

22:30:19 [Lorie] ga

22:30:23 [BrennaLyon] okay

22:30:28 [Lainie] ga EJ, you’re up

22:30:53 [EJ] Did you dream the whole series or just the first book and went from there? I know one author who dreamt a 10-book (or thereabouts) series. ga

22:31:22 [Lorie] Dear God….to be able to get that much sleep!!

22:31:24 [Lainie] Jacqueline> I’m starting to have them, too. it’s freezing me for a few moments before sending my messages

22:31:25 [Lorie] LOL

22:32:02 [LoraLeigh] ?

22:32:22 [Lorie] actually EJ, all I dreamt was one scene and that was a scene where the hero was very aggressive with the heroine….and I just wasn’t getting that from my Harlequin books so I had to write my own

22:32:24 [Lorie] ga

22:32:36 [Lainie] ga Morgan you’re up

22:33:35 [MorganHawk] Hi Lorie, what kind of research did you have to do to build your world so thoroughly? Weather? Topograohy?

22:33:53 [MorganHawk] GA

22:33:53 [Lainie] Jacqueline> oh no, Jackie. I don’t know what to do to fix it. I’ll fill in as much as I can. it seems to be going well otherwise.

22:34:18 [MorganHawk] test

22:34:41 [Lorie] well I’ve heard many writers explain their methods of writing, but for me, I usually write while on line, and if I need to know what kind of tree grows in a certain area than I hop over to a webpage until I get my answer

22:35:05 [Lorie] otherwise there is very little research with the NUWORLD series, it is all from my warped imagination

22:35:07 [Lorie] ga

22:35:12 [EJ] Excuse me, but I have to say goodnight! Thanks, Lorie!

22:35:26 [MorganHawk] What kind of world did you model it on – or did you build from scratch?

22:35:26 [Lainie] goodnight EJ! Good to see you

22:35:27 [Lorie] thanks for making it EJ

22:35:29 [Jacqueline] Nite, EJ. Thanks for coming!

22:35:45 [Lorie] NUWORLD is based on the Old Testament

22:35:47 [Lorie] ga

22:35:49 EJ exits from this room

22:36:01 [Jacqueline] ga, Robin

22:36:02 [Lainie] ga Robin, you’re up

22:36:09 [robint] How far into each book, if that is how it happens, do you project the next in the series? If not, do you have a chart or something like that you follow? ga

22:36:09 [MorganHawk] ThanksS! Next!

22:37:05 [Lorie] I knew toward the end of writing each book that the particular story in that book had ended, but there was still more to tell

22:37:13 [Lorie] ga

22:37:22 [Lainie] ga Lora, you’re up

22:37:55 [LoraLeigh] You know I love this series, but were you ever worried that Darius wouldn’t be accepted as a hero? ga

22:38:09 [Lorie] Shadoe you know I was girl….LOL

22:38:39 [Lorie] seriously though, he had to be written the way he was, with all of his flaws, and with the fact that he didnt see any of his traits as flaws

22:39:10 [Stef] !

22:39:21 [Jacqueline] (That’s a man thing isn’t it?

22:39:23 [Lorie] He is a product of his Gothman culture and if I succeeded as a writer than the reader will accept this

22:39:37 [Stef] I like that. Realistic characters.

22:39:43 [Lorie] well we wont go there jacq….lol

22:39:50 [Lainie] ga Stef, you’re up

22:39:51 [Stef] Not all heroes are purely heroic.

22:39:56 [Glenda] me too Stef

22:39:57 [Lorie] VERY realistic Stef

22:40:01 [Lorie] ga

22:40:44 [Stef] That’s the cirse of some romances–the hero is just perfect, along with being gorgeous. it can get rough. ga.

22:40:59 [Lainie] I’ve got a question. what kind of flaws does Darius have?

22:41:03 [Lainie] ga

22:41:10 [Lorie] well Darius is a SEXY hunk….whether that be a good thing for the poor guy or not

22:41:24 [Lorie] Lainie… will have to read the book……smile

22:41:46 [Lorie] ga

22:41:51 [Jacqueline] good answer, Lorie

22:41:53 [robint] good answer, lorie

22:42:17 [Lainie] LOL – plan to soon

22:42:21 [Glenda] Perhaps two heads? Most men could use an extra head.

22:42:22 [Lorie] i dont want to give it away because his faults are a BIG part of the entire series!

22:42:46 [Lorie] its one of those heads that keep getting him in trouble…..*wg*

22:42:56 [Jacqueline] Lorie is giving away to e copies of NUWORLD, tonight.

22:43:01 [Lorie] ok….enough said…

22:43:05 [Lorie] yes i am!

22:43:08 [Lainie] I almost said something like that, but was trying to be good. LOLOL

22:43:09 [Jacqueline] I meant two copies

22:43:17 [BrennaLyon] cool

22:43:28 [Lainie] wonderful!

22:43:35 [Lorie] oh….do I have to be good??

22:43:37 [MorganHawk] One for each head? – oh wait…

22:43:42 [Jacqueline] Did you want to draw or did you want me to, Lorie?

22:43:54 [Lorie] you may do the drawing

22:44:02 [Lainie] not too good – I see several sensual romance writers in here

22:44:22 [MorganHawk] Who? Us? Nooo…

22:44:22 [Stef] AN extra head wouldn’t help if both are disfunctional.

22:44:22 [Lorie] yes and I am honored to have them here!!!!

22:44:39 [Stef] Editor–SWEAR.

22:44:40 [Lorie] guess you will have to define dysfunctional

22:44:44 [Lainie] yep, me too. and LOL Stef

22:44:59 [Stef] MOrgan will back me up.

22:45:11 [Lorie] any more questions??

22:45:18 [MorganHawk] Disfunctional: Male?

22:45:24 [Stef] Cerebral disfunction, not erectile.

22:45:29 [Lorie] LOL

22:45:45 [Glenda] The hero looks like Bob Dole?

22:45:50 [MorganHawk] *Morgan flexes her muscles* I’m here for you Stef…

22:46:00 [Jacqueline] So do we want to know who the first winner is, or should we wait?

22:46:04 [Lorie] hardly…..LOL

22:46:16 [Lorie] your call Jacq

22:46:17 [MorganHawk] Me! Me! Me!

22:46:24 [Stef] Once again, I have brought the conversation to a new low…

22:46:32 [MorganHawk] (sorry…)

22:46:41 [Jacqueline] The first winner is…

22:46:52 [Lainie] I want to know Jacki! I’m sure everyone’s excited to find out

22:46:59 [Jacqueline] Glenda!

22:47:03 [Lainie] (drum roll) rat a tat tat

22:47:08 [Lainie] Yeah Glenda!!!

22:47:11 [Glenda] Hot Dog!!!!!

22:47:12 [KimCox] Congrats, Glenda!

22:47:12 [Lainie] Congrats!

22:47:19 [robint] Congrts, Glenda!

22:47:22 [Jacqueline] Congrats, Glenda!

22:47:26 [BettyD] yay Glenda!

22:47:30 [Stef] Who hoo!

22:47:34 [MorganHawk] You GO Girl!

22:47:41 [Lorie] Glenda….send me an email to and I will send you your copy!

22:47:45 [Glenda] I reaaaaalllly wanted to read this book!

22:47:48 [Jacqueline] (I’m very jeolous)

22:47:49 [Dani] Congrats Glenda!

22:48:06 [LoraLeigh] Glenda, its a completely Awesome book!

22:48:15 [Lorie] too cool!!!!…..i’ll look for your email

22:48:25 [robint] Indeed it is, Glenda.

22:48:26 [Lorie] Shadoe….thank you!

22:48:37 [Lorie] thanks Robin

22:48:39 [Jacqueline] The second copy goes to

22:48:56 [Jacqueline] or download

22:49:12 [robint] YW Lorie

22:49:23 [Jacqueline] Congratulations, Robin!

22:49:40 [Stef] <applause>

22:49:43 [Lainie] Yeah Robin! Congrats!

22:49:46 [Lorie] Robin?

22:49:47 [BettyD] congrats Robin

22:49:53 [Glenda] congrats Robin!

22:50:01 [robint] Thanks, Jacqueline. Lorie, should I write you:? Or should we offer it to another winner?

22:50:02 [Lainie] Lorie, please give us your website and your publisher’s website

22:50:13 [Dani] Congratulations Robin!

22:50:17 [MorganHawk] Whoo – hoo Robin!

22:50:18 [Lorie] that is up to you Robin

22:50:26 [Lorie] I know you have already read it

22:50:35 [robint] I would like to offer it to another winner, Lorie.

22:50:47 [robint] Jacki had no way to know. It wouldn’t be fair.

22:50:47 [Lorie]

22:50:56 [BrennaLyon] sorry…keep locking up

22:51:03 [Lorie]

22:51:09 [Lorie] oh i hate that Brenna

22:51:29 [Jacqueline] Okay, my son picked a new name. Has Morgan read it yet?

22:51:40 [MorganHawk] Lorie – if you don’t want her, can I have Brenna?

22:51:55 [LoraLeigh] Lorie its time for me to go hon. Congratulations. And it was a wonderful chat.

22:51:56 [MorganHawk] Huh! NO!

22:52:07 [MorganHawk] I mean, I LOVE to have it!

22:52:07 [Jacqueline] LOL, Morgan!

22:52:08 [BrennaLyon] lol Morgan

22:52:10 [Lorie] Everyone…if you havent already….join my newsletter and enter to win a copy of NUWORLD, or a $25 gift certificate to Lora Leigh’s brand new “way too kinky” sex store!

22:52:19 [Stef] Whoa…wandered into the wrong chat.

22:52:22 [Jacqueline] Congrats, Morgan!

22:52:27 [robint] Congrats, Morgan!

22:52:28 [Lainie] thanks for coming Shadoe!

22:52:28 [Lorie] thanks for taking time Shadoe!

22:52:31 [Lainie] have a goodnight

22:52:41 [LoraLeigh] Way too kinky???, I thought it wasn’t kinky enough….LOL. Good night hon. Everyone

22:52:45 [robint] Gnight Shadoe.

22:52:46 [Glenda] congrats Morgan!

22:52:49 [MorganHawk] Goody! Goody! Goody!

22:52:49 [Lorie] you’re too funny Morgan

22:52:52 [Dani] Night Lora!

22:53:03 [delisi] Thanks, Lorie. Fun chat. Good night all!

22:53:05 [BrennaLyon] night all…hugs

22:53:06 [MorganHawk] Seriously – same email?

22:53:08 [Stef] Is there auch a thing as kinky enough?

22:53:09 [Dani] Congrats Morgan!

22:53:13 [Jacqueline] Nite, Lora! Thanks for coming.

22:53:19 [Lainie] Thanks so much for joining us Lorie and everybody

22:53:21 [robint] G’night Brenna. HUGS

22:53:25 [Lorie] yes send email to

22:53:28 [Lainie] Sounds like a great book Lorie

22:53:32 [robint] G’night All.

22:53:34 [KimCox] Congrats, Morgan!

22:53:35 [Jacqueline] Nite Brenna!

22:53:37 [robint] I enjoyed the chat.

22:53:40 [Lorie] Good Night Everyone!!! and thanks for making time to chat!!!

22:53:53 [Lainie] great chat everyone. good questions

22:53:59 [Stef] NO big.

22:54:01 [Glenda] great chat and thanks!

22:54:01 [MorganHawk] Thank you so much – I’ve been wanting to read this!

22:54:23 [BettyD] nite all

22:54:23 [Glenda] is it a hardcopy or download?

22:54:26 [Dani] GN everyone!

22:54:30 [Lainie] goodnight everyone! Please join us next week, same time, same channel for another great chat

22:54:54 [Jacqueline] Thanks, Lorie for the great chat!

Lori Soard started Word Museum in 1997. She’s a published author and has written thousands of articles over the years for newspapers, magazines and online. She has a PhD in Journalism and lives in Southern Indiana with her husband. They have two grown daughters, both animal lovers their house is always filled with pets.

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